From tomorrow

From tomorrow, we're going to spend the New Year's holiday at husband's parents'. So I said yesterday, I carried out a general house cleaning this morning. I was sick and tired...(^^;) Fortunately, he proposed to me that he should prepare for today's meal so that I could rest.(^^)

Well, you know, I'll not have time to study there, except listen to some CNN-EE books or recorded English texts. But they have a computer, access to surf Internet. uh... but I won't be able to lol If I have time at least a little bit, I'll suppose to do.p(^^)q( As they know I've been brushing up English, they're always willing to give a chunk of time or their computer etc)

A general house cleaning

(I might have touched on it...)

I've cleaned my house, so-coled "Ousouji" due to pass the old year, little by little. (not finished yet...)
But I can't carry out whole house by myself...So from tomorrow husband'll be in the New Year's holiday, have him help!!!! yeah!!!
Yet, I guess...eventually, he'll be playing with my son...(^^;) As if he was an older brother...oh, BIG brother...,isn't it? I don't remember bearing two kids...(^^;)lol lol lol

A year-end party

Tonight my husband's going to attend a year-end party. This season he has several ones (many workers also,I think). So I'm able to have much "MY" time than usual!!! LUCKY!!!(^^) On top of that, I don't need to prepare for meal except my son.(Son's one is not hard to cook,yeah??)
Yet, he's sleeping NOW....(--;) I should wake him right now or he'll not turn in tonight as usual...uh.... but but.. what I should do is popping up and up...(^^;)

Well, a chunk of time is still'll be alright. hahaha

届きました! part 2

なにはともあれ、ひっつきモンスターがいる今の私では、なかなかじっくりと買い物ができないので、もっぱら通信販売で購入します。で、で、今回ゲットしたのは、アクセとインナーシャツ2枚。(>▽<)このインナーシャツもオールシーズンで着られる感じ!!ビーズ刺繍が施されていて(これがまた素敵なこと!!)ON にも OFFにも活躍しそうです(^^)

To become an English teacher

(I talked about it before, though)..

I've decided to become an English teacher for kids, however, I'm changing my mind..I mean, I'm diverting from it "a little bit".
Now I'm thinking of an English teacher for adults. Yeah, just a teacher who teach English at conversation school or like that. (I don't have a teacher's license...So I can't teach at high school or junior high. I should have taken when I was an uni student.(T T))
For sure, I'm two of minds in them...Yet becoming a teacher is same my purpose, so I'm going to brush up like mad. p(^^)q And at any costs, I'll come true!!

For New Year

Today's Christmas. But I'll prepare for New Year.Have you already done??

As I wrote yesterday, I'm going to visit husband's parents' to pass the old year. So I don't have the number of stuffs, however, before we greet the New Year I should clean the whole house, especially some places that I usually do or can't get around to.

Then I'll buy " New Year's things". For example, it is a sacred straw festoon, so-called " Shimenawa" and so on.

It's being bustled through this time, however, I like the atmosphere because some happiness'll being waiting, I feel.(^^)

A Merry Christmas

Yesterday we took 2 Christmas cakes and visited husband's parents' in order to have dinner, so-cold "a small Christmas party".(^^)
As I expected, the place where I took them were bustled with people, whom they were visitors or attendants for their friends' or relatives' wedding ceremony. (Yeah, it's a hotel which my husband works)
Then we visited parents', talked and talked, prepared for dinner. Husband and father-in-low love soccer. They were carried away by watching the game, which was " Tennouhai" (Jyubiro vs Urawa). My small monster was playing with a lots of car toys. (He always places them in a row.(^^) Is it his speciality ?? lol lol )
We had " special meals" and ate the cakes. (*^ ^*)

After a week we're going to visit again to pass the old year!!

Anyway, Merry Christmas!!!

The virus

You may know, though, The virus, which is name "ノロウィルス”(
sorry ,I don't know the spell--;), has rampanted over Japan.
According to newspapers or TV, it's so strong infectious disease. My family haven't been, however, I can't say " We're alright, have nothing to do with"...yeah? The virus's waiting...Not only it but also some respiratory infectious diseases are doing.

