At the negibor next door's.

In the morning, I was invited to have some coffee and chat by a wife next door. She has a boy who is 1 year-8 months and is in the twenty-eight week of pregnancy.

As it was so clear and beautiful day, we were out of house and stretched our legs around it. My son was so excited all the time, yeah, he loves to go out. Meanwhile, the next door's was a little bit nervous because I met him for a long time, seems not to go out to play or go to a park something like that. (In fact she said so that.)
Then we came back to her house and had some coffee, chatted. The kids were playing with a lot of toys each, often enjoyed playing together.
After about 3 hours, her son got to sleep. So I and son went back.(^^)

As I expected, after we came back home, he also slept. But after an hour he wake up, so I took him a bath. You know, he was been lol
Well, you know, after that he soon fell asleep...without having dinner(^^;)

I've just arrived...

I'm hoooooome.. This morning, I visited one of mom-friends' in order to let him play with friends' kid who is the same age, to his heart's content.
Unfortunately, it wasn't so good weather, yeah, it was raining on and off and on... On the grounds of it, we were in her house over coffee, tea, let them play with.

He seemed to enjoy playing all the time.(^^) Also he was interested in some books, especially cars', loves car and always says " mom!! (that's) boo-boo!!! (That's) boo-boo!!!"
These days I figure out he begins to say new words more and more, imitate our gestures more than before. So every time he does like that, I feel so happy and make me get much energy. I guess, not only me but also moms feel like that.(*^^*)

When we came home, he'd been sleeping....yeah, you know, he seemd to play to his heart's content..I lol







(日時):4月11日  10:00~12:00

(場所):和夢恵 (福岡県春日市天神山4-10 <tel>050-6619-3143)


(料金):お一人 ¥1,000/2h


That's the way it is...

Generally, a wife is tied up with a many of household chores and take care of kids. So, even if the weekends....

After a long time, I could sleep much than weekdays this morning. (Having been busy since last Sun, I couldn't do sufficiently.)
Waking up, I felt so refreshed.(^^)
Husband and son has already woken up and had breakfast. Thank to him, I could do without any disturbance.
Yeah, you know, I said it yesterday that I felt frustration like that, though, The trifling was water under the bridge, I did and forgot about lol ( In fact I've already forgot..^^;)

Then he took a small monster to a park and went to a supermarket for lunch, dinner. While the time, I cleaned house, tidied up and so on.
Yes!! I decided to count on him anything!!! lol lol As he likes cooking and helps me to do household stuffs on weekends, I can be on the strength of him.hehehe(^m^)

Was it over??

As I said yesterday, we've been in an armistice, though, it seems to be lol

Cuz, he spoke to me as usual and doesn't look like anger.Huh???? I know that was trifling, though, I've been feeling gloomy.(--;)
It's the reason that I couldn't tell him, express what I wanted to mention...maybe...(= =;) including, the case of the wake and funeral...

Uh...I should forget about it...even if I've been irritated, gloomy..Yeah?? Cuz, I did wrong not at all, I think and just said my opinion, our common sense....(^^;)

Well, Although tonight, we're suppose to have dinner with the neighbors next door, due to their son's problem with his eye and for not to infect my son(she said), so it was canceled...Yeah, Next time!!

We're in an armistice...

How often do you discuss, quarrel, row or dispute with your BF, GF or husband, wife??

I disputed over a trifling with husband after a long time. The trifling was as follows....

Last night husband(H) said,
H>>>" I got a call it from the neighbor's husband next door that how about having dinner with us next Sat."

I>>>" Oh, that's good idea!!! Of course I'd like to do."

H>>>" Well, what do you say to inviting the couples who live on the 2nd floor??"

I>>>" Sounds like a plan!! So, could you ask him(the neighbor next door) if we'll be able to invite them or not?"

H>>>" Why?? Don't need to do that, I think..When the neighbors next door come, I'm going to tell. It's no problem, at the time. It's strange, I feel..."

I>>>" I know, I know what you mean. In fact they're willing to invite, have dinner, I guess. But I mean that it's etiquette to do so before having, what we call { A hedge between keeps friendship green}, isn't it?? Even if you haven't done that, I've done when I have like that."

