When you want to laugh...

When I want to laugh merely or refresh my feelings, one of ways is watching a certain comedic program--- " 松本人志の絶対にすべらない話".lol lol lol ( Usually I don't watch comedic programs. But the program is excepted.)

Last night, the program was aired at last. Did you watch? or Do you know it?? Several comedians talk about funny stories, which must make others laugh. As my be expected of professional comedians, they made me laugh even their stories were trifling.

About 6 months ago, the program was aired. At the time, " 車屋の菊池" was the funniest story as I want to watch it again.

My husband watched yesterday's program for the first time. He said, " Oh, it's funny more than I expected." Of course he doesn't know the Kikuchi's story.
Uh.................................... I'm wondering whether buy the DVD or not.....hehehehe(^m^)

Well, tomorrow we're going to visit husband's parents' to spend a new year. Already sisters-in-law's families have visited. I'm looking forward to meeting them and having wonderful time there.(^^)

The word expressing this year

Annually some word expressing the year is announced. This year it was " false"--偽-- you've already known, though. Yeah, it shouldn't be a surprise. Just as I had thought something like " negative meanings."

Well, how about you??? If you express this year in A word????

About me?? Uh..........................................................................................................

YES!!!! " growth"---育---
As for my son, he turned 3 years old and could some stuffs by himself. Especially, he " graduated from diaper". I mean he isn't in diaper any longer. The others, he could understand what I said ( I said yesterday), meant and also he tried to express his feelings, what he thought in words more than before. In addition, could give toys etc to other kids and take care of others.

About myself, I feel my English ability is improving little by little. In fact, I could pass pre-1 grade of STEP.
I tried to take TOEIC in 10 years. Yeah, you know, I had a good experience for my future.
Speaking of my future, I could have own English classes--beginners and intermediate students.--. Nevertheless I don't have any qualification of teaching English, many members visited and enjoyed learning. ( Unfortunately, next year I'm working so, these classes've been suspended.) Thanks to the members, I could have an invaluable time and experience.

I'm looking forward to the coming year. What will become of next year???(^m^)

Wash a car, wash wash wash!!!

Recently it's been balmy days like autumn weather. (^^) Unfortunately, according to some weather report, it's going to rain tomorrow. Moreover the temperature's to plummet down.(> <)
So, I've been carrying out a house cleaning. Yep, so-called " 大掃除". Yesterday I cleaned around " kitchen". The day before yesterday, I did around " a bathroom and a restroom".
Today, I carried out a car cleaning. Of course my husband's working, so I tried to do by myself.p(^^)q I wiped as much as possible at our house's parking lot. My son? hehehe He was running and running around there.
It was wonderful weather and warm. So, we could bask in.(^^)

In the after noon, I invited a next door wife and her kids. (Tomorrow they're going to visit her husband's parents' to spend a New Year.)
A few days ago, ( I wrote on my blog, though) I and my son were invited to her house. At the time, her son, who is 2 year-5 months, was demanding, threw some toys or hit my son, his mom, threw a tantrum when his mom said " NO!!, Don't do that" or didn't permit something. ( Yeah, that's an annoyance to her.^^;)
This time, My son often demanded though he didn't hit, throw or something like that.lol lol Now he's 3 years old. So, he can understand what I say or good things, bad things. But sometimes, of course, he demanded---it's mine!!! or I want it, TOO!!!---( The later was almost...) During the play, my son gave some toys which he was playing to the kid when the kid wanted or my son seemed to want to take, but was patient. Yes, There was the limit. It seemed to be the last straw to him. Then he demanded or shouted, " No!!! It's my turn!!!!"

I feel that kids have their own " turf". For example, at my house my son's turf. He seems to think " I'm a boss." On the contrary, at the kids' "he's boss or his turf" he seems to think. Especially, around 2~3-year-old kids.

Well, in any case, they were having an invaluable time to progress each other.

♪♪Merry Christmas♪♪ How's your Christmas??

Merry Christmas!!! Everyone!!!

How's your Christmas??

As I said before, I'm planing " Japanese style Christmas". (But, you know just I'm going to prepare for Japanese..^^;)
So, yesterday and the day before yesterday we had a small Christmas party at our house. Before the party, we went out to go shopping for Xmas presents for my husband and our son.

For my husband I bought some dress shirts for his work. According to his company's regulations, they have to wear white shirts. But, a mere white one is not attractive. So, I chose some shirts which were white stripe patterns.
After buying them, we went to an apparatus mall. Yeah, tens of thousands of people were there. Especially, the toys-floor. Many people were making a long beeline for paying. For our son, we decided to buy some Xmas confections as we had given him some toys.

