Making a Step Forward

I finally made some time to write my article here. I've been swamped with chores and work. I was almost worn out, but I managed to survive.

The other day, a students of mine gave me a letter after her lesson. She's the same age as my son and hardworking. In fact, it has been only two years since she started to learn English at my class; nevertheless, she has a good command of English. I should say she's a quick learner as well as hardworking.
The letter she gave me said the following:

"I'm happy to learn English at your class and I hope I can use English like you. You're so lively that I'm amazed at your vitality every time I take your lessons.---Text partly omitted--- I want to be a ground staff working at an airport in the future, so I have to study harder. Besides, I hope I'll surpass you one day."

After reading this letter, I was so moved and saw her growth. I'm sure she'll pull it off. At the same time, thanks to her letter, I was inspired a lot. As I'm always saying, I love to try something new and interesting, and I stick to think positive.
I don't want to excuse myself for whatever I can't do.

For that reason, I made a step forward! hehe
I have a couple of things to try. I don't know how long it takes to attain my goals, but I moved forward.

More power to me!!!

There are Some Languages to Learn.

I started helping foreigners learn Japanese as a volunteer a few years ago. They have a variety of purposes to stay in Japan and they are hardworking. Every time I help them, their enthusiasm tells me how interesting it is to learn languages.
I help them, at the same time, I learn some phrases in their languages such as Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and so forth.
It might be a chance to start learning other languages. I know, of course, my English has yet to reach the native level, but I'm thinking of making a step forward. ;)

Schmoozing is in My DNA.

This is one of the things that I make a point of doing: Speaking English.

Some know I'm an English teacher and use English during my on-duty and off-duty hours. I'm lucky enough to use English every day and my brain is often confused whether Japanese or English is required. Having said that, I need to practice speaking and learn more to become a native-level speaker. Unless I stay abroad, I need to make the environment I use only English in Japan.

Last Wednesday, I took part in an English workshop. Luckily or unluckily, there were three of us on that day. I tried to talk with the other participants in English to the fullest. We caught up on each other and ended up carrying over the article we had prepared to the next meeting because of a lack of time.

The following day, I visited an English teacher who is from England to chat over coffee. Luckily, there wasn't no other visitor and I monopolized the teacher! hehe.

Yesterday, I skyped with one of my friends in America. We help each other with the languages we've learned. Whenever I have questions, he gives me a quick response, and vice versa.
We enjoyed skyping a whole lot.

It might sound a little bit weird to others, but I'm trying to be immersed in English as much as possible. XD

Planning on Going Abroad

To experience different cultures and expand my horizons, I make a point of trying something new and interesting.

Going abroad is one way of feeling refreshed and helps me move forward. Apart from that, I try to see what my Englihs is like.
Last year, my family and I visited Shanghai for the first time. I had thought there would be people who could understand English, but my expectations were off. I had trouble communicating with them but I learned a different culture.

I originally had planned to go to Guam, Australia or Singapole, but my husband and son's schedules didn't allow us to go there. For that reason, the only option we could take was to go to one of the Asian countries such as Korea or China again and we decided to go to Hong Kong.
In fact, my husband and I went there 14 years ago and we are interested in seeing what's going on.

We have already booked our flights and a hotel room and hope everything will be going smoothly.

A Church Service on Christmas Day

I visited a church yesterday. My friend and her family from America had invited me to join a Christmas worship.
I was sad that we didn't manage to have time to see each other last year because our schedules didn't match. That is why I really wanted to see them.

My first experience joining a church service on Christmas day, so I was a little bit nervous. However, on arriving at the church, I unwound myself as its staff members welcomed me warmly. We struck up a friendship. When I got there, the family hadn't arrived yet. I started chatting with the staff members while waiting for the family. During our chat, they took me for a Japanese-American because there were people of different nationalities. I was surprised that they didn't recognize me as a Japanese until another staff member told them that I wasn't a Japanese-American. lol They seemed a little embarrassed, but we laughed fit to bust. I was happy to see what my English was like, in front of native speakers in particular, and to see my efforts to improve my English paid off. haha

During a Christmas worship, we sang hymns and learned a lot from the pastor's preaching. When my son was little, he went to Christian preschool, so I knew a little about Christianity.
This opportunity reminded me of love, peace and joy.
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose