Once again

I've kept burshing up on my English skills by using periodical English radio textbooks and listening to the program. I usually transcribe every vignette and memorize the vocabulary. To add to the program, I try to listen to another English program, which is intended for businessmen as I can learn practical expressions and phrases in the program.

I used to use periodical English magazines called CNN English Express for about three years to reinforce my ability of English. However, I hardly use them these days. You can say when it comes to building up the natural expressions, idioms and slangs native English speakers use, it's a waste of good materials not to use them. ^^;
Yes, that's why I decided to use them once again. haha The first magazine I bought dates back to January, 2006. Wow! I'll reveiw the vocabulary used in the magazines again and see how much I'll be able to comprehend them as compared to what my skills used to be.

I purchased it after a long time.

I used to buy a certain magazine every month to improve my English skills. The magazine is geared to English learners or those who want to keep their learned English skills.
I'd decided to review the magazines I purchased and not to buy any new issues of the magazine. However, I bought this month issue today because I finished reviewing the last one of them yesterday somehow or other.

This morning, I went to a book shop after I finished doing house chores one after another. At the shop, I flipped through this month's issue of the magazine. What's my feeling toward it?
"I'd not bought it for a long time; nevertheless, I love it." haha I thought it seemed to be more helpful and solid to English learners. In what way? I can say that it further focuses on comprehensive English skills through adding more dictating questions, several quizzes and so on. In fact, there were more dictating questions than before. Even if some are relatively easy articles, they must satisfy us because of the substantial contents and ways to learn. ;D

To boost my English skills more and more, resuming purchasing the magazine might be a good idea.

I like, but...

I used to buy CNN-EE for improving listening skill and getting new phrases. You know, it's conducive to English learners. Recently I've gone over ( I've not finished yet, though...^^;)
While studying, I found that it couldn't satisfy my enthusiasm for English...Of course, it's helpful for me to brush up. But, it's not enough....I may be getting used to listening or a little bit be able to step up...( If so, I'm so in seventh heaven, though...)
Rather than, should I change some ways to study with it??
Actually, Just listening to a volume per month (like NHK news in English which I listen every night) . During the time, I also catch some vocabs, phrases etc. As it's not hard to catch up, understand the summary, now that I'm apt to enjoy listening. I know, there's some elusive content.

I'm keeping going over, however, I'm wondering about " new text books".....Have you any suggestion?

To know your English ability...

To know your current ability of English, there're several ways such as TOEIC, STEP test etc... Of course I often take them to do so.
On top of them, I also try to go over (CNN-EE) back numbers. I think it's easy way to know how much my ability's improving. Don't you think so?




Paternity leave and Maternity leave

Has your husband ever taken paternity leave? And have you?

Some of companies in Japan have new policies to rear kids, inspire them to have more kids.
The birth-rate's been declining in Japan and it's one of strong anxieties for our future.

According to the article, an certain company has a new policy, which gives some money to employees when they have a baby. Another company offers to pay for fertility treatment. Not only money but another one also has a nursery in the company, some company admit their employees working at each home one day a week.

As a mom who has a 2-year-old boy, I'm so intrigued in it. Cuz, often I feel it that I want my husband to take paternity leave.
(Especially, when our son was 0~1 year...) In fact, I asked him several times if you could take or not. Of course, I knew that there was no possibility.(^^;)

I really think it that just some " big companies" admit, encourage... Most ones're not willing to carry out even if they understood that it's a important thing. On top of that, most employees also balk at going for it.
I hope that the situation's changing step by step...(^^)b
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師