For me? Yes!! I got an apparatus which made my hair set straight---a straight dryer--- because an old one had broke down...(T T) My hair is " cowlick", so I need it!!!
Others were an exercise book for the 1 grade of STEP.

Well, how's Xmas cake?? Yep, we got 2 cakes. hehehe My husband works at some hotel, so had to buy. One of them, which was " noel type", we gave my own parents.
The other was here......


Enjoy your Happy Xmas!!!!

A Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve.

It wasn't good weather today. So I and my son stayed at home all day....(^^;) ( My husband had to work..)

In the afternoon ( after reading English newspapers etc) I decided to try to cook some meal for Christmas!!! The meal was my original.(^^)

Here you are......

It was Japanese style. ( Oh.... You can't see clearly....Maybe...(^^;)) Yes, I'm planing the style for this Cristmas!! The meal was "Japanese style jelly". It was made up of " wakame", " shiitake"(Japanese mushrooms?) and "chicken dumplings". I took stock from wakame and shiitake and then added a suitable amount of sugar, sake and soy sauce.
The knack is adding a little of stock for Japanese fine noodles. ( The stock which is on the market is ok!! No problem!.)

I'm looking forward to the day!!!! Yeah!

Have you decided the plan for this Christmas?

Unfortunately, It was canceled.

As I said yesterday, I was going to join in an another English circle.

However, it was canceled because representative's health had broken down. This morning she sent me a text massage.
Recently I've heard of some deceases such as Influence etc... So, she might have caught something...

Although I was looking forward to meet the members and talk, learn in English, it couldn't be helped this time.
I really hope she'll be fine as soon as possible.

Such being, I changed today's plans. For Christmas and a New year I went shopping to buy stuffs. During the shopping, I found a certain cosmetic. It was " a spray of lotion" for moisturizing. This season it's so dry both inside and outside. Of course, my skin's drying. To prevent and keep skin condition, I bought it. It was a small type, so when I go out ( especially, to malls or buildings), I'm going to carry it.(^^)

It was an enjoyable time.

This morning I joined in an English circle which I belong to and have been looking forward to.
As I said before, I've been eager to talk and talk in English. lol lol lol So!!!, I was fired up more than ever. (^^)lol lol lol

The beginning of time, we talked about " what's new". At the time I talked and talked and talked as if I was a shotgun. Fortunately, my son didn't demand and could treat with another boy. So, I could concentrate on the time. hehehe

After the circle, we went out to have lunch at a certain Indian restaurant, which the native guest had recommended. On our way to the restaurant, I took the wrong way...(^^;) But I managed to get there.
I was so glad that the native guest brought his wife who is Japanese(^^)w I met her for the first time!! She's so kind and warmhearted.
During the lunch time, we tried to talk in English, so I could release my " English frustration" and enjoy doing to my heart's content. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow, I'm going to take part in an another English circle!!

"Ocean's 13"

After I got through some stuffs, I dropped at a rental shop to check some DVDs and CDs. Yes, I got it!!!
One of them was " Ocean's 13". (^^) I've been looking forward to the day!!! lol lol
Fortunately, there were a few though I expected " nothing".
The others were " heros' " for my son and some CDs such as "Christmas songs, English songs" for kids and "Beyounce".

In the afternoon, I visited the house next door because the wife had invited us( I and my son) to play with her kids, who are 2 years 5 months and 5 months. Thanks to her kids, my son can learn how to play with friends. Around his age is just " arrogant" but needs to interact with others, her son does vice versa.
At the time I held her baby(^^) She's so cute!!!! Although I was afraid of making her cry, no problem. lol lol lol She was gazing at me with smile!!! Wow!! What a relief!! lol lol

Well, after playing for a few hours we went back home, took a bath and had dinner. During the time my son said, " I played ○○-kun!! I could say here you are and offer toys, take turns." He looked to be growing.

After he turned in, I also took a nap though, I was able to watch the DVD.(^^)
Last line " See you when I see you" is a sentence I want to express someday.

I'm in stagnant.....again!?

I think every English learner have faced at least once......" Stagnation" I mean that I don't want to "study", can't concentrate on doing or the stuffs is dropping off even if I'm studying.
Several months ago, I wrote an article like that. (^^;) Yeah, AGAIN....lol lol lol

So, I'm trying to refresh such as listening music, watching DVDs or going for a walk. ( Some say, why don't you go shopping?? lol lol Yep I'm going to do for Christmas. Of course, for our son and my husband too.)

And like the time, I should focus on "enjoying". Not study but enjoy. Right?
Surfing the Internet, reading English newspapers, watching DVDs and news etc...I feel what the best way is talking and talking with someone in English. lol lol lol It's a panacea to me.
Fortunately, this Thursday and Friday I'm going to attend an English circle each. So, these'll satisfy my cravings toward English.

