To take an interview test.

Yesterday, I got the result of writing test. Yes, as I said it was passing. So I'm going to practice taking an interview test, which will be held on 8th this month. I tried to do several times last week, but I didn't know if it could be good or lol
When it comes to talking or speaking, fortunately, I like to do very much! So I'm looking forward to the test. ( Of course, I'll be getting a tense.....absolutely...)

Anyways, on top of that, I bought a few text books for TOEIC. And also vocabs for 1st grade. I don't know when I take each ( It'll be a few years later or more, I don't know..) But to built up my vocabs, phrases and to improve ability of English, I'm going to keep at it.





シャドーイングやディクテーションが効果大とはよく聞きますが、なかなかうまくいきません、、、(> <)

3 weeks in a row.

I joined in the Cafe morning, which is a " free-talking class" with a teacher that comes from England, 3 weeks in a row.
Usually, I do twice a month due to attend an English circle. Either way, I can practice speaking, learn vocabs, phrases and last but not least enjoy having the time.
In the bargain, I can join with my son in tow.(^^)v As a mom who has a kid, I really appreciate these circumstances.

Next year, I'll get down to hunt a job. I wanna work in English so, I'm keeping at improving my ability of English as far as I can.
Well, I don't know if I can get a job like that, however, I'm going to join from now on, of course.







Uh... I'm wondering...

A few days ago I received some mail order goods, which were clothes and an accessory. I've been waiting for them because I've not bought anything more than 6 months!!! ( It's so loong and unusual for me, who is interested in fashion and crazy for it. lol lol lol)

Today, I tried to wear them. Then I noticed......
"'s not good as much as I expected..." (T T) These colors're good, I like them. But some of whose designs are not so much when I wear...Uh.....So I'm thinking if I'll remake

In fact I've remade some clothes after I wore.( Yes, I disliked these designs.) When I was a junior-high school student, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I pictured some clothes, dresses and so on. So I'm not get tired of thinking, remaking, designing...

I'm wondering.....try to do so this time, too....

The man in the news.

Women always hopes to be beautiful, well-figured and healthy. ( About being healthy is men, too.)

Now a man has become famous; Billy, he is.
Did you buy his DVD?? I'm interested in his exercise, not it's caused a great sensation among people but the way of exercising.
Recently, I've been feeling, " lack of exercising ". And also I want to develop my muscles. Not losing weight.
I've heard of it that it was so hard to keep at it and a strenuous exercise. Yeah, but to refresh and release my stress, it's the best way , I think.
So, I questioned my husband about it. Then he said.......

" Uh.... If you want it, go ahead. But, unfortunately you won't be able to keep even for 3 days, I BET!!! lol lol lol"

" Oh!!! I can't agree more!!! lol lol I should do with some substitutes instead of spending more than 14,000 yen. lol lol You're right..."







Thanx Emi !!

This morning, I joined in the Cafe Morning as usual.

I picked up a few articles from CNN-EE. One of them was that British Airways had the worst record for lost luggage last year. It came as a shock to me...Cuz, I associated it with treating carefully and safe. Also Air France, KLM and so forth are named.

The other was that security cameras were fitted with public space. Now, with a loud voice. Security staffs keep an eye on people doing. When they spot those who are misbehaving, call down to them.
Similar thing in Japan also caused controversy before. To cut crime, some politicians put forward, however, some of other politicians were against because of invasion of privacy.
How do you feel about that?

This time was also worth learning and talking, (end of the time) though my son wanted to go home( said " go home, go home, mom! go, go"), also wanted get on a car...(^^;)
But, When we finished, I noticed.....that I forgot bringing my purse.....(--;) I asked Emi to borrow money...Thanx a lot Emi, indeed!!!!! You should say to me " You owe it to me!!!" next time. Right?

In her shoes.

This morning I rented a DVD, which was called " In her shoes". Do you know it? When it released at a movie theater, I was interested in it.

A woman, who is a sloppy, a handful and has a reading disorder, but is so well-figured. On the contrary, her older sister is lawyer, smart, but doesn't have confidence in herself ( her figure ).
Anytime an older sister takes care of her sister, often claims. But she likes her very much. Cuz, she's her sister.
One day a young sister stole away a sister's lover. Yes, of course she was got out of sister's life.
Though she had to find a job, it didn't going well, couldn't keep doing.
When she despaired of her life, she found several letters from her grand mom. Then she decided to visit her in hope for getting some chance to change her life.
At first, she was like as ever, but while she helped, worked around grand mom, who lived in a home for old people, she noticed her dream, the way she is. Finally she could get on her feet, got over her disorder and made up with an older sister.

When I watched it, I could up some phrases, including bad meaning words, but often I couldn't catch the lines because of the lines were a bit wordy, in a low and indistinct voice.

