My Efforts Paid Off!?

Since I started writing my entries here, it has been about ten years. The reason why I decided to keep a diary in English was to improve my English skills. I know, of course, I've yet to achieve my goal. However, I've learned more natural expressions and words through doing it.

Last month, I took the first grade of the STEP test. I had to write an essay and I wasn't sure what results I would get. In fact, I hadn't prepared enough for it this time, so I wanted to know what score my current skills would get without preparations.
The theme was interesting, but I wasn't familiar with it. I managed to finish writing about
I got the results this month. I failed to pass it but got 21 points out of 28 points on the essay. To be honest, I was surprised to see the results because I hadn't been satisfied with my essay at all.

Anyway, my English study routine might have paid off... haha

Better Luck Next Time!

I just came back from my parents' in-law's house and checked the results of the TOEIC test I took last month.

.............................T T..................................

L>>> 490 R>>> 405
TOTAL>>> 895


To Better My Record

I've enjoyed my daily routine of studying English since I got my all-time high score on the TOEIC test. To inspire myself and better my score, I took it yesterday.

Much to my chagrine, I failed to better my score this time. The reason was clear: My lack of effort and unstable skills caused the blunder. I've yet to get the results, so I don't know my actual score. All I can say is that I flunked in the test. I meant that I didn't manage to better my score. In addition, I was actually inspired thanks to the test.

I'll be out for revenge next time!

Familiar Words To me

Last Sunday, my family took a drive to Yamagichi prefecture.

We dropped in at a shopping mall on our way because my son wanted to buy a comic book.
While he was waiting in line at the register, I was browsing in the bookstore. At that time a book caught my attention. It was related to the first grade of the STEP test, so I flipped through it. As it seemed a helpful and interesting book, I decided to buy it.

Yesterday I started to read the book, and study English for the STEP test with it. I was a little surprised to see that there were a lot of words I had learned from the English papers. They were actually familiar words to me such as concoct.
Even though I couldn't recall the exact meaning of some words, I vaguely remembered how they were used in the papers. As such, I could guess these meaning.

I found it a great help to read the English papers. :)


This academic year, I luckily got new students and am supposed to give my lessons until 9 o'clock every Saturday. More power to me!! lol

After finishing my lessons, I got the detailed results of the TOEIC test.

Here's my Abilities Measured....

L 495 >>> 95 100 100 100
R 440 >>>88 94 82 93 92

Total 935


応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師