I've been feeling ill at ease...But...

I've written about Step test for a few days, however, please let me do today, too...(^^;)

Uh... I've been feeling ill at ease since Sun...Many examinees as well, I think...
(Although I wrote yesterday in Japanese...) I don't feel up to pass...(Cuz, contingent on the passing mark and a composition...)
I know I know, this comment contradict yesterday's...(^^;)uh...uh...uh....Yeah, you know..It's not use crying over spilt milk...
I must see forward, take the experience to heart...And now I should spend much time for son and husband rather than it.

Yes!!! I must switch, get down to study again from scratch.









I hope...

This morning I joined the business English circle for moms as usual. At the beginning, we took a test which was made by emi.( She makes every time. thanx a lot!!) I learned several useful expressions or vocabs.
Then, we checked our answers of the homework that a teacher had given.
Although I had a meaningful time, often I was beside myself with worry about the result of STEP test...(--;)
I was feeling ill at ease....

After I went back home, had lunch with my son, I checked the result on web site......
I figured out that it's be in a delicate position.(--;) It's contingent on part 4 which is a composition and the passing mark. If I get more than 10 points, I could pass..(I think..) But I don't know... Because even if I guess pass, the passing mark makes write off.
What else can I do except hope for the best and pass...

For St. Valentine's Day...

Do you have a plan for St.Valentine's Day?? Have you decided what you bake or give chocolate??

Although I don't often lean toward any events nor fall into the intrigue of confectionery, I'm planing for husband and son who is a little man.(^^)
A few days ago, I got some recipes for savory cakes and so on. Yet I prefer healthy one, for instance, included some kind of vegetables--carrot, sweet potatoes etc...-- for their health. On top of that, my husband didn't like too sweet one..(neither do I..)
uh...it's not yet to make clear what I make or bake, but the time of thinking is also one of my enjoyment.

The nuts and bolts of..

Recently I've felt that it's easy to slip my mind, forget the words I learned...(^^;) Is the cause of my age??lol lol (I don't want it is...)
(I touched on it a little bit before..)
When I learn some words or phrases by heart, usually I write down and write down and write down...until I can come out smoothly. After a few days or the following day, if I can do that, it could be mine. But if it's not, I have to do again and again...
There's no the way of cut the corner...The nuts and bolts of learning any languages is endurance...lol lol

oh, he didn't get peevish, did he?

As always, I visited the cafe morning class this morning. I was afraid of him getting peevish while the class, however, he didn't. ( I think...^^;) He played with some English card set or a few toys. Before he turned 2-years, he used to stay around me, but after the years or so he often get around or get peevish or is antsy. I know I know, it's really natural.(^^) ( my friends or circle members who are senior moms say that he's good, meek rather than a restless child, a fidget one. I'd like to believe...what they said...^^;)
But when I attend an English circle or a talking class with him in tow, I'm so nervous if he'll get do or bother others...(^^;)

At a park

This morning I went to a park which I made a few moms acquaintances a few days ago in order to meet them and make our kids play there. Fortunately, it was fine and I felt warmer than before.
When I arrived there, they'd been. My son was very interested in other kids who were older except a 1-years-boy. They played each or got together.
I figured out a mom out of them lived near my house. So we might have met at a supermarket or around there.
We talked about child-rearing and so on. As I have only a kid who is 2-years, it was worth listening or asking about that. I could feel reliefp(^^)q

seem to come down with a cold..

Me? NO.... My son?? NO NO... My husband seems to come down with a cold...He's been feeling under the weather for a few days. So He took a medicine, gargles, and so on, however, his work's busyness wouldn't mitigate. That's one of the causes it hangs on...Right??
Well, To get well as soon as possible, Do you have any ideas??

