" Wives should stay at home"!?

I read an interesting article this morning.

A large numbers of people are opposed to the idea of " wives should stay at home". The response exceeded a typical idea which women should stay and men should work for the first time.
However, more than 80 % of the response answered that wives actually prepare for meal, more than 70 % said that wives do housework such as clean rooms, wash dishes and so on.
After all, there is the gap of " ideal and actuality".
The government analyzed that the idea of equality has been understood, but still the typical idea has been rooted.

Of course, a numbers of men also do house chores voluntarily. So, I'm looking forward to the survey, including the response is changing from now.

A Japanese journalist's death

I think you've already watched or listened that a Japanese journalist'd been shot to death.

The news came as an immense shock to me. I know, his job runs the risk of losing his life and he also must have known it. In fact, he didn't tell it to his parents that he planed to go there, according to a certain article.
After the tragedy, UN appears to be strongly considering such as taking sanctions, steps. However, Japanese government seems to be prudent whether should take do or not. Because Japanese government's been providing mainly " humanitarian" like build schools, hospitals and so on.
But I think the government has to advocate more and more that any violence shouldn't forgive, can't solve and rather than it, just increasing sorrow, grudge.

Not to take turn the swing of the pendulum, the government must strongly assert " Wrong thing is wrong."









『は!? これが社会人の対応ですか?』、、、、。




Oh, many members!!

I met 2 new English members this morning. There were 10 of us!!! p(^^)q Though the room was a little bit small this time, the time was so valuable.
Every time I like listening to members' talk, so-called " What's new". The talks always inspires and encourages me in learning English. In addition, I also can refresh. One of them disclosed her pregnancy. (*^^*) The news came as a happy surprise to us.

I'm looking forward to a next class(^^)

A lovely date

Next month a new hotel which a company that my husband works has launched is going to open.
To check the service, rooms, staffs etc he and I stayed last night, so-called " a trial stay". He's occasionally supposed to stay for improving their quality.
This time I entrusted our son to my parents so that he might not make a nuisance.

The hotel is the center of city, so cool.(^^)b Inside is also stylish and elegant. As if I were a career woman or a rich madam.

The night we went out to have dinner. After long time we (except our son) went out. So just like back to our single ages. I was reminded of the time, shops, restaurants where we used to go, talked about a wedding party or our future and so on. Yeah, we could have a lovely date. (^^)v

Having a date once a few month is the best way to refresh, get pep and last but not least for a bond of affection.






The new Prime Minister

Yesterday a new prime minister was elected. Two contenders had faced off actively I felt. How do you feel about?
But, I doubt whichever is elected, the state of deadlock won't be any changed...Of course I really hope the new prime minister'll handle amount of snags.
So this time the PM, who is called " dovish policy", has much experience than another contender, he might have been elected, entrusted.

Anyway, the PM and policymakers should remember that your handlings'll decide our, the nation's future.

The autumnal equinox.

We often say " The mild climate follows the equinox". But recently it's been far from. In fact, although we have cooler morning and evening, it's not different from summer during the day....

Well, talking of the spring or autumnal equinox, I think of visiting family grave.
Before I get marry, I didn't use to do in many ways such as working, no time. But after I got marry and gave a birth, my mind's changed. So I visit there a few times a year.
I really feel our son's well-health ( he seldom catches a cold and so on.) or his lively growth, thanks to our ancestors.

Over his growth I'm telling it-----" Thanx to your ancestors and grand-dads, moms, you could be born and live. Must not think it that you can live by yourself and don't forget the linkage."

The morning time

This morning I joined in "an English cafe time ". There were 4 of us, less than usual.

Well,this time we talked about " education". It was so valuable to me.(^^)
And I talked about " a kindergarten and a day nursery", you know. Because I wanted to know their( 2 of them are moms who has a kindergartner each.) opinions.
As I said before, I'm going to work from next year( I've not got a job to date.) so, if I get some work, I think a nursery school 's better for us...( Other members also said like that.)

Anyway, after the cafe talking time one of them(, who is Emi-san) said " Oh, this time I couldn't come out words, phrases I want to say...I should practice speaking...."
Don't worry... As if often the case, anybody often face.
Unexpectedly, today was so that. In addition, you had a headache...it might have been the cause.

To know your English ability...

To know your current ability of English, there're several ways such as TOEIC, STEP test etc... Of course I often take them to do so.
On top of them, I also try to go over (CNN-EE) back numbers. I think it's easy way to know how much my ability's improving. Don't you think so?




I visited a day nursery.

I and my son visited a day nursery this morning. Because he'll entrer somewhere next April. So I've been considering where the best for him, which( a nursery or a kindergarten) is better and so on.

The school where I visited this time isn't so far from my house and near the station. It's convenient to take and pick him up as I'm going to work.

The atmosphere of it was free and independent. A number of kids, toddlers and babies enjoyed themselves lively. Some were dancing with teachers over music, others were playing with friends or reading books, drawing pictures with friends and teachers in the rooms.
My son was interested in playing outside. This time, as I expected, he was also a little bit tense up.(^^) But he seemed to can fit in as far as I looked his appearance.

Well, the school's mottoes are, for instance,.....
1> The free will of individual should be respected.
2> Each voluntary will, behavior should be also respected.
and so forth.....
I'm going to visit some kindergartens next month, so I've not yet to decided....
I'm also thinking of " pre-study" like reading, writing etc before entering elementary school. Now that whichever teaches the skills to them??? at least "basic ones" .....

If you were, which school would you choose?

Only my husband??

This time, please let me make a complaint.

Last Friday, my husband came home around midnight. He'd not had a day-off for 2 weeks because of his work. So, the night I guessed that he worked and managed to knock off....or drank with co-workers. But, he'd caught a cold and been sick and tired, so I thought the former...

After he came home, I noticed clearly his appearance...He seemed to have drunk too much...So I asked him if he drank or not...
Yes, as you expected, he said " YES". I'd prepared for dinner!!!, however, he neither called, nor say anything refer to it.(--;)
Uh.... I understand he wants to go after work, have fun in order to refresh or social purpose. I really do because I like drinking, having fun and used to go when I was a worker.
But, at least he must haven't drunk " too much", should call or say something!!!

The following day, as I expected he seemed to feel terrible. ( But I didn't know...)
After he got up, my son did and wanted him to play. But he didn't move..even response to my son's chat.
!!!!!!!! At last I was outraged!!!!!! I need to have time to make myself calm down.....

Thank you for reading a stuff complaint...m(_ _)m

Prime ministership...

Abe's announcement of resignation's stunned the nation. When the breaking news was aired, I felt 2 feelings, one of which was " astonishment" and the other was " as my expectation"....
As many politicians said, " why the period of this time??" I also thought...
Of course I know, he's been suffered from illness and a heavy pressure..But he didn't remark in detail, so I often doubted that he might have been pulling the strings or there must have been the scene-behind...
I feel pity for him...If it had not been for a number of gaffes, he might have helmed lively, achieved his purpose..

A few cabinet members're likely to run for the next PM.
Anyway, no matter who follow, I'm hoping a next person'll get by on the gridlock....

After long time, the English circle

I've been looking forward to meeting members and joining in an English circle. After about a month, we had time!!!!

This time a native also came there and had the English time. There were 9 of us. Two of them joined for the first time. Being a little nervous, they seemed to be having a good time.
Well, I really enjoyed talking and learning English because we've not met, held the time for a while and I've wanted to talk and talk. lol lol Fortunately, my son didn't get peevish, on the contrary like yesterday he wanted to play with other kids and enjoyed playing with them, toys.
So, I could concentrate on the talk. Yeah, I also attributed my concentrated time in part to him.
Yes!!! I could have a valuable time to my heart's content.

A girl and my son...

This morning I went out in order to teach English for beginners.
My son was excited because of meeting friends. While we were leannig, he and a girl were enjoying playing together, such as they made believe heros, sang songs and watched some videos.
I was concerned that he might get peevish or have a quarrel, but he didn't. On the contrary, he played happily.

Well, next week I'm going to teach and learn for intermediate members, so I gotta make the text.

A 97-year-old woman passed away...

Last Saturday morning, mother-in-low sent me a textmessage.

