Visited again

I visited husband's parents' with son in tow in order to take a pouch, which a younger sister-in-low left in my car. On top of that, I wanted to meet them again because they're leaving tomorrow early morning so that it difficult for us to see them off.

Afternoon we arrived there without lunch.(^^;) I'm happy to say she prepared for lunch..p(T T)q

A older'd gone to visit her husband's parents' and parents'd visited Nagasaki for the 49th day after a paternal relative's death.

My son and her kids enjoyed playing all the time. Thank to them(kids) he could get some essential experience to grow up.

Thanks a lot!!!

A quiz

When I joined the cafe morning yesterday, a member, who is an English teacher for kids and school students, told us a quiz...

Any numbers're afraid 7.



At last...

Last Thu I couldn't do that....But....

Today, at last I could join the cafe morning class!!! lol lol
Yeah, (As I said before) I'd been dying for speaking in ENGLISH. But I couldn't do due to look for A KEY every nook and cranny....So I've been more and more lol

Yes!! I was the first to come!!! to monopolize a lol lol And I released my all "English frustration".
Fortunately, a son didn't get peevish at all. Rather than, he was so excited and in a good mood (spirits). That's the case, I could talked without stammering out and refreshed completely. p(^^)q

I believe those who study or brush up English can understand, often need to release my English passion or energize myself to endeavor. Cuz, keeping study language is so tough for me. It makes my energy run out easily... So, the kinds of English environments're indispensable to me.

Go back home

We've stayed husband's parents' due to meet sisters-in-low and their kids, spend a happy time with them since last Sat.

Yesterday, we went to Yame, where is maternal hometown, for the purpose of meeting mother-in-low's mother and relatives. As it was so warm like spring, we were so comfortable. I and husband gave respectively a younger sister-in-low and all kids, others a lift on an expressway. After a long time I drove on it so that I was a little bit getting a lol But I got used to do after some time and enjoyed during the time.( I like to take a drive. So I'm never fed up with doing at all.)
Then we had lunch some restaurant and played at a amusement park. My son made merry very much(^^) Because he loves "cars", there were some cars, which kids could drive with \100 so-cold " Go Kart". He was excited and reluctant to leave when we went to a next destination.
I was exhausted(cuz, drove all the way), I guess husband,too, however, I enjoyed very very much.p(^^)q

Today's afternoon I went shopping for husband's stuffs and a son with mother, father, a older sister-in-low and 2 kids.( Husband went to work. A younger sister-in-low went to the movies with other kids)
Mother-in-low gave me some clothes, son some toys, clothes too. Thank you so much!!!

Around 3:30(I think all most 4:00), I and son took leave of them. When we arrived home, it was past 5:30!!! It was a looooooooong our way lol

Visit husband's parents'

In the evening sisters-in-law're visiting their parents'(yes, husband's parents.)with their kids in tow. Their kids're on a spring vacation from school. So, we'll meet after about 4 months.
A older sister-in-law and younger live respectively Kanagawa and Osaka, so that we can't meet whenever we want to.

A older has a 11-years-old girl and a 7-years-old-boy. A younger has a 3-years-old-boy and a 2-years-old-girl. Yeah, they're so grateful to my son.(^^)

I'm looking forward to meet them and be to go to Yame, where mother-in-law's hometown in order to see her mother that is 95 years old.w(^o^)w





Thank to a staff...

As I said before, from next month I'm going to run an English class for beginners and intermediate.

Today I got a text message from the staff, who used to attend an English circle. She designed the ad so that asked me to check the contents.
She seems to be good at doing on web. I think...
I'm really not...yes, I can't do that like her..Cuz, I don't have knowledge about it at all. I just text massage, write on this web, surf the Internet at lol(^^;) So I esteem for her skill. Not only her but also those who have some skill or ability in something that I don't or can't.

Anyway, thank to her the add's so cool!!

Many thanks indeed, Naoko!!!


As usual I prepared for going out to join the cafe morning time, which a native speaker run the English school,including it, however, just before we go out, I found out that a house key'd missing...I knew it was my " monster"s deed...(--;) Yeah...
Recently he's interested in some kinds of keys.(I think, he seems to imitate our acts, close the door, open/ close the car's with each key.)
So, today he was imitating, playing with them(a car's, a house's and a bicycle's), too. While I was preparing, he seemed to have put it(just only a house's) away...
I looked for it around him and in a living room...But I couldn't find...Then I decided to do every nook and if I carried out a general house cleaning...During it, the talking time was also passing every minutes. I was craving for talking in english to refresh and not to decline speaking...But I couldn't find...

How guess where he put it away????

