The new PC's come!!!

This morning I prepared for going out due to take my son to a dentist for checking his teeth again. Just before we go out, a deliveryman came. He deliverd the PC which I've ordered to us!!! (^^).
At last, I got it!! It was ealier than I expected, so I was so happy.
At first, I had to take my son( just checking, so it didn't take time as before) and I did an certain stuff, then we rushed home.

After we had lunch, I got down to set up. You know, I'm not familiar with computer or machinery...So as I guessed, it took too much time...not only setting up but also installing some softs, fitting with some appliance....I wish I were versed in it...

Well, almost I've done so I'm going to have a break...From today to this Thursday my husband'll be late from work. So I'm going to have time for it and studying. ( Cuz, today I couldn't do while my son took a nap..^^;) yeah, Tonight(After he turned in,) I'll do.

Let's go boating on the lake!!

Today was intense heat, too...But, to refresh and enjoy a holiday we took a drive.

We went to Mitsuse Saga pref. After we had lunch at a certain restaurant, we went boating that the shape was a whale.
I and my son did for the first time!!! It was so funny. The circumstance was so quiet, calm so I could relax very much.(^^)
Someday, if I have chance to do again, I wanna.

New PC

At last I ordered...v(^^)v Yes!!!! I ordered a new computer by mail order. I've thinking of changing since I was able to pass a test. Then I asked my husband about it.( At first, I was thinking of getting some clothes or accessories. But I changed my mind.) He always says" Go ahead whatever you want, wanna do", I don't know it's good or lol Cuz, ultimately, I'll have to manage, right? lol lol

Well, the PC I ordered this time is sold a set of copy machine, wireless LAN and a few softs, a tuner for " one-seg". Of course I'll pay by monthly installments.
Thought I thought of getting MAC, after I and my husband considered, I chose Windows.
About a week later it'll be sent...I'm looking forward to!!!!

The pursuit of "HAPPY"ness

At last it was released!!! Have you watched it?

" The pursuit of happyness". In Japanese it's called " 幸せの力". I've been looking forward to it.

You know, the story was based on the truth. To be happy, live with a dearest the man worked, endeavored desperately. Even they face some predicaments and lose their home, money, everything. Just they( especially, the father) try to stay with whatever happens.
I felt deep emotion...Because I'm also a mom who have a boy. So I often replaced the boy with my son..And I asked myself, " If you were the man, what would you do?, could you do like that?"

When I was watching the movie ( almost midnight), my husband came home. He's also been looking forward to it, so he watched, too. He seemed to feel like me with tears in his eyes.

One of my friends who have watched at a theater wrote about it in her blog before. Then She talked about the title.
" The pursuit of happyness". Yes, usually it's written " happiness". But in the movie, " Happyness".
I thought the mean with watching...And guessed from a certain line. " i " and " y " said the mean....

I thought, the man said " If you're happy, I'm happy."
After all, I live, spare no pain to work, do everything FOR YOU not FOR ME(I)....

I've not decided yet....

Today I joined the Cafe Morning as usual. There were 6 of us except for a teacher.

As I was the first to arrive, I talked about computer. I'm going to change mine, but I'm wondering which one( company ) is the best and so forth....I'm not familiar with computer, in terms of machinery. I've found some computers in appliance leaflets, asked my husband whether I've could buy or not.( He said " Oh, no problem. Go head whatever you want.")
Uh...I need time to consider....

Oh, it wasn't enough!!!

This morning I went out to teach English for intermediate learners with my son in tow.
As the rainy season's gone, today was also intense heat!!!

Well, we checked and answered homework, repeated some sentences from memory. After we had a break, we tried to listen to some articles of CNN. Including me, some native speakers' speaking're hard for us to listen. Don't you think so?
So, I hope we're going to get used to do from here on.