At a bar in 10 years

Last night I met one of my old friends in order to have dinner.

She recommended a certain izakaya, which her husband works there as a chef. So we decided to go there. It was replete with chatting, laughing and words such as " irasshaimase", " ○○hairimasu". Yeah, this time of the year is the busiest due to " year-end parties".
Then she gave me some souvenirs, which her colleague went to Philippine on business. He had asked me to translate some documents from Japanese into English through her. He was quoted as saying " tokens of gratitude".
I was willing to take the work, so rather than he expresses gratitude I SHOULD say " Thank you so much!!! I do want to take anything that has to do with English. Let me do!!!"

After spending a few hours, we went a bar. I used to go there when I was a university student. Yes!! in 10 years!!! ( By gosh, you can guess my age...lol lol lol)
It was like an international bar. There were many people due to the weekend. It was fraught with excitement and music. I like the atmosphere.
We sit at the counter and talked and talked including a bartender. Then the bartender gave us some original cocktail at no cost. " Here you are, Ladies." It was lucky!! hehe Yeah, like the bar sometimes we can get!!!
Yeah, of course I enjoyed talking with female, male native speakers. At the time we got to know a male native speaker, who is 20 years old and sit next to us. Even if I was drinking, I tried to talk in English. lol I asked him, " Did you understand what I said?" He said...." Yes! of course, I did. You spoke very well, have you studied abroad? " I know he might have flattered, however, I was so glad. As a English learner, the word encourage me in keeping. ( I'm a simple-minded person....lol lol lol)

Well, the night was so nice and exciting.

A weird man shot.....

An awful thing happened again. At Sasebo in Nagasaki, a man having a shotgun raided into a sports gym and shot. Unfortunately, 2 people died and several people were wounded. ( I really feel sorry....)I put a chill down my spine.
Still the man is at large.

Recently crimes involved in guns have occurred. Like the crimes used to be occurred by underworld syndicate. But these days the citizens are engulfed....I can't believe.....
We can't say it that it has nothing to do with us. Right? Yeah, we should rethink it could happen anywhere, anytime around us. However I don't have any ideas for avoiding if anything should happen. Cuz, you know, I don't have guns, knowledge of course and the situation is taken " an another world" for granted.

So, when I heard the news, I questioned myself.......

If I was there, what would I do?????
About my son??? About my husband????

How do you feel? If you were, what would you do?

Not enough!!!

In the morning, I joined in " Cafe talking time". Once a week I join the time or an English circle, I practice speaking, listening etc.... These classes are necessary for me to improve, output.
But recently I've felt that it isn't enough. I'm eager to practice more and more. Not only speaking but I also need to have basic lessons, want native teachers to check and point out my errors and correct them. I can't afford to enroll in a major conversation school.

So, when I and Emi-san were going home after the time, we talked about " regular lessons" at the teacher's class. At the school we can split the bill down among attended members. In terms of cost, it's good way to us. Right?
If we start it, a starting day'll be next year. Dependent on my job etc...though...

Another idea is that I'll start an another English circle at my house (maybe). I use CNN-EE for brushing up, so if that, I'll make use of it.
Members are exclusively toward "moms members"or " moms".

I've not decided yet because of one who seeks employment, however, either way I should " talk" everyday, anytime. Even if I was alone, ...lol lol

An another nursery school

For enrolling our son in a nursery school, I'm visiting some schools this week.

This morning I visited a certain school which I'm interested with my son. It was so cloudy sky and about to rain, but the school was so fine and warm.(^^)
There were some rooms classified kids by age, such as 0-1, 2, 3,....etc...Most of the teachers looked to be veterans, some male teachers also were there and took care of them.
In some room, kids were having a song lesson. And another class, kids were preparing for Christmas party and so on.
The school isn't so new, however, the atmosphere was so good.

My son? hahaha....(^^;) he didn't get peevish at all, rather than it he made a self-assertion.....such as saying " No!!! you should go way!!!! " (--;) as if he was an arrogant.....(--;).......I'm so worried about.....the point.....

"Mona lisa smile"

Usually I watch DVDs after family go to bed. But these days I can't wait. lol lol lol So, today I did during day time moreover my son was playing at the time. (^^;)
Before I start to watch it, I said.....
" Please, Pleaaaaaaaaaase quiet as much as you can....little boy....(> <)" ( Of course it was a joking. I know full well that it's difficult for him.^^;)
He said,.......
" Yep!! Mom!!! "
lol lol lol Yeah, you know, it was an impossible favor to him. lol lol lol But he tried to be quiet during playing such as speaking "in whispers". Thank you , boy.(T T)

Well, this time I watched " Mona lisa smie" Have you done?
I put it out my hand because ジュリア=ロバーツ played. ( Sorry, I don't know the spelling....> <)
The story was 1950's. People at the age took it granted that women got married after graduating from universities. Getting married is granted the happiest for women. ( Not only Japan but every country also.....right?)
Then at a prestigious university, a teacher of art history( ジュリア ) tried to change, make a difference for her students, their future although they often felt antipathy and the president was opposed to her.
I like her speaking as well as the character. In addition, she's an attractive woman.(^^)

A small party!!!