He put it on a space between the refrigerator's door and the freezer's....(--;)

So....I couldn't join...when I found it, it was past 11:30...( The time is 10:30~12:00) Icouldn't help but give up visiting this time...(= =;)
I'm dying to talking more and more and MORE!!!!

Go for a walk.

Today was very beautiful and clear sky, isn't it? So I and a son stretch our legs in the morning. In addition, he loves going out even a bad weather.(^^)

The park where we went at first was near my house, however, there're not enough play tools( or recreation tools ?? I don't know how to express..), that means a slope, a swing something like that. Yet, as he likes a slope very much, for him it was so fantastic... I lol
After a while, he seemed to be satisfied, so we went for a walk around.
He seemed to be very excited and enjoyed. Either do I.(^^)
On the our way home, I passed by a kindergarten and a nursery school in order to check these atmosphere. Cuz, next year he'll be admitted to. I haven't decided which one yet, so I wanted to do as far as I can.

Well, we walked more than usual, so the afternoon he fell into a deep nap.


Uh........I've been thinking of a stuff.....

That's " exercises"....for my health...Yes, to keep in shape and of course to beautify myself, I mean became slimmer. lol lol
Keeping is the most important, I think.. So I came up with stretch over doing household chores. I used to exercise so-called " walking", especially, when I was expecting, not to put on weight excessively. (Fortunately, by virtue of it or not, after giving a birth, I could lost my wight!!) But now I don't do that everyday...just weekend...Yet not often. Though I don't put on for the present, I should. p(^^)q

Let's do " Kin-tre"(筋トレ)lol lol

Refresh myself

I visited a beauty salon to have my hair cut and dyed after a while. The salon was for the first time to me. But I had checked it when I was passing by.
So, husband gave me a lift there and I visited without an appointment.(^^) Fortunately,it wasn't full.
The mood was so cool, my favorite and staffs were also stylish. In addition, the price was reasonable. The staff who is a manager and cut my hair was about the same age as I. We hit it off very much. Cuz, about the same age, she has 3 kids.( I was so surprised. Cuz, she doesn't seem like that.) On top of that, her birthday's close to mine.

Well, I often feel so cool toward those who have some license or certification. Because, they can take advantage of it again and again even if they quit. So, I'm really feeling that I should have some kinds of licenses when I was a uni student. Of course, when I face some job which require a license, I can get whenever I want to do from the bottom of my heart. I know.
So from now on, I DO want to work in English, to get a job I should brush up and up. It's the one what I should do right now.

Anyways, had my hair cut and so coooool, so could refresh myself!!

Without a native speaker, but...

In spite of a bad weather, there were 5 of us today. Usually, a native speaker join it, however, he seem to have come down with a cold. So today's lesson was without the teacher.

Yes, there were all Japanese. I think the class or lesson which there're only Japanese have 2 aspects.
One of them is that we can ask some subtle questions in Japanese as it's hard to express in English, especially, about grammar.
The class's advanced-course rather than, so that someone can answer or give advise, opinions.
Another is that we intend to speak in Japanese. In fact I felt I talked in Japanese the greater most of the lesson. On top of that, I couldn't come out English my own will...(T T)

Next time (not only the lesson including a native but also the one such as today's) I should talk and talk even if I don't feel myself to be on track...




です。ごめんなさい、何度も何度も、、、m(_ _)m

Lack of sleep...

Lack of sleep....That's what I am...(^^;)

Yes, though the condition's getting better and better, he doesn't get well completely..Especially, he doesn't have a poor appetite. But, fortunately, no fever and a good mood. Just seems to have a sore throat. So he can't eat much even if he wants to do.

On top of that, it seems that he couldn't have slept adequately. I don't know why... He might have dreamed of some nightmare..All the night he woke up over getting peevish and slept and again and again...I was afraid the fever'll run again...But, it didn't..(^^;)

In the morning, he wanted to eat something, seems to have a good appetite..
As he didn't have enough sleep, on having breakfast a little he's fell into a sleep deep...

Yeah, the deep sleep is the most important for him to get well as soon as.

Today, I was absent from.

Yesterday afternoon, my son didn't want to eat anything even if it was his favorite. Rather than, he was craving for some drinks. I didn't figure out at the time, but then he'd come down with a cold...

As he seemed to be fine after drinking, as usual wanted to go out with my husband, who does every weekend except a bad weather. So I saw them off and watched CNN-EE's DVD, listened the CD and so on.
After a few hours, they came back, moreover my son was so painful. My husband said " he threw up in a car on the way to a park, so immediately, I came back."
I was surprised at his looks, but I found out he'll be OK. On the other hand, husband was so perplexed and said " Is he OK? Had I better go to the hospital?? What I should do??"

