Do What I Want to Do

Every summer, my company holds events in English nationwide for our students. At this time of year, most of the teachers at the company apply for it on the website which is for teachers. It depends on the prefecture, but it seems competitive because unless we try to apply for it at 10:00 a.m, there will be no seats left at night.

This time, I failed to log in at 10:00 sharp....It slipped my mind entirely...When I checked the web, there were only a few seats left... I needed more seats, but there was nothing I could do about it...
My students' faces flitted through my mind...Some of them are willing to take part in the event every summer....

"OK, then. I'll give a big summer party for them this time!"

At the same time, an idea came to my mind: other teachers and I will cooperate to organize the event. I love to organize events, but my ideas are limited. My students might get bored. I need to infuse "fresh air" into my class.
I'll invite other teachers' students and anyone who is interested to the event, of course.

As the proverb goes- "There is no time like present", I got started on the preparations. The plan is afoot!

The More Students I Have, The More Attention I Should Pay.

I've been inundated with work since summer vacation started. This is because I've held intensive courses as well as regular lessons. Most of the visitors are in the first and second grades. What is common to them is their parents are taking the necessity of English skills for their children seriously. They're lovely and so active that I can exercise during the lessons. lol

Well, as for my regular lessons, my students have been learning English very hard. At the same time, I should pay attention to each student: During each lesson, I need to see how much they understand or what they have trouble grasping. Some are quick learners, others aren't. Some never forget to do their homework, others often skip some assignments they're crying for their attention. As for the latter, it's very challenging to me. To maintain their interest and motivation to learn English, I'm always thinking about better methods of teaching and whether they should let off steam, junior high schoolers in particular, because they've been also swamped with their study and club activities.

Anyway, all I can do is to do my bit anytime....

To be Aware of Our Surroundings

When I was giving my last lesson for last Tuesday, it got noisy outside the room. It seemed that some mothers got together for their meeting called 役員会 in Japanese. They regularly have a meeting in the room we use and this time every year is the busiest for them. I know how busy they are, but I was actually annoyed at that day.

They were quacking and quacking just in front of the room! There was a signboard for my lessons outside the room and everyone could see it and understand we were studying NOW. However, they were chatting endlessly. How uproarious!
What was worse, one of them knocked on the door and entered the room. She said, " Excuse me, What time are you going to finish?" Ugh!!!!!
I thought I should complain about it, but I swallowed my anger because it was almost finished. If it had been in the middle of the lessons or my students had been taking tests, I would have told them not to do that, of course.

Let me say this....
Be aware of YOUR surroundings!

After Graduating

The other day, a graduate of my English class, who is a freshman in the college of music and would-be pianist, sent me her text message. Ever since she graduated from my class, we hadn't contacted each other because I could easily understand that she has been swamped with studying and piano practice. As such, I had refrained from sending my text messages until she would acclimatized to her new life.

In her message, she managed to get accustomed to her college-student life. Thanks to my lessons, she has never had trouble communicating in English. However, she's studying study German and doesn't have any knowledge, so it often gets her into a pickle.

I know she's always doing her darndest. Even though she has been bogged down with difficulties, I'm sure she manages to handle them.
I'm so glad of her message and hope she'll be a great pianist soon!

Hallooween Party in 2014

When speaking of October, Halloween might cross your minds.

Yesterday I held a big Halloween party at my class. This year the number of participants, who range in age from three-year-old kids to junior high schoolers, was much more than I had expected, so I had asked one of my co-workers and friend to lend me a hand and bring a foreign guest who could speak English.

I had planned several games so that everyone could enjoy. Luckily, the guest had experience in teaching English to children, so I could leave it up to him to a certain degree; nevertheless, I had trouble making all of the games go smoothly, so I might have confused the guest and other participants....Sorry...I should have prepared them more elaborately...

I'm wondering if they enjoyed the party...... ^^;
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4)