As I said before, we had a small party for our son!!!

In the morning I baked while he was watching "ゲキレンジャー+仮面ライダー" on TV.
This time I did " a banana pound cake".(^^) Because it's not hard and I can do in a short time.

Yes, it was his breakfast. He said, " Mom!!! Yummy Yummy!!!! It's so good!!!"
Thank you, my little boy. I'm always doing driven anything by your words like that.
(Incidentally, my husband was sleeping at the time because we drank too much the night before. lol lol)

After we had lunch and went out in order to buy shoes for husband, I began to prepare for dinner.
Usually I do Japanese, but the night was " Western style". he he It sounds good for a change, isn't it?

The dish in the foreground in this picture is my recommendation. (^^)

Our son's birthday

It is our son's 3rd birthday today!!

He turned 3 years old in a flash. I feel it as if I gave a birth yesterday. Yeah, I've already forgotten " pain of the time". lol lol lol
Although we cerebrate him tonight, unfortunately my husband's working late today and tomorrow , so we're going to have a small party next Sun.
Last birthday, I baked sweet potatoes for him and bought some presents, meals. But this time I'm going to bake a cake and meals.(^^)v

Well, my own parents sent him a pair of shoes as a present yesterday. He was so pleased with the shoes. (^^)
All day he's wearing indoors. 07-12-07_12-22.jpg

How about you?

This morning I joined in an English circle for moms with my son in tow. Unfortunately, Emi-san, who is a representative of the circle, was absent today because she had to attend a certain event of kindergarten that her son goes.

There 5 of us, except for a native guest. Two of them joined after a while.(^^)

Well, today's theme was " denwa echiketto". ( decent act for calling) The writer feels that in a world where good manners and decorum are vanishing but Japan is still practiced, especially in the business environment.
In fact, when we ring someone, so-called make" cold calls", usually use " honorific words or something like that. The mean is we always express our respect others as we are talking. It's one of Japanese culture and Japanese virtue, isn't it?
I'm proud of the culture.
However, I've not use telephone as much as before. (Especially, after I quit a job.) Exclusively, I send text massages or use Internet to " friends" when I have some things to do.
So, rarely I'm perplex or stammer out when some husband's business people or acquitances etc who I don't know call..^^; At the time, I'm so embarrassed. Of course, I can do a certain degree but I don't know if the manner, words are appropriate or not.
Yeah, as good as English we need to use " honorific words or manners", or there'll be gone easily.

Anyway, today I couldn't speak smoothly....(T T).....need to keep at it.....

When I was irritated......

As a mom, I often face some predicaments about taking care of a child. You know, not only I but all moms also have felt like that....I think...

Because since our kids were born each we've been taking care of them and on the clock round. So, sometime we need to refresh or want our husbands to help house chores and understand our feelings etc....

Recently I've felt some frustration against my boy.... I know, everything is one of the his growing process and not his fault, shortcomings or something like that.
( I often feel....)
Then I usually.................

1> go out and go for a walk or take a drive
2> chat with my friends
3> surf the Internet or check E-mails etc...
4> read some English news papers, articles, " immerse myself in English world".

These're effective ways to my frustration. But, unfortunately, yesterday it didn't work at all....While my husband was having dinner, at last I got mad with " the monster"..... I got carried away in anger and couldn't compose myself. Then my husband hugged me for a while and said, " Alright, I understand your feelings. take a deep breath."
Thanks to him, I could calm down and desist from escalating my anger....If it hadn't been for his support, I might have hit....
He said..." Though you're taking care of him very hard, yeah, it's importance and one of your good points I know,,,, you're always being too much.... you need to ease off. " Yes, It's quite right.

If you were, what have you done?

A wedding ceremony

One of my old friends got married yesterday.

She's kind, warmhearted, smart and a elementary school teacher.
Since we were in a high school we've been friends to each other. I met her husband for the first time yesterday. He looked to be so kind and sincere. According to her, she was attracted by "the" personality.

Well, at the ceremony and party I met other old friends after long time. It was like a reunion party. (^^)
Yeah, it wasn't enough time!!! lol lol lol
Anyway, we plan having a New Year's party.(^^)v


Are you interested in them?? (^^)

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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