From Political Issues to Trivial Things

This morning, I went to an open English conversation class. As I had had too much on my plate recently, it was for the first time for me to take part in the class in about one month.
There were five of us, including the teacher. When I entered the room, a man said to me, "Ah! You are the papers lady, aren't you?" I didn't understand why he said it, but soon my question was clear. Every time I join in the class, I bring the papers in English. The teacher had jokingly told him about me.
I said to him, "Yes, I am THE woman. Nice to see you." In fact, the man and I met for the first time, but he recognized me because I brought the paper as usual. lol

As some can easily imagine, I couldn't stop talking in English as if my speaking was like machine-gun fire. We talked about a range of topics from political issues to trivial things.
I enjoyed it a whole lot, and I thought I am an English geek.

Japanese Typical Teaching Method

I had been swamped with work and chores for last month, so I had no choice but to pass up the open English conversation class in which I regularly take part.
Finally, I managed to have time to go there today. I know that I'm still in the desperate need of practicing speaking English.

Luckily, I was only there, so I monopolized the teacher. We exchanged our opinions about the Japanese typical English teaching method. As English teachers and mothers, we're not satisfied with the current style which is a one-way teaching and passive learning style. I know that it has been changing gradually into a more practical method. Still, we feel its program lags behind other countries.

Some say having fun is the most important and we can't push them to learn English as "a subject". Yes, having fun is very important, and I agree with this point. However, do you think just having fun makes them master practical English and they can exchange their opinions in English in the future? I don't think so...

Ideally, they can master practical English and skills to exchange their opinions and discuss anything in English, having fun. To realize it, I believe that they, the 3rd grade, the 4th grade or over in elemetary schools in particular, need to practice exchanging their opinions and debating anything more. A mixed language which is Japanese and English would be fine at first. To ignite their interests in English and to learn correct words and appropriate expressions, it's time for English teachers to show their skills.

Natural Conversations

I took part in an open English conversation class this morning. I'm free on Thursdays, so I try to participate in it every week.

During the class, I practice speaking in English to my heart's content. The teacher who is from England and I have known each other for about ten years. As such, I try to talk about a range of topics from my trifling matters to questions about English.

This time I asked about a tricky point in English grammar. As an English teacher, I need to master grammatically correct sentences. However, in conversations in English, I often hear some sentences which are grammatically wrong but sound more natural to native English speakers or generally used by them.
The question I asked was about one of them.

It reminded me how interesting English is!

I Need More!

Recently a lot of English learners have taken online lessons. In fact, I used to take it before because it was convenient for me. Before I took online lessons, I had taken part in an open English conversation class.

I often encountered bad connections between my teacher's computer and mine. To add to that, I found that I preferred practicing speaking English face to face. For these reasons, I quit it and restarted to go to the previous class.

Now I try to take part in the class every week. As you might imagine, however, It's not enough for me. Lately, I've taken on translation assignments and read the English papers thoroughly, so I know the amount of practicing speaking English is absolutely insufficient.

Yes, Have more time to practice speaking English, or my skills are quickly getting rusty!

Ran into My Friend

I can say that I'm blessed with kind, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed friends. Thanks to them, I'm always inspired to do something new and encouraged to keep brushing up on my skills. Without them, I wouldn't have started to master English or landed my current job.

This morning, one of my fellow English-lovers visited my city to get involved in an open conversation class. She's busy as an English teacher, but luckily she doesn't have her classes during summer vacation. That's why she managed to have time to join us this time.
Actually, we hadn't met up with each other for a while because of our work. As such, I was thrilled to meet up with her and spend quality time together.

After the class, I wished we could have had lunch together. However, I had to prepare for tomorrow's lessons and parents' meetings. That was why I had no choice but to say goodbye to her....T T
After seeing her off at the nearest station, I dropped by at a library to look for interesting English picture books. I'm supposed to take part in an English event next month, so I was browsing through some English picture books there. At that time, a woman talked to me. She was one of my friends! We hadn't met up with each other for ages! She looked fine and we stood chatting to catch up on each other.

What nice friends!
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師