So, not to catch them, we must wash our hands with soap and gargling. It's a matter of course yet we should do..

The last class this year

I joined a cafe talking class this morning as usual. Today was the last class this year. But also some English circles which I belong have already finished.
Luckily, as I arrived the first, I talked and talked and talked in English as much as I can.(^^)(of course, while a class as well) Yeah, I did to my heart content!!!

For a while I can't have any classes where I practice or output, however, I'll engage in English, like this blog, books or newspapers. Nevertheless, when I wanna talk( I'm be...), I'll talk to myself..yeah?? lol lol That's kidding.. lol(^^;) I seem to be weired...surely...

Well, I told a teacher this add, however, it was wrong a bit...(T T)Sorry teacher....I hope she'll be able to get there with a clue of " likemad "...

The way to learn new vocabs

Everyday I read some English newspapers..(Among them, Japan Times is it that I always do).
You know, every time I get several new vocabs. Of course, CNN-EE, some English circles as well. I know it's very very important for me to learn them by heart, I mean it's to use in conversation, however, I feel occasionally tough...Do you??

I don't have capacity of memorizing at once, so I have to learn and learn and learn.......(^^;)Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to learn, either...Then I reached the decision for the way that I took advantage of time of preparing for meals. If I've yet to learn some vocabs or phrases completely, while cooking I should do in a kitchen. Put the paper which I've yet on the wall or something like that..

I don't know if it'll be work or not, I'll try(^^)

Do you have any ideas??

My enigma

This morning I attended a business English circle. As usual I was there with him in tow, fortunately another 2 members also took their kids who were older than him. They played with him, ran after each other. Thank to them, I could concentrate, listen, speak and take a few tests. He seemed to be very excited and being enjoying(^^)

Well, last week I watched a movie, which was " Home alone 2", on TV. Then I listened some conversation,,,,,,

A>>>> " Merry Christmas"
B>>>> " Me too"

uh????? " Me too"???? Is that special meaning?? I've never used it...I'm sure of the their lines...

Have you heard before?? or used???

So in today's class I asked a teacher who came from England...He said that he's never used...and he usually used " you too".

That's my enigma.....

For the first time

As I said yesterday, I joined an another English circle this morning. Fortunately, today was so fine and clear sky!! Lucky me!!! Though the house where we held was the first time for me, it was so beautiful and pretty house!!! The representative welcomed us with smiling(^^)

There were 4 members today. We talked and explained about "Japanese New Year's" I think that it's often hard for me to explain in English...Because some of them are so complicated or so religious...Yet I managed to do as possible...(I'm wondering ...if they understood...or not....--;)
Well, times were fried...(^^) Next month, I'm suppose to attend again by all means, if I'm at leisure.

As usual

This morning I visited the English circle, however, it was bad weather, which I was shivering a little bit.

Today's topic was "Damenzu"(a bad men). We talked our opinions or our marriages etc... I often stammered out or dropped their stories due to my son was being strolling in a room or wanted me to play(^^;) Fortunately, he enjoyed playing, was being in a good mood more than before. For 2 hours, it's too tough for him. So often he's in a bad mood or getting peevish...It can't be helped...right??(^^;)

Recently I've felt that it's not enough for me...I want talk more and more in order to improve English.
Every Thursday I attend an English circle or a Cafe time with him in tow. Of course that's so precious time and worth practicing speaking or listening because both of them are included native speakers there. So I can ask some questions which mean "native nuance". Those're the very best place where I can brush up.
You know, when it comes to English, so that I'm very covetous, I DO want to do whatever or wherever I can study.
Luckily, tomorrow one of circle's will have an another circle, which is English one. Though it's a little far from where I live, I'm willing to join!!