Anyways, after the class, I and my son had lunch and then he fell into sleep, so I tried some text books for TOEIC. This time I did " listening part 1,2". The part 1 was not hard for me, however, the part 2 was a little hard to listen. Because, some pronunciation was not familiar to me. It was " Australian accent"..(^^;)
Though I got the average point for 800 score mark, ( According to the text book, for 800 points mark I should get 21 points at least in the section 2.), I have to try and try and try to be familiar.

I changed DC...

I take my son to a dental clinic for checking every a few months.
This time I changed a clinic because I had a distrust of a previous one, such as the way to consult for kids or staff's manner toward patients. (So, he always cries when the doctor or staff consult his teeth...due to their poor ways)
For my son and his health of teeth, I took him another clinic which was near my house.
I was afraid that he cried and cried as usual. In fact, when we arrived there, his face said " No, mom....I'm so scared...".
While we were waiting, I talked him " Alright, alright boy. Nothing scares you."...

Then his my surprise, he hardly cried. w(^^)w
The staff had a good way to consult toward kids. ( The kid's scared or not willing to see a doctor. So they know the ropes to do.)
In addition, they also had a good manner for adults and the doctor checked his teeth every nook and cranny. ( The previous doctor didn't...)
Thanx to them, he seemed to be so relieved.

I got the notice this morning.

This morning, the notice of test was received. At lol

Well, it's not my goal but just one of my objects. So I'm going to get down to a next step.

Anyways, to refresh I went out with my husband and son. We went to Kurume after long time. After arrived at the park, we took a walk for a while. Though it was so humid today, we could refresh and enjoyed very much.

My husband'll have to go to work afternoon, but it's just meeting and won't take time. He and I are looking forward to watching the soccer game on TV, "Japan VS Australia". So, he said, " At all costs, I'll go back home before it start.







Talked about " Eco "

This morning, I went to a circle's in order to study English.
This time, we talked about " Eco ". Last month I read about it in a CNN-EE, which is magazine for English learners.
I picked up an article from it. It was interesting issue, which was about " carbon footprint". Have you ever heard of it?

In England, some companies sighed up with a logo, which was " carbon footprint", and appeared on their products.
Carbon footprint means an amount of carbon produced in the process of making their products and shipping them to store. So, customers can start to deal with environment easily and it's so good way getting down to curb " global warming".
I highly recommend Japanese companies for our future and the earth. Don't you think so??






34点 / 38点満点






でも、こんな暇があるのなら、次への目標へ向けて取りかかるべきですね!!(笑)早速、頑張ります!!!、、、、、受かって、、、、いますように、、(> <)

The guardian God

Today it was the last day of holidays. After we had lunch, went out to buy a shaver for my husband. We dropped at several shops, however, there were not one his favorite. I was a little tired, wanted to watch the other I rented yesterday, so dropped me off in front of our house on his way of going to an another shop.

The movie was called " The guardian God". In Japanese it's called " 守護神". The story was similar with " 海猿".( I think...) I've watched the later before, so I could guess what it happned next.
Uh...I was more intrigued in the former...

The other side of Heaven.

In the middle of three consecutive holidays, what have you been doing?

In my case, yesterday it was as I said, and today we went out to take a walk and rented a few DVDs and a CD.
At once I watched one of them, which was called " 幸せになるための恋の手紙" in Japanese. In English it's called " The other side of Heaven"
The hero's girlfriend was the lady who played in " The devil wears Prada" and " Pretty princess". She's so pretty and speaks clearly.( I think.)

The movie was based on some true story.
After WW2, the hero was transfered to an island far from the U.S for missions. When he arrived there, the inhabitants looked curiously and sometimes bothered him. On top of that, he had to overcome some predicaments. But, gradually he could inter and mingle with them.
The end of the movie, it said that some key roles, in this scene not actors, actresses but actual persons ( just pictures, though), have been doing after the horo came back to the U.S.

It was also not hard to listen to their lines. Rather than it, I felt it was easy.
Moreover, this time the subtitle was too below, just on the TV's frame. So luckily, my eyes didn't fall on them.(^^)
To learn listening, I was quite satisfied.

A typhoon's approaching...