" my mother passed away...". my husband's grand mother was 97 years old. I'd met her only a few times, but she'd welcomed me very warmly with a smile.
Going to work, he managed to knock off, and then we went to Yame where she lived in order to attend the wake.
Around 8:00 p.m, we arrived there and met her and relatives.

The following day, he had to work. Of course his boss intended him to go, but he decided to work because of the work of the day was so important to him.
So, only my son and I attended the funeral.
The morning we left and went there on expressway. And then we were there all day, so when we came back home, I was exhausted...(--;)
Anyway, I'm worrying about mother-in-law's mental sorrow....

"Music and Lyrics"~ラブソングができるまで~

At last I watched the movie!!!!!!! Yes, I rented it yesterday.

Since the advertisement of it I've been looking forward to getting.
When I dropped at a rental-shop, I could get it luckily. Yesterday I was tied up with my work and doing some stuffs, so it was around midnight when I could be free.

Well, I'd guessed that the story'd been simple and lovely. Yeah, as I expected, the movie was so " cute"..
The actor(ヒュー=グラント)sang very well and sweetly. I watched it calmly....

As for listening,..... he often spoke very fast, so I couldn't listen completely and read English subtitles...(^^;) As I can watch it again an another day, next time I'm going to do carefully, narrow down to listening.

Hit the nail on the head...

Today was an intermediate class. Bad weather as it was, fortunately, cleared up in a minutes.(^^)

Last month we didn't have because of taking Obon holidays. So I was looking forward to meeting members. After a fashion, I teach as a teacher, but I think " WE" study English----grammar, vocabs, listening and speaking. Of course, I also learn how to teach, tell some subjects clearly, easily. Yes, for my future.

Well, after the lesson, I went back home, had lunch and surfed the Internet, including reading newspapers. I checked a certain site.....It was " 脳内メーカー".
Have you ever tried it?? me?? hehehe(^m^) YES!! I tried!!!( Including my husband and son!!!)
The result of the inside of my brain...................

" Desire"........85% (←I guess the %)
" Worry".........10%
" Rest"..........5%

uh.........It might hit the nail on the head......in terms of " desire" and " rest".... As for " desire", I wanna be an English teacher, for example, or exert myself to step up and so forth.
And " rest", I very often think of refreshing.lol lol lol

It was so interesting, isn't it?



.......a recent survey predicted that the next great revolutions in technology( ) Indian and Chinese entrepreneurs.

A) come from B) coming from C) came from D) will come from


(因みに、正解は (D) です)

文意から、どう考えても D しかあてはまらないのはわかるんですが、もし、このような文を書くとき、自分自身だったら時制の一致を考え、“would”としちゃうだろうなあ、、、、と思ったんです。


そうなんだあああああああ、、、、。へぇ~~~~~~~~。(@ @)
でも、なんだかしっくりこない、、、、。こうゆう使い方って頻繁なんでしょうか? 時制の一致をしてもこちらでもどちらでもいいのかなあ、、、。

A cabinet minister'll resign again...

Recently some cabinet ministers have resigned in succession due to their gaffes.
This time also....I felt like that---" AGAIN !? after reshuffling... "---. A number of people feel I think...
It's clear that The Abe Administration'll be at a plight further.

Not only these fiascoes, but they also aren't versed in spending " our money"...I feel...Don't you think so??
In spite of taking home a high salary, they tend to cut some budget, increase a consumption tax up to 7 down the road or suck our income up. After all, we bear the strain of their poor administration. Why don't they cut the high salary back up to our salary???. They might as well do that....

Don't need a superficial way of apology.

He wants to be a hero.

My son's into " Heros" such as " 仮面ライダー", " ○○レンジャー" and so forth. Every Sunday morning, these programs air.
Of course, he watches intently. Beside from them, he often asks me to rent the connected DVDs.

As you know, after watching, he makes believe some heros. To my surprise, only once he watches, he can remember some words and say them.( These words're new things to him.) w(@0@)w
His brain's, as it were, a sponge!!! On the other side, I'm envious of it....lol lol lol

Well, recently he's been like that, so I'm obliged to play as a monster...(^^;) I hope that he'll grow into a robust boy.
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師