Passing Down To The Next Generation

The board of education in Matsue city, Shimane aroused controversy: It insisted that "Hadashi no Gen" or Bare Foot Gen, which is a famous manga series and depicted the horror of the A-bomb, is too excessive portraits for elementary schoolers that schools must not show it to them. I don't completely agree with that.

The manga series was depicted by one of the survivors of A-bomb. It's a true story even though how excessive depiction is.
What on earth is there war without cruelty in the world?
Actually, there are some atrocious scenes. I was shocked to see them when I was a kid. At that same time, however, I learned how horrible war was from it.
We should teach them how cruel war is through the manga series rather than keeping children away from it.

For that reason, I believe the request of the board of education shouldn't be accepted. We should not only pass it down to the next generation but tell them about the truth that Japanese forces invaded other countries and carried out horrifying massacres.
War does nothing but nourishes feelings of hatred and despair.

The 7th essay

I'd like to try to write an essay this time. I picked the following topic from the STEP test.

"Will societies with aging populations face a crisis in the future?"

It is said that not only Japan, but other countries also face an aging society and decreasing birthrate. We may be concerned the society could face a crisis in the future. Is it true? I'd like to discuss it.
Indeed, societies with an aging population will face several serious problems. One of them is health care. We need to find more care-givers and reconstruct the system to provide enough service. Some may regard it as our burden. The reason is that it'll lead to other problems such as finance for managing.
However, we shouldn't take a pessimistic view of the society. Let's take senior citizens. Even retired people, they're cheerful and want to work or contribute to our communities. In fact, many senior citizens have registered themselves as volunteers and take part in many events for creating a good society. These activities may give chances to start a new business or stimulate the economy.
We should rethink the role of senior citizens and cooperate to resurrect our societies depressed by economic recession. It isn't a crisis. We have only to be flexible and take a wide view.


The 6th essay

I'd like to practice writing an essay today. I picked a topic from a website of the STEP test.

This theme is....
" Is society doing enough to deal with violent crime? "

Recently, crimes related to violence have been broadcast. Even if that kind of crime happens to be around me, it might be usual. I don't believe society isn't enough to deal with the crimes.
In fact, the crimes has happened a lot in England, so they installed many surveillance cameras in the city. In addition, there are even cameras with speakers. If someone is committing crimes on the streets, security staffs check and call down the person. Thanks to these cameras, the number of crimes has decreased.
The crimes frequently happen might be attributed in part to the influence of the media. If a crime is reported, almost everyday it's broadcast. We can't deny the influence and should keep in mind that it could lead to the next crime.
To prevent the crimes, we should consider the worth of the connection with others such as neighbors or our communities. To add to that, the government should have the outlook of the law revised to provide for stricter punishments.

The 5th essay

I picked up a certain topic from the STEP test: "英検". If we take the 1st grade, we have to write an essay on a certain theme. To learn the way, I'd like to try to write on my own this time.

Agree or disagree: The use of nuclear power should be expanded

[Points] ( I should write an essay covering three of the points below.)
@ Demand for electricity
@ Disposal of nuclear waste
@ Global warming
@Price of oil
@ Renewable energy
@ Safety


Recently, the world has been discussing nuclear power. They've also talked about the use of nuclear power. Some experts say the use of it should be expanded, others say it shouldn't. I'm for the former. I'd like to address that.
First, the world economy has been sluggish. One of the reasons is the price of oil. The price has been upsurging; it's been high and caused turmoil for us. To ease it and satisfy our demands, I suggest that we take advantage of nuclear as a replacement-energy: we can generate renewable energy through the nuclear power. If so, we can tackle the global warming.
Second, some nations haven't enough energy to live. I believe if the use of nuclear power will be expanded, it'll make headway for the peoples' lives.
I agree, if we get down to using it, we will be concerned about safety. To brush away the concerns and use nuclear power properly, we should take legislative measures. In addition, we must dispute its use and research the energy thoroughly.
To take account of the future of power and our planet, it's time for us to consider these things.


Well, this time, "agree" or "disagree", so I chose the former although I can't deny that I don't concern about the use of nuclear power. ;D

If you're a maker, how many points will you give me? ( You have 28points.) hehehe

The 4th essay

After a while, I'll try to write an essay today.

Problems about the decreasing birthrate in Japan.

Recently the decreasing birthrate in Japan has been featured on the mass media. We may have to tackle on it now. I'd like to think about the effects and what we should do from now.
First, Labor force has been declining and due to this several conventional foundations such as our pensions or tax revenue have been not working well. Rather than that, we have been struggling in this situation.
Second, the declining of the labor force is easily connected to our products. That will be sluggish, of course. On top of that, the bad situation of the world economy, for example oil price or subprime loan, aggravates it further. So, we are compelled to decide on reduced productions.
To break the deadlock and manage to ride out sucsessfuly, politicians have been mulling over a soution. However, in fact, their ideas and policies are obviously the adage; " That's only a drop in the ocean". For now, we should focus on people who want to work but can't get a regular job due to rear kids and flexible working surroundings, at the same time, push on with an appropriate system such as work-life balance and take the idea root in our minds.

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