H>>> "....."(He seemed to haven't understood.)

Then, in spite of clamming up, he seemed to haven't understood, got up set. Cuz, he was crossing with things.

Huh?????? ARE YOU A KID?????(--;) So, I also got irritated against his looks, not different opinions...

We're in an lol (^^;)

There were new members.

As usual, this morning I joined an English circle, however, the representative was absent from. Cuz, her son's caught flu....She has to take care of son and so on..It seems that Influenza is being raging throughout Japan...(> <)

Well, in her behalf I carried forward this time. There were 3 new members!! 2 out of them were with their babies. Soooooooo cute!!!
And another said " just listen to your talk, cuz, I can't speak English at all..." Although I wanted her to speak anything, name or herself etc.., she didn't.. wanted to listen and practice doing..

Today's topic was " In fact, Cleopatra was no beauty..." Do you know about it?(I picked it up from CNN online) I'm very interested in the theme, like ancient times. yeah.. it's seductive theme!!
I've known it from the news for the first time, however, one of the guest members, who speak very very fluently, clearly and well, had known. Some articles, medias seem to have already run. I have to have interest in a diversity of genres...(^^;)

I had valuable time as usual, but I wonder if they could do like that or not....

Next April

This morning, I visited a mom's, who is the linchpin of our English circle, English class for the first time. Not take the class but just visit and meet a staff.

In fact, I'm likely to have own English class once or twice a month. So it's my dream, I'm so thrilled and looking forward to come true..But the other of it, I'm very worrying if it'll get off the around...Cuz, I've never taught English as a teacher...
Before I wanted to be a teacher for KIDS..yet more being embodied, more my dream's being changed and making up clearly.

Thank to the mom, I could meet a staff who used to join an English circle and get the place, where can use free.
Recently, including the case, I've been feeling it that relationship with person, which mean is friends, relatives around you/me, is the most important, precious and priceless upon my life. Yeah,

it's irreplaceable. Don't you think so??










passed away...

Yesterday afternoon, I've just arrived home after an English circle as I said, I got a " call" from mother-in-low. It was that husband's uncle's been in critical condition... So, I sent a text message to husband and prepared for going there.
Although I've heard that he's been in a hospital, I was so perplexed...

Around 6:30, he came back home and had a light meal with preparing. While he was doing, I was also getting it ready.
As soon as we were ready to go, went out. It was around 7 o'clock.

When we arrived the hospital, he'd passed away.......Just an hour ago...I couldn't say except just " I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry"...But relatives came to meet warmly and said " Thank you for coming, meeting him.. in spite of you have a 2 years-boy.Moreover it was so a long way. Thank you very much.."
Then they had a temporary wake, around 1 a.m, we left there...
Past 4 a.m, we came back home... husband and son must have been exhausted...specially, husband...Cuz, he drove all the way...despite it was raining.
Today they're holding a wake, though,(as we attended a temporary wake.) we're going to attend a funeral...

I received much consolation.

I visit an English circle member's once a month in order to study debating, speeching, brushing up each other.
Today fell on the day.

There were 5 of us and 2 kids. I was the first to arrive, and prepared for speeching. Today's staple was " Sekku ". We had to explain a "Sekku" which we chose in English. You know, when it comes to explain Japanese culture in English, I mean whz stem from, why do we that and so on, it may be hard for us. Even we speak in English, but for the knowledge we couldn't express " our own culture" to native speakers.
So, it was worth leaning our own culture as well.
The time made me enjoyable.
On top of that, as I told my " regret" and " fears of taking again", they gave me much energy and made me buoy up.
Thanx All!!!

TOEIC か英検か、、、





皆様のアドバイスを~~~~~っm(_ _)m

The adversity makes me might be...???