A big typhoon's approaching where I live, however, my husband went out due to work today. Usually he commutes by bicycle and train. But this time I suggested he should do by car owing to the typhoon.

I'm worried about it because last year ( we called " Typhoon season") a huge fence which was in front of our house hit and broke an our window due to a big typhoon. Fortunately, at the time I and my son went back to my parents' to have dinner with longtime friends and my husband were not in the room which the window was broken. (He wasn't hurt.)

Now it's not raining but blowing. Often I can see the lull in the rain, even sun. But, it might be the lull before the storm...

Debate time

Once a month I visit one of English circle's members' to study, improve our English ability.
Though it was raining heavily due to a typhoon's coming, I was so looking forward to meeting them, studying in English.

This time, we debated whether trash boxes should be fitted with public spaces or not.
More than I thought, we heated over the issue.
When I searched about it on web site, I found out that a numbers of people were pressed for it, or thinking. After the sarin incident occurred, almost all of boxes've been removed for safety. On the contrary, however, it's the fact that there're those who want them, need them such as moms with kids, babies.
It was so intriguing, isn't it??

Today, too, I asked a mom to record our speaking, especially my speaking, to check after the time.
After I came back home, I listened. I found it that I made meticulous mistakes, such as "a", "s", "past sentence" and so on. I was embarrassed about my poor speaking...(--;) But, you know, checking sometimes is the most important for me to skill up.
Don't you think so?

Spit everything out

This week, as if it was " English week". Because I joined in an English circle, taught and so forth except for Monday. Yes!, useful days I've been spending.(^^)
In the morning, too, I visited " Cafe morning class". On arriving there, I talked about the test. lol lol I spat anxiety out there...Thought I could relax and calm down, until I get the result I can't clear, feel so fine...(^^;)

Tomorrow I'm going to visit at one of circle's members' to study, debate in English, so you know, again I'll do

Luckily, it didn't rain.

You know, it's been in middle of the rainy season. This morning, I went to an English class to teach. Fortunately, it didn't rain rather than it, it fined. ( Of course so humid..^^;)
The second half of the lesson, we had " free talking time". They were trying to talk as much as they could. I hope they could get used to talking while the time.
I also enjoy having time with them and am looking forward to meeting next time.

After I came back home, had lunch with my son, checked my blog. Emi gave me a comment about an interview test.( thanx, Emi-san!!!)

" On 18th this month the result will be come out on the web site.!!"

Wow!!! it's earlier than I thought. However, this time, too, I'll have to wait another few days because as I said before, I applied for it at a book store....(--;) ah.....I can't wait any more...

Even if a native isn't there...

This morning, after dropping at a city hall due to do some stuff, I joined in an English circle.
Today there wasn't a native, however, it was interesting time and I could enjoy as much as usual. Cuz, there were 4 of us, so there were many opportunities for us to talk and speak and members around me speak very well, have great skill in speaking.
Having fun time, really I was!!







Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!!

Yes, tomorrow it's an interview test!!! I don't know why, however, I'm composed lol ( Haven't I recognized the test yet??)

So, we decided to go out to buy some lol lol As I've wanted to change a carpet for a living room, this time we chose and got. After then, my husband said that he wanted some clothes, we dropped at a shop, including for my son. We got cool ones.(^^)v

After we came back home, my husband gave me a small bottle of nihon-shu to cheer me up more and more for tomorrow..v(^^)v

I casually think of it...

I casually think of it..."My husband and my lives...."( This time my son's absent. lol lol)

when we got married, I worked as a shop staff. Of course after getting married, I worked.
About a year later, I quit the job to change a work for my dream, which was an English teacher for kids, but at the time I found out that I was expecting. So, I turned to be a housewife without getting a new job.
Since then, I've tried to do house work for my husband, a son being comfortable. (But I don't know if they're so or not..^^;)
On top of that I've keeping at improving my English ability to make my dream come true. While I do like that, though the salary was in no way high, my husband works for our lives so hard.( yeah, he always encourages me in keeping at it and says " go ahead" for what I want to do. )I try to keep our heads above water every month. I earned a little bit for studying English because at least I don't want to spend the money which he works.
I'm sure that he has a something dream or wants some stuffs, but maybe he stands or make up with other things such as drinking, eating, and so on.
Next year, as my son'll enter a kindergarten, I'm going to get a job for getting on my feet, supplementing the income. So, I hope he'll be able to do what he wants.