Anyway, I enjoyed spending time in the rainy season.

This article was hard to catch, but..

Today, as usual I joined an English circle. Fortunately, it wasn't raining. ( it's a bit tough to take a kid in a rainy day, isn't it?)

There were 8 of us and 5 kids. Thanx to them, my son enjoyed playing very much as well as had precious experience for growing process.

We learned an article, which Emi chose from an English news paper. There were a numbers of new words, phrases ( I guess these were higher or more than 1st grade of Eiken.) and also it was hard to understand the meaning.
But I could learn them and talked about our opinions, some words related to them.
As the content was so complicated, I often stammer out or couldn't come out words I wanted to say, but it was so worth learning.

Father's day

In the morning, we visited husband's parents' for Father's day. Before we went, dropped at a mall to buy present.
As I expected, in the mall the numbers of people were there for same purpose. Shopping's my one of interests, including window shopping, you know, choosing's also.(*^^*) Yeah, I'm not tired of doing. NEVER!! lol lol

I chose an orange shirt including my husband's opinion---father-in-law likes vivid color and suit him very much.

After we visited, we had lunch together, talked about these days.
Then we went shopping for my son, father-in-law suggested but he stayed as a caretaker.
Mother-in-law gave a lot of things to our son. And our son played with athletics.

Today was father 's day, though, on the contrary we gave...(^^;)






書店に行って、テキストを見てみたんですが、どれがいいのかさっぱりです、、、。一応、模擬問題集は購入したんですが、どのように勉強していくのか、どのテキストがお勧めなのかわかりません(> <)

経験者の皆様、何かアドバイス等ありますか??教えてくださいm(_ _)m


Today, I visited..

Today, I visited one of friend to learn English and debate. It's an another English circle once a month.
There were 7 of us. And also 4 kids were there, including my son.
Fortunately, 2 of kids are older than him. So, they cared for son and another girl, who was the same age of him. In addition, thanks to them, I could concentrate on learning.(^^)

This time also I asked the member to record our talking, speaking due to improve my English ability.

We talked about " Modern Japanese Culture" such as the geeks, Manga and declining birthrate and so forth. Each set forth about the theme.
Usually, we finished the time around noon, but this time we did after 1:00 p.m. (^^;)

After the time, I and a member, who is expecting, had late lunch. (I picked her up because of her unborn-baby) She gave me a treat. Thanx a lot!!!

The rainy season has set in, but...

The rainy season has set in and it was raining, but I went out to join the Cafe Morning class, which we can have free-talk time, with my son.
As I have a lot of things I wanted to talk, when I arrived there( Of course I came to first.), I couldn't stop talking, was overflowing one after lol

Exclusively, we talked about the test, which I and one of my friends took last Sun.
Needless to say, I've been feeling ill at ease since then....On top of that, I feel looooooooooong time until I get the result.


This morning I went out to teach for beginners. The class is held once a month so, I feel it's long time between a class and next one.
Unfortunately a few members canceled because of a kid's cold or bad weather.
So this time was man-to-man lesson.

She seemed to try to speak in English very much. So I also tried to help her speaking, explain to her easily. But I don't know if she could understand or get the hints or not.
Every time I feel like that...Cuz, I also teach English to someone for the first time....Yeah.. I hope they'll be able to enjoy learning, speaking every time...

Well, we learned with kids in tow. Our kids're same age.(2-year-old kids) You know, it's inevitable that they quarrel, insist on their mention each other.(^^;)
I know, it's natural thing. yeah?? And also precious experience to grow, especially, for mentality.
I'm afraid every time, though, for his growth I should wait and see.

Pretty Princess

After I took a test, I've been feeling ill at ease. I know all those who took are same...)
So, I can't concentrate on reading a newspaper as usual, can't doing anything...
To relax and enjoy time after the test, I rented a few DVDs. ( Of course these were not dubbed. lol lol)

" Pretty Princess 1, 2 "

Have you ever watched before??
These were relatively easy to catch their lines up. I highly recommend you to improve your listening ability, learn listening. Because you can understand the story even if you fail to catch up. In the bargain, they spoke lines very clearly.

I could enjoy watching and learning listening!!



(英作文抜き)65点 でした、、、。


リスニングパートですが、個人的にあの響く感じが苦手のままでpart 2 が、思うように取れなかったのが残念です。そこで足を引っ張ってしまいました、、、(--;)また、part 3も意外なところで一問間違っており、これも痛手でした、、、。





主人もこの日、朝早く起きてくれ簡単な朝食を作ってくれましたm(_ _)m でも、私当人は、試験当日という実感は無く、どこか模擬試験を受けに行く感じでした、、、(笑)

会場では、番号が間違って記載されているというハプニングはあったものの、“うわ~~~っ、人多っ”w(@0@)w というほうに気をとられておりました(笑)

自分でも驚くほど、リラックスして試験に臨むことが出来ました。今回、それほど難しくない内容だったように感じます。特に設問1は知っている単語ばかりがでたのでラッキーでした!!(Japan Times 様様です♪)



Nonstop English Wave

After last English circle, I exchanged some English books. Then I got a few English magazines, one of which was with CD.
Yes!!! these were interesting!!! I was so satisfied. There were some reasons.