This morning

This morning as it was clear sky, I took him to a park near my house. I used to go there, however, cold or chilly days' been, norovirus' spread, so I didn't often take to play outside. But today I wanted to refresh, make him to play to his heart's content, so I went there.
We were the first to arrive, then some of kids and moms and a group of day-nursery-center's kids, staffs came. My son was so interested in themselves( every kids're like that, I think) He gained on them, then was intrigued another and gained again and...(Do kids like that?)
Fortunately, I made some acquaintances who had two kids, so-coled " Senpai-mama" (^^)I was so glad to meet them. Cuz, they live near my house, so from now I can get some info for son, for instance, a kindergarten or a nursery school and so on.
The more I have friends, Senpai-mamas, the better for me and son, the stronger I reassure.
We were there around for an hour and 30 minutes. A few of moms so hit it off. So we exchange our mail adds.p(^^)q
We're going to meet and make our kids to play the day after tomorrow.(^^)

I tried to...

I guess, a tremendous examinees tried to do their best---" センター試験”(How do we say in English?? Center?? or another??) On today's morning paper some subjects'. Of course, you know, I tried to work out. Yet yet..... I couldn't keep concentration....(--;)lol lol So I gave it to do...hahahaha~~~

Well, I did the part of accent or pronounce after ages. It reminds me of the old days when I was a highschool student the other end of it, as now I hardly check them intensively, I confused a little bit...(^^;)
Vocabs or grammer's parts were perfect!!! p(^^)q So I could get a little confidence.yeah!!

For testing my actual ability it was a good opportunity, isn't it?

At a member's house

I visited an English circle member's with an eye to study, which was discussion this time and practice speaking more and more. Once a month she holds the club. To me who don't have not much opportunity for speaking or outputting, these kinds of clubs're valuable and fortunate.

This topic was that ....." Is it necessary for early age- kids to study ,learn or familiarize English?? "
At present, I have 2-years-son. So this staple was in the middle of my mind.
There were several kinds of aspects like if there're 10 people, of course we have 10 different faces there. So I got some opinions or could also know some the result of science detection.
It was very intriguing.

In the club, I asked them what my english is like.., how they feel about it. Sometimes I worry if they understand what I say, mean and I can speak fluently...(I know, sometimes I stammer out...^^;)
They told plainly, what they feel, think, everything. So I could take a load off my mind.p(^^)q In fact, they didn't notice that I'm worrying or being a setback after some circles which I felt it that I couldn't speak fluently, come out vocabs etc... But they thawed the worries, understood what I mean or said...(*^^*)
Thanx all!!!

Well, to advance my English, we're going to record our speaking. I'm looking forward to doing ,yet also I'm feeling the other end of it...(^^;)

After a long time...I met.

This morning I attended the English circle for moms with son in tow. Not like last class but there were 7 of us, including a teacher. One of them was a new member who was also with son (He's the same age of my son).
On top of that, after long time I met "a member who is pregnant". (She's with second child.) She looks to be very very happy, seventh heaven. Yeah(^^) Thank to her, I got huge happiness.(*^^*)

Well, while the class although there was the same age of him, he got peevish...(T T) So I couldn't catch some of their the staples...He seemed to get out or be on the prowl.
Though he had played with a girl who was a member's daughter or hadn't got peevish like today, today was not like last one...(^^;) Today He seemed to be "an outdoor" type...lol lol

The aroma of coffee and the smell of books.

Am I a weird?

I have two types of favorite smell. I never breath deeply without taking them.
One is the aroma of coffee. I'm a " coffeeholic"(^^)lol lol Usually, I drink more than 5 cups of coffee a day. While I'm writing this blog, some e-mails, surfing Internet, learning English etc...Whenever, wherever I drink...(^^;) (According to some article, less than 5 is best for our health...Right??)
I love coffee, however, I don't discern the kinds of beans...(--;) Cuz, I'm NOT particular about the kinds. Some kinds of instant coffee satisfy me. It's economical, isn't it?
Another is the smell of books, which are printed. When I thumb through a book, especially new one, my nose is filled with it. lol lol lol

Yeah, I know,,,, it may be strange to you...(^^;) But as usual, my house is filled with the aroma of coffee and I'm flipping through an English magazine.