It was worth learning...

This morning I joined in " The English Time" as usual. One of member brought her husband, who works in using English, is also interested in the time, to the circle.(^^)

We enjoyed talking, speaking in English, and also I was inspired. Though I'm going to take an interview test, I diverted topics, rather than it I was really immersed in the circle. lol lol Cuz, an interview test is such as the circle, I think. ( I have to make a short story, though.) So, I tried to practice talking, not to stammer out.

Thanx to the members, I got a lot of energy, was encouraged.

My husband's going to come back.

My husband's going to come back from Korea tonight. A few days I could have a chunk of time for myself, my English time after long time. But it's over. lol lol I'll have to return to usual life.

Well, thanx to my parents' and an older brother, my son seems to be happy, too. Cuz, they played with him all day, especially, took him to go for a walk, out side more than usual.
Many thanx, indeed!!

Anyways, I'm looking forward to some souvenirs and also a lots accounts of his travels.

The other DVD.

I stayed at my parents', then I came back to my home to do some chores, including using a computer.
After I checked some mails, read some English newspapers, I watched the other DVD, which I rented yesterday.

The title was " High school musical". As it said, they played, sang and danced. Not completely musical, some of scenes were like that.
I chose an English subtitle and of course, an English vocal sound. Yes, I tried to be immersed in English world to improve listening, catch up vocabs. Even if I can't understand the lines, the subtitle's English, so I don't need to be worried about reading Japanese, returning to "Japanese-mode". Right??

It was exciting more than I expected!!! Yeah!! How funny it is!!!! As much as I'm about to dance, too in spite of myself.(^^)v
Some of the lines were a little hard to catch up because of their speaking so fast, however, I could understand what they mean, mention. Cuz, the story was simple.

The feelings still lingers on me.

Today, too, I rented.

Yesterday I rented DVDs, but today, too!!! Because my husband's gone to an employees-excursion to Korea. So I could have a chunk of time!!! Yeah, you know my own free-time!!! lol lol
I often visit an my parents', however, don't usually stay there due to do house chores, do for husband. But this time after long time I'm going to stay there with my son!! ( I think it's in a year or more.)

After I entrusted him to parents, I came back to my house to check some webs and read some English news papers, ( I want to see at parents' but unfortunately, they don't have a computer..)and watch those DVDs. (oh, nor have a DVD player...)
One of them were " Black cats-eye". Do you know it? It's based on true story. In the movie, there were 4 ladies, but the fact's guys.
I highly recommend you!!! Cuz, Speaking was so clear, and not hard to listen, catch up the lines. It was interesting, yes.

The other to be tomorrow!! I'm gonna go back to parents' and care for son and study, yes to be saturated with English!!!

2 DVDs

Today my husband went out to take part in a game of softball, so I and my son were caretakers.

I rented 2 DVDs, one of them was " マリー=アントワネット" and the other was "イルマーレ The lake house".

I was interested in the former when I whatched the ad on TV, but to my surprise, I'd whatched lol....Maybe NHK or something the movie ran....How stupid I am!!! On top of that, it was French. Yes, Greek to me. I just read lol lol

The later, it was interesting, yeah...But a litle bit I was puzzled about the story...(?o?) Please someone tell me the story easily...!!!! Why was the time beyond?? Why could they meet finally beyond the time??uh.....
Well, I like サンドラ=ブロック( sorry I don't know the spell...T T) I could relatively catch up what she spoke. So, to improve listening, her speaking is my recommendation.

I enjoyed spending my limited free-time.(^^) Of course when I was watching these DVDs, my son was taking a tap.
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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