The first, these were not so hard to understand, catch the contents up. I could understand with doing household chores. ( I think, one of important things as a mom.)
The second, each topic was interesting and range from our lives to business. So I could get some kinds of information, vocabs and phrases.
I'm considering that it'll be picked up in my English classes, especially intermediate class.

Anyways, thanks a lot indeed, Emi!!

Coyote Ugly

As I talked about " Coyote Ugly" in last English circle, I rented the DVD. ( Yes, this time I didn't make a mistake as I said before. lol lol)

I watched it when I was a uni student. One of my friends recommended me. Yes, I watched it again in about 10 years. w(@0@)w
I felt it again...that it was exciting movie. Some parts of scenes, the ladies, who work in a bar, were dancing with music. Steps,sexy dance etc... They were beautiful and cool. In addition, I felt their power and they're getting on their feets, have confidences in themselves, I mean they have " themselves". So the point attracted me. Yeah, also their good figures.(^^)

Next, which one will I rent???

There were 8 of us.

The day has come!!! Yes, I joined an English circle with my son.
Today I met a new member who visited by a expressway. The more the number of people increase, the more I'm glad. Because I can listen other opinions, new vocabs and also ask question like complicated ones to them.

Well, this time we talked about " Home Exchange" , which article was picked up by Izumi-san( Thanx a lot). You know, the title was used as movie, too. We were very interested in the theme.
In addition, we took a few tests, which was made by her, too.
When I learn some new vocabs, phrases in a circle or something like that, I mean that not only me, learn by myself but there are several members, I feel it's easier to put in my brain than learn by myself. Don't you think so??

Anyway, as for my son, he was a good mood. He was interested in other kids as usual. ( A girl who is the same age as him, I think. And a boy who is younger than him). He tried to care for the boy and was willing to play with them.(^^) Of course I also tried to show him that I cared for him or when I had a spare time, I talked him and showed like that. So it's might one of reasons that he could care for others enjoyably... On top of that I could catch a glimpse of the growth of him.

Except for English

How many hobbies do you have?

When I read an English newspaper, I came upon the theme...
In my case, I don't have any hobbies except for English, learning, read some English newspapers, surf the Internet and so forth..(--;) Of course, I have some interests such as fashion, makeup, beauty, exercise, take a drive etc...But these're not called as hobby". I should have other hobbies....Yeah...
In fact I used to bake and that was my hobby. (^^;) But now I rarely do in spite of a mom...(--;)

Well, I'll try to do whatever I'm interested in. lol lol

The more I sleep, the more...

As usual my son wanted me to take to the park.( He loves a slope.) As I had to return the DVD which I said yesterday, we went out earlier than usual.
After I returned it, we dropped at the park. As I expected, nobody played there. Yes, he could monopolize all tools.(^^)
After about an hour, we backed home.

Uh......I was so exhausted...(--;)
These days I'm always sleepy. The more I sleep, the more I want to lol
After I read some English newspapers, learned some new vocabs. checked my blog and surfed the Internet, I took a nap for about 30 minutes while my son was also taking a nap. Though I had a whim to listen CNN to improve listening, I was occupied by sleepiness...(^^;)

For a change the way should be.















Took a picnic

Though he had to work yesterday, today was day off..So, we decided to go somewhere because it was not bad weather and my husband and son like to go out.
Then I had a whim to take a picnic. yes, we did.(^^)

We visited " Aburayama ". While we went, luckily, the weather was going well. The atmosphere and scenery was wonderful, gave us a lot of energy and also made us comfortable.
It was a good exercise for me, but I was a bit tired.

Lost my weight, but...

Since last Sun I've not been having appetite and had to do a number of stuffs, yes of course played with my son, as a consequence of them, my weight lost.( But a few kgs.^^;) The weight is better than I expected, wanted.
I don't know fortunately or not, my often gives me some sweets I like after work. Of course I'm so glad his kindness, but you know, after I ate, I should exercise to keep the weight. Right? (^^;)
I know that just losing weight and losing weight after exercising or while develop my muscle are quite different. To keep the weight and have a well-proportioned figure, I'll try to develop my muscle. But....I'm not sure whether I'll be able to keep or not because I'm a quitter rather than.(^^;)
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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