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Although I've been tied up with my work and chores recently, I try to have some time for brushing up on my English skills.
Yesterday I took part in the English club I belong to. This time, the native English speaker who is from NZ and participated in last month joined us as well. He had prepared for a few interesting topics: The useful expressions in our conversations, Where do they come from and how have they changed during the past 200 years, and Words and Color; does the color of the text on labels and signs make us think different about the message?

When I got E-mail from him about the topics, I was very intrigued in them. I'm a firm believer learning about the origin of words must broaden not only my knowledge, but also ability of English.

During the meeting, he was explaining each of the exact meaning at length as he gave us some quizzes. His lecture entirely interested me and was very helpful.

When we were wrapping up the meeting, he gave us handmade vanilla sugar! He regularly holds his workshops such as handmade pizza or how to make a rich flavor of coffee etc. Not only I, but the other members also are sorely attempted to take part in his workshops. I asked him, of course, to let us know when he plans to hold his workshops. ;D

To learn Japanese

As an English learner, I've been studying English to attain an advanced level. I don't only practice speaking, listening and reading, but also practice writing English. The purpose of my blog is to learn to write in a sophisticated way and to review the English grammar or words I'velearned. I've not been satisfied with my skills, but I'm getting used to writing English journals.

These days, I wrote a few journals, which were for my English club's members or would-be members, in Japanese. I hardly write any journals in Japanese, so I wrote them carefully. hahaha
I realized it was difficult to express what I want exactly in Japanese. lol You might be astonished, but it was true. I meant Japanese has particular nuances in its expressions, so I tried to write them so as not to confuse readers or get my meanings wrong. (Needless to say, I do in English as well.)
In addition, I thought my Japanese writing skill is quite childish...^^;

I might need to learn Japanese, too....^^;

Thanks to her

In this morning, I visited a local facility to have a meeting for my English lessons. (I touched on the topic before, though.) Except for my regular work, which I belong to an English conversation school, I must not receive any tuition in line with an agreement with my company, so I might teach English at the facility as free trial lessons or an English club. As my teaching English career and of course, to appeal my classroom, I was willing to accept the facility's offer. ( One of the staff member had called me to give my lessons to adults who are eager to learn English.)

After that, I turned on my PC, but I wasn't up for getting down to my routine study of English. Then, I decided to just expose myself to English such as surfing the Internet and read a few English newspapers. During surfing the Internet, one of my English-lovers contacted me through Skype. (These days, we often chat away in English through Skype.) We're always up for talking together and practicing speaking English whenever we have spare the time. :D
To my surprise, we talked for almost two hours!! Wow! What talkative people we are!!! haha

Thanks to her, I felt refreshed and got much energy. After the chat, I felt that whatever I wanted to say or express came out my mouth so smoothly more than usual. :D

Against the seasonal flu

The new flu has been rampant throughout Japan. Many classes or schools, which are around my son's kindergarten, have been closed due to the flu, so all the kindergartners and parents must wear masks when we go to kindergarten.
My family haven't come down with the new flu so far, but I'm really fear they might be infected this winter.

Not only the new flu, but the seasonal flu also scares me. We can't deny the seasonal one won't be spread this winter. That's why I took my son to our family doctor to have him inoculated against the seasonal flu this afternoon. As a shortage of the vaccine against the new flu has been reported, I had decided the seasonal vaccination was first until the new flu one was available. ( In fact, parents who have preschoolers will be able to make an appointment for the vaccination late this month, according to the order of ascending priorities.)

It'll cost too much, though...^^;

The 2nd trial English lesson

Yesterday afternoon, I gave the 2nd trial English lesson to kids. This time, I gave 2 classes. One of them was for 3-year-old kids and the other was for school students.

The 3-year-old kids' class was first. 4 kids and their moms were there. To my surprise, a few of them had a little knowledge of English such as a rabbit, a dog and responded to what I asked quickly. According to their moms, they often listen to English songs and watch English cartoons etc. ;D

After the 3-year-old kids class, I gave a school student-class. There were 6 children in total, two of whom were siblings of other students. They were so nice and friendly. When I asked some words, they answered them actively. What was better, they concentrated on the lesson very much. They brimmed over with health and spirits. :D

I don't know whether they will enter my class, but I managed to follow through with the lessons. ;D
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