A New Project

The other day, I got an email from the company I help as a translator. It said, "We are launching a new project for English learners. We are sure you can put your experience in teaching English to good account. If you are interested in it, please let us know."

My job is not actually to teach English actually but to help English learners like a counselor such as answering questions from learners and giving some tips for improving their skills. On top of that, I regularly post my audio clips for learners on the site that the company is creating.

I jumped at its offer, of course. It will be a chance to discover a new me. ;)

What is a Global City?

I often help interpret in English as a volunteer. Yesterday, I attended an event to help the participants in it. It was a bigger event than I had expected. When I arrived at the venue, its serious atmosphere overpowered me...lol

There were about three hundred attendees, which were overseas students, business people, the faculty and civil servants. They separated into small groups and discussed a few themes.
They, overseas students in particular, were enthusiastic and showed great zeal for social reforms to globalize our city. A student from China told that Japanese students were apt to be satisfied when they finished their assignment, but it wasn't their goals. They should be more enthusiastic. I thought he had a point.
Another attendee told that the more overseas students we had, the more flexibility in our educational system and tuition we were required.
A business person told that we had some information for overseas students to a certain degree, but in fact there wasn't enough for them. If our city aims to globalize, the civil administration, the faculty and private enterprises should cooperate with each other and share each information.

It was a constructive discussion and I was inspired and enjoyed a whole lot.

I'm Thrilled to Meet Them!

I help translate and interpret while I teach English to kindergarteners, schoolers and adults. As for the former, luckily I regularly take on translation assignments. About the latter, I have difficult squeezing into my schedule because of my lessons. As such, I often have no choice but to pass up some interpretation assignments.
This time, an assignment luckily fitted with my schedule, so I willingly took on that!

I'm helping interpret this week. The assignment will take place over the course of two days, so I'm thrilled to meet new people and help them!

Sticking to My PC

I'd been working on translation assignments as well as my regular English lessons. I just finished!!!!! You might think it sounded tiresome, but I enjoyed doing my bit.
The staff had asked me to take on an on-site translation assignment besides regular assignments. I had been willing to accept the offer, of course.

I had no choice but to stick to my PC to manage them, but I learned new expressions and words through them. I had been sedentary for a few days, so I absolutely need some exercise!

Anyway, I'll get back to my regular lessons.

As If It was an International School!

As I mentioned before, I went to a school to help interpret today. I had to arrive there by 9:15 and it was a little far from my house. As such, I left early in the morning to make allowances for a traffic jam; nevertheless, I got stuck in it....Xl
I hadn't meant to use an express way due to the curtailing my expenses, but I had no choice but use it to be on time...^^;

An entrance ceremony was held today, so there were a lot of parents and their kids there. I was surprised to find out that there were various nationalities such as Egyptian, Indonesian, Sri Lankan and so forth! As if it was an international school. After the ceremony, foreign parents had to fill out a lot of documents. How tiresome! Is it a typical Japanese system? Some weren't written in English, the others were so complicated to understand that I helped explain in English. It seemed hard even for a Japanese person like me.... I think there was plenty of room for improvement to proceed smoothly.

After the help, I was glad to meet new people and felt fulfilled. I had a great experience today. :)
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師