I chatted with a friend.

This afternoon, I met an old friend to chat over coffee. In course of receive a ring which I've asked a shop to re-size smaller, we chatted there. On top of that, I wanted to see the shop's staffs who were ex-coworkers and boss.
They sell sundry goods---table wares, bags, interior goods, fashion items and jewelry etc. I checked some intrigues, especially jewelry.(^^) When I worked there, I was used to seeing them. Cuz, Almost every day I saw. But now I don't go there except I have some stuff, (in this case) I really saw like brand-new things.
Yeah, the shop has every items except clothes. So when I wanna or need some goods, for instance, for something presents such as a wedding gift or a birthday one and so on, I would go there.
Those goods're so cute and cool!!! YES!!! I convince!!! and recommend you!!! In fact, some good used in some dramas.

Well, I and the friend haven't met for a while because she's been tied up with works and stuffs, in addition, she's had to work every weekend. So we've not been suitable for the convenient day. But she quit her job, so we could meet today.
We chitchatted the recent situation etc...
Then we worshipped a shrine near there.( I've already done 3 shrines on New year day...^^;) And drew a fortune...again...the mean's second time...It was " shou-kichi"...(the first one was same...--;)
uh...." shou-kichi" is good??? or so-so??? ( some say " Shou-kichi" is better than " kichi". In short, " Dai-kichi"--"chu-kichi"--"Shou-kichi"--" Sue-kichi"-- and " Kichi"---)Is it right??

Have you used before?

Every month I get a CNN-EE which is a magazine for those who study English or are interested in it.

This month I got several new words. Out of them, " Doc " specially be left in my mind. (Not a doctor but an American slang. The mean's " hey, you" or something like that.) Cuz, when I listened this word, I felt a little strong. I mean, I don't use it to older or except intimate friends.. In addition, I could thought abbreviation for " a doctor".

Yesterday, I asked the teacher, who is from Australia. (you know, that's an American slang). He also thought "a doc" and never used.

Have you head of it? or used before?

There were 4 of us this class.

It was the English circle that I've been looking forward to, except one thing...The linchpin was absent due to take care of her son's been under the weather.
It can't be helped,yeah. A kid will often come down with.
I hope he's getting well as soon as possible...

Well, this class there were 4 of us, including a teacher. It reminds me as I was a conversation student. (There were from 1 to 4 students a class,except a teacher, in the school. So I sometimes monopolize a teacher, so-coled "man-to-man"*^^*/)

We talked about an issue of Norovirus, which I touched on before. One of member's kids and husband have experienced...(Fortunately, she didn't infect with it.) And others, about New Year's holiday, computer which was "MAC", etc...

Regarding MAC, (it's familiar with the teacher.) Yesterday I knew that Apple com(I don't know the correct company name...--;)has launched "New type mobile phone", which we can use "i-pod" with it and it has not ANY buttons but like "LCD"(liquid crystal display). We can touch on a panel...
It could be epoch-making..

Anyways, my son didn't shout, cry or get peevish(^^)/~ Rather than, he could enjoy playing with a girl who was the same of age, share confectionery and give some pieces of them. I could catch a glimpse of his growth.

I'm looking forward to next class.


Do you know " STEP BLUATS"??

I know " STEP", so-coled "Eiken". (almost all of people know it)
But it's for organizations as like companies or universities and so on. On top of that, The STEP and Kenbridge ESOL, which is a language examination agency, coorperated on business. I've yet to know the details. Yet I'm so interested in it. If I can take, by all means, I wanna do. (Later I'll check on web.)

Have you heard? or taken??

I as well as he is...