One after another

To refresh "myself", set me free from the curse I joined the cafe lol

To my surprise, there were more members than usual, 10 of us, including a teacher. On top of that, my son was fidgeting. So, often I couldn't catch their words, stories up(^^;) You know, it was just that there was no time to sit for a while...In addition, he did " number two".( Before we go out, he's done once..^^;) As you can imagine, I stood and sit and lol After then he was being on a prowl again. Although it was under the situation, I confessed my "BAD LUCK" and made a clean breast of my frustration....Otherwise, I'll be devastated more and more.
By virtue of them, I could relief a little...Thanx all...

But I can't vanquish the fear, regret, frustration for time being and it'll takes a long time to buoy me up...(T T)

Anyway, when we finished, he's done second time.(^^) It's a proof of a good health, isn't it?
Though I was supposed to drop at a shop on my way home, once we went back home, disposed of his stuff and cleaned, then we went again.(^^;)
As I expected, (after I got some stuffs)on our way home already he's been sleeping in a car...
Well, I was so busy in the lol

2 points

Although I've been feeling ill at ease, it's over.

I checked the result of test.....ukikikikikikikikiki......
It was short of ONLY 2 points!!!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(--;)
uh....I've been feeling frustration....instead of being have butterflies in my stomach.
(Last time was short of 5 points..T T;)

What should I do?? What's necessary to me??

Husband's parents'

We visit husband's parents' once a few months in order to have dinner, go out, take a drive and so on.

Yesterday, we did due to have dinner and receive some goods for my husband. Before we visit, we stretched our legs at Odo park, which was near parents'. As we expected, there were a number of people, especially family.
Though it was a strong wind, our son was running, exciting.

Playing there for about 1~2 hours, we visited parents'. When we arrived, mother-in-low'd been out due to practice learning atraditional Japanesee dance. But after about 30 minutes, she came back.
They looked to be sooooo happy to meet a grandson.(^^)
We chatted some stuffs, and went out to have dinner. They recommended a Italian restaurant, which a son of her high school-age's classmate runs. The dishes were very delicious, I guess ladies're likely to love. We enjoyed very much there and were satisfied.

When we go back, they gave a number of vegetables, food and so on. Every time we visit, they do. So, by virtue of their help, we can reduce table expenses.
Thank you so much, mom and dad!!

I came back...

Last night as I said before, I attended a small reunion party of junior high school-age. There were 13 of us. I met some people out of them for the first time in 10 years. Our appearances have changed, though, start talking, I found out that their character remained. So we could go back to the age while talking, drinking, eating.
Almost of all them are married and have kids, so we talked our at present, too.

Today I was tired and sleepy on the ground of making merry after a long time.(Incidentally, I didn't have a hungover.)So I relaxed at parents'. (I stayed for a night.)You know, I couldn't any study lol Evening I came back.(^^)

I'm going to listen to CNN after husband and kid goes to bed.p(^^)q

Before I go to..

Tonight I'm going to attend a small reunion party of junior high school-age. I'll meet them, who are congenial friends, the first time in more than 10 years!!! WAAAAAAAAOHHHHHHHHH!!! Can you believe?? I CAN'T believe!!! lol lol
I'm so looking forward to meeting them.(^^) So I'll visit my parents' in order to take care of my son. (Of course my husband lends a helping hand when I go out and so on, but this time I want him to rest and refresh on 3 consecutive holidays. So I decided to visit.)

We must be enjoying reminiscences of the age!!!


先月号(2月号)で、私の大好きな記者、“アティカ=シューバート記者”のボイスレターが終わっちゃいました。(T T)



A vitistor came.

Every Thur I joint the English circle for moms or the cafe morning.

Today I attended the former, however, the linchpin person was absent because her son's under the weather.
And a visitor jointed. She looked to be a little bit getting a tense... I wonder if she could enjoy...
Well, around 11, the linchpin could visit with the son who seemed to be fine(^^)
We talked about "Spanish flu, Bird flu"- article. The article has something to do with last class, which we featured the virus.
Now even if Japan has some terrible virus, such as Bird flu and so on. So It's not too much to say that the kind of virus could be spread over the world...

After 10 or 15 minutes, the representative went back due to take care of son and have regard that not to infect other kids.

The rest of time we took a trifling test which I picked up.