After that, I put him to bed. As I expected, the night he ran a night fever.

Today I intended to join the English circle, though, of course I canceled. The fever subsided over a night, but I wanted to see his condition so that I was absent from the circle.

Although he seems to be much better, hasn't got well completely...Yet I guess he'll be alright soon.

CNN-EE特別号 part 2





Champagne and Chocolate..

Yesterday was our 4th marriage anniversary. Yet I didn't have any special ideas for. Cuz, today and tomorrow are weekends, so that I'm intending to prepare on these days...

To my surprise, my husband presented a bottle of champagne and chocolate to me. Usually, he doesn't do like that. So this time , I was so surprised, though, very happy.(^^)
Of course, after we drank it, I washed and displayed in the hall.

Yeah, I'm going to go shopping for today's dinner and drinks!!






with son in tow.

After a while I joined the cafe morning to enjoy speaking in English with son in tow. Last time he sometimes got peevish, so I'm afraid that he disturbs other members' talks.(^^;)But this time, he didn't do as much as than I expected...o(^^;)o o(;^^)o
And I could enjoy talking to my heart's content.(Cuz, the beginning of time was another member and me, so I could.v(^^)v)

Almost everyday I write an English diary on this blog, however, writing and talking are different. If I don't speak in English for a while, I can't come out words or phrases smoothly. So as far as I can talk, have time, I wanna spend for English. In addition, to refresh myself.(^^)

Well, tomorrow our 4th marriage anniversary..vv(^^)vv Yet I don't have any special ideas so lol

An automobile inspection

Yesterday morning, to have our car inspected I went to a car shop which my paternal uncle runs. As we got a car from them, I thought that we had it inspected. In terms of the cost, usually they get a discount on.
Yeah, the automobile inspection costs money...(Our car's number " 3", which means the highest price on the inspection..right??)
On top of that, Next May we'll have to pay an automobile tax( I don't know the expression..^^;)--about 40,000...(Though the number's "3", it's 1,900cc. Less than 2,000, so it costs like that.)
So we asked them to cut a price as possible as they could. They was willing to say " No problem, for you and your husband, we could."

In virtue of them, it cost just 120,000.( Usually, 14 or 5,000 or more..depend on shops...)
Of course, the car's shining.(^^)

A stimulus..

Every month I read and learn CNN-EE, which is an English magazine for learners.

I've studied American English since a student, so it's worth reading, listening, learn new vocabs and phrases etc the magazine. Cuz, it has many kinds of pronunciation, for instance, English, Australian, Indian,etc...
Someday, I'll take TOEIC and like articles all over the world so that it's suitable for me.

Well, Ken Watanabe, who is an actor, and Eastwood were featured in the current issue of magazine.
I don't know details of him except a great actor. But this time, I learned of his a wide range of ability.
Yeah, you know, he spoke English very well. I guess he had to learn English in order to communicate, express( in his work).. It must have been indispensable for him and studied very hard.
His English stimulate me to learn more and more. Cuz, in my case I learn about ENGLISH, speaking, listening, vocabs and so on, you know to brush up. On the other hand, his main occupation's an actor, not studying English. In spite of it, he could do as if he studied only English in his time.
I know, some feel it's just a way of communication, other feel for studying or brushing up, (so they learn.)

Anyways, thank to him, I was encouraged in my study very much.



基礎からの英会話(以下『For Beginners』クラス)クラスを月2回としてましたが、月1回とし、もう1回は中級クラス(以下『For intermadiate』クラス)を開講します。こちらも4月の第4水曜日にお試しレッスンを致しますので、是非遊びにおいで下さい!!

『For Beginners』英語、英会話教室(初級クラス)
(日時): 4月11日
(時間): 10:00~12:00

(場所):福岡県春日市天神山4-10 050-6619-3143





『For Intermadiate』英語、英会話教室(中級クラス)

(日時): 4月25日
(時間): 10:00~12:00

(場所):福岡県春日市天神山4-10 050-6619-3143







The high level.

Today I attended an English circle for moms with my son in tow. A mom who is expecting and has a daughter came for the first time.
As usual, including my son, there're 2 kids. But fortunately, this time 5 kids were there.(one of them was a 1-year-baby) They seemed to enjoy playing together or each. He(my son) must have had a precious experience.

We talked about " Princess Masako's book". On top of that, about husbands. Members can speak and talk very very well, so that we could enjoy practicing, talking, and all the time was livening up.

Well, I think, luckily the circle's level is rising and rising. Yeah, I bet!!
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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