Last night my husband enjoyed having a small New Year's party with 4 households that live in same apartment. On the grounds of my son's being under the weather, I and he didn't join.
Although I hoped " all members" could join it the first time party this year, it couldn't be help. You know, to be in good shape is one of the most important things for me, especially, my son and husband. For it I'd like anything to do.

Around 8:30, he turned in, I didn't know whether he felt better or not, but he seemed to get well. It couldn't be worse, I felt...
So I checked some e-mails, blog, picked vocabs and learned them by heart.

This morning, as I expected, my husband had a terribly hangover..(^^;) As if he was a dead person...Meanwhile, my son got well completely and wanted husband to play.
As you know, husband was being intoxicated in the morning and the afternoon..(--;)( I don't know how much he drunk...but I guess he didn't "eat" and drunk...It was a main reason...right??)
So I visited my parents' with son in tow due to make him take a rest for several hours.
Fortunately, the evening he was revitalized..(^^;) But on the other hand, my condition's getting worse....(T T)

Right now what necessary for me is taking a rest immediately..yeah??

Soon after I declared...

What the heck that!!!

Soon after I declared the New Year's resolutions, I couldn't keep one...(> <)

Last evening my son ran a high fever all of a sudden. Just a high fever, no runny nose nor cough and so on. Yet he seemed to being exhausted. On top of that, he didn't want to eat substantially and clung to me more than usual. So I give a glass of "Pocari", put him to bed around 7:30. As I expected, he got up several times while midnight.

Fortunately, this morning the fever subsided and he seemed to feel much better. As usual, he was in a prowl(^^) I felt relieved...(*^^*) But He didn't get well completely...I guess. I'm looking at his condition for time being.

Well, to tell the truth, I seem have caught a little his cold...(--;) a little bit snivel, including a nasal voice, and a sore throat...And also I have to recover A.S.A.P...Cuz, next Thu I'm going to join an English circle.p(^^)q

Put my money where my mouth is...

Yesterday I declared my this year's aspirations. To put my money where my mouth is, I'm doing a little bit harder than before..(← I think...maybe only by myself..^^;) I took my English books, which were vocabs' ,grammar and so on, out and picked up useful words, forgetful ones.
I don't know if there'll being into my brain, but I'm keeping at it!!

My aspirations

This morning I attended "the cafe morning" which I'd been dying for. It was the first time this year.

I met a visitor who was with a kid in tow for the first time. She spoke very well, she was quoted as saying, she used to use English in her work and being a student, she studied abroad.
After a few weeks I talked in English, needless to say, I was stimulated more and more.

well, Do you have any aspirations? When it comes to English, it's popping up one after another...(^^) anyways,,,,,

To take some tests and have the desired results as possible

To keep brushing up day by day

As for English, those are. Others are...

To smile for our happiness and kind to others, family.

To not to come down with diseases(including take care of my family)

I go back

This afternoon, we went back to our house. As my husband has only 5 holidays, we stayed just 3 night at each parents'.
Younger sister-in-law's family also stayed at their parents' (husband's parents) and chatted over coffee and so on from 31st to the morning of 2nd.

New Year's holidays has gone in like a flash...(^^;) Yet I should to change over and brush up and up ENGLISH !!!

At husband's parents'

Hi,there!! I wanna just say " A Happy New Year"!!!!! (from my husband's parents')

This morning, I commented a little bit as a greeting in Japanese. Yet this time, I'm going to write in English.

I'm going to brush up English skill more and more as if I were an eager beaver!! lol lol
Actually, I read and checked an English newspaper(^^) Some articles, I'd read on line before, however, I could do more than usual.( You know, usually I read 9 ones or so on line.)

Tomorrow, we're going to visit my own parents', who don't have own computer. Although I won't use or surf Internet, I'll text massage with a mobile if I have time.(yet yet.... I don't know...^^;)

Anyways, tomorrow evening, I'm going to attend an reunion of high school age!!! Really I'm looking forward to meeting friends!!!

A Happy New Year


応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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