Although I was very intrigued this time as usual, I wonder if they could learn firmly...(^^;)

A proverb

How often do you use proverbs?? Or have you done so without knowing it was a proverb??

Last Thur, I visited the cafe morning class as usual and we talked about some things, including the test.
Then, I said " To put my money where my mouth is, I'll have to pass at any cost by the end of this year."
The teacher said " Oh, it's a proverb.., though I understand what you mean..."

Ahahahahaha~~~(^^;) I got it from CNN and thought that it would be of great use. For sure, the article which used it was some political.
According to the teacher, it's used towards an audience or a person. But for instance some in conversation, we don't often use it.(In her case, she's never)...

Though I did as it was used " some conversation"I interpreted like that this case)in the text, some(phrases) don't use or might be very old-fashion...

Well, I'm going to clarify it at another circle meeting.

With a few senior moms...

In the morning I visited some senior mom's with another who has one-year-baby and 3-year-old boy(the child goes to a nursery school).
To tell the truth, I was metting her for the first time. Another mom, who has many friends and is sociable, introduced me the mom, who is expecting a 3rd baby.(*^^*)
We chatted over coffee and confection. My son seemed to be excited, enjoyed very much because there were a number of toys.As I expected he placed the toys, especially cars, in a row on a table.
The're not only English circle's members but the're also special to me. I can ask which school, hospital is the best, where I should do for him an so on.( Of course I try to help the other members, too. (^^)) Thanks to her, I made a lot of friends.

Only me at home...

Today sky's so beautiful, it's warmer than before,isn't it?

Last night I invited the neighbors next door to have dinner with us. As I drank after a long while, I enjoyed it very much(^^) (I didn't do before the test...)
You know, I made merry very much, so in spite of it being a wonderful day I'm only at lol Not a bad hangover but just relaxing. Unlike me, husband wanted to go out. So he went out with our son in tow to play and go for a walk.
After they went out, I cleaned some rooms, the bedclothes, did some chores.
Luckily, I got a chunk of time for myself!!! Yes!!! I could relax and surf the Internet etc...

Chilblains and Skin condition

Recently this severe weather's been lasting. Because of it, I've had chilblains on my toes, moreover, my skin's been so bad...Yes, it's a dry skin...Especially, my face!!!(> <) Around my mouth, under my eyes...(T T)
So, while I wear make-up, it's hard to put on..

As for chilblains, it's the first time I've had them in several years. So I'm sensitive to the cold, easily I turn out...(--;)When I was a kid, I heard of effective treatment for it, yet I've forgotten...(^^;)Do you have any suggestions???

Well, regarding dry skin, I try to put some skin-food on and treat some part of my face after taking a bath. But as I don't have enough time to treat, just put cotton moistened with lotion on under my eyes for several minutes. Then rub a skin-cream on.
I know, I need to get enough full of sleep and vitamins etc...
To prevent skin from drying, keep it moisturized, what else should I do??

It's snowing...(=□=;)

Oh....It's snowing....(> <;)As I'm so sensitive to the cold, it feels bitter to me.

I've been in two mind whether to go to a book shop to find some text books and browse..or not(^^:)On top of that, if I go, as the car's running low on petrol. I have to fill it up at a self service gas station. (Incidentally, I'm still not used to doing like there...^^; Always I leave it up to my husband...hehehe)

Well, as I said yesterday, my husband's going to drink tonight. So I'll get my own free time!! After browsing, I can drop in my parents'. Yet that's the case if I lol

My hands were shaking...

It's sooooooooooooo cold today, isn't it?? This morning I attended the Cafe morning time as usual, however, my hands were shaking and shaking due to a severe cold. So even though I was inside, it didn't stop..(--;) But with an eye to learn, brush up I pep me lol
Though it's a bad weather, there were 7 of us included a teacher.
Of course I mentioned the test, I've had butterflies in my stomach...and even if I can't pass, I should look forward to the next test.(^^;)

Well, tomorrow night my husband's going to drink with his co-workers after hours. So I will have got a chunk of time!!!! hehehe.(^m^)
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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