An English accent

When I was listening to this month's CNN-EE, I realized that there were articles which were pronounced with "American accent". Last month's was " English accent", (before I said though) which I'm not good at..
Cuz, I've studied English with the former as well I speak since I started ,you know I was junior high-school student. So when I listened to the later, I felt uneasy.
Still now I often feel like that, you know, even I can got some contents easily, I have to concentrate completely...but...not as much as before though.

Apparently, American english has already immersed in myself.(^^;)

I got some goods.

This afternoon, we went out in order to get some dishes for my son's small birth day party, which was 7th though. In addition, To get some clothes and shoes( for husband and myself).
Unfortunately it was raining, however, my son had much energy and romping around at a shop, I didn't know why...(^^;) My husband was also strolling around there, so I asked him whether he was to get or not. Then he said that he was able to get my own bonus more than I submitted the sum, so he won't do. Rather than that, I should get some clothes because I'd wanted. Thanx a looooot!! (^^)
Though he suggested that I bought whatever you wanted, I concerned about new year, which we would spend much money for new year's things for instance " Otosidama" etc...moreover we should pay for an automobile inspection at least 100 thousand yen, so I got a pair of pumps and skinny-jeans that I wanted(^^) Luckily I found reasonable pumps which were so cute.

after then, we went shopping to get some dishes. As I expected, there were many people at a mall..(^^;)

At the night, we had a small party for him. He seemed to be being enjoying.

I met a member after long time.

As usual, I joined "the English circle" this morning. There were 7 people including a teacher. One of whom wasn't there for a while, attended today. We met her really after long time. She's been very busy because she has a lots what she has to now. I was happy to meet her again.

Well, today's topic was meditation. Have you experienced before? I've never, so it was interesting to me...Of course when it comes to meditation, I don't have details. So it was worth listening and get some information.

Anyways, today is my son's 2nd birthday!!! I baked some sweet potato cakes last night.(^^) For him, husband and circle members!!
I'm going to have a small party this weekend.(*^ ^*)

I took him to a dentist.

This afternoon, I took him to a dentist in order to a medical check-up. As I expected, (as usual...^^;) he was crying and crying during the check...You know, it didn't take some time. For him, it was lucky??? lol lol

Well, His birthday is just around the corner!!! I'm planing a small party, which will be this weekend, for him...some dishes, bake a cake or something...Actually his birthday falls on weekday, as I hope we cerebrate together, I decided to hold it the day.
I'm being two of mind whether I'll buy a cake or not...uh...uh...I'm going to bake "sweet potato" because that's more healthy for him compare to "sweet cake"..yeah??

So cold..

These days it's getting cold day by day...As I'm so sensitive to cold, this season makes me lol...( I always wear two pairs of socks in my house...^^;)Yet my son ,you know, wants to go out, for him not only I but also he wears completely not to catch a cold. Incidentally, he runs about as if were a pooch..(*^^*)

After we had lunch, as he seemed to be not enough to play with, I took him to my parents'...(To tell the truth, I wanted to have time to take a nap, study English because he didn' lol^^; My old brother often play with him as well as take care of when he comes home...yeah... I rely on them..^^; Thanx a lot!!!)

FOR と TO part 2





なので、例文の You're everything to me っていう“TO”は
“TO” を使っているのではないでしょうか。
(to do smething が続くならば、"For"ですがね。)

EX; The experience was very precious TO me.

EX; Studying English hard is important FOR me.
  ( It's important for me to study English hard.) 

The result was valuable TO me.

What part of the game was the most difficult FOR you ( to play)?

For と To


It's important for me to do something(形式的主語で使われる)
The news is known to everyone(<その知らせはみんながしっている>と、いった方向性を示す時)

のニュアンスはわかるんですが、色々と話す中で、“ん?to がいいのか??それとも for??”とこんがらがるときもしばしば、、、。感覚的に使っていただけに、いざこの疑問がわくと、“どつぼ”にはまりつつあるのです。




  (  (  ●  ○  ) )


You're everything to me(ジーニアスから)はfor meじゃ変??


何か、いいイメージ、ニュアンスがあれば教えてくださいm(_ _)m
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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