How do you feel about " surrogate birth? "

In the morning, I invited several follow English-lovers to have English time. This time I picked up an intriguing article,----" surrogate birth "-----.

As a mom, woman, I'm so interested in it. You've known about the issue, though....

According to the article, a committee of the Science Council of Japan has made public a draft report that calls for enacting a law to ban surrogate birth in general. You know, as for the issue there are a number of problems such as ethical, legal, medical service and so on. So, it's been disputed because they can't deny there are women who can't give birth due to something problems and, of course, they have rights to pursue happiness or have babies.
The council proposed that surrogate birth be allowed on a trial basis under strict state supervision because the health ministry conducted a poll in Feb and Mar 2007. A majority of the poll was for surrogate birth. ( Incidentally, only 16% didn't accept over the issue.) So, it took account into the result.

The report submitted by the council says doctors involved in surrogate birth would be deprived of public health insurance authorization even if they intended to "help" them.
And also, the report says a child of a surrogate birth should be registered as a child of the surrogate mother. The mother should be a " real mother".
In fact, a TV talent, Ms Aki Mukai and her husband filed that their kids of a surrogate birth should be registered as their "own kids". Tokyo High Court ruled in favor of them, however, the Supreme Court turned down.

It's been faced predicaments, however, I insist on the government considering more and more to make everyone happy not only from their views of " desks" but also from "putting themselves in women's ( who are eager to have babies, but can't...) positions".

What do you think ??

Well, as for I said yesterday, I released lol lol I talked to my heart's content......I don't know if the talk wasn't stumbled or not, though...(^^;)

I'm ashamed of MYSELF!!!

In the morning, to improve English ability I joined in an English circle as usual. However, it was awful this time!!!!! What does it mean? You can understand easily......

I couldn't come out words, phrases....Rather than, I stumbled through my talk...(T T)

Yeah, after the class I dragged lol lol And I was also vexed with myself.....

It may be a trifling matter, though... I was disappointed.(T T)

Uh.........I should try to talk as much as possible in a tomorrow's English time which is going to learn at my house.

What a wonderful "EXCEL" it is!!!!

Not only English but also other skills I'm learning. When I was a worker, I had experience of the service trade, however, I didn't touch on PC, especially excel or word.
While seeking a job, I found that I need to other skills at least PC skills. Of course I often use a computer when I make some documents, surf the Internet, write English diary on my blog and so on. But if I want a certain job or to appeal to companies, I should learn.

As I wrote a diary touching on it before, I've been learning excel and word. I don't have to say again, What wonderful functions they are!!!
Especially, "excel"!!!
By gosh, it's too late to realize??? lol lol lol

Well, I'm learning and making use of the skills from now on.

I didn't understand the story....

The weather was severely cold yesterday, but it turned into a beautiful day today.
So, I and my son went out to go for a walk and go shopping at a supermarket. During the shopping, I decided to rent DVDs.
After shopping we dropped at a rental shop nearby the supermarket. My son became aware that we were heading for the shop. Then he began to be excited because he want to grab a certain DVD, You know, " a hero's one". lol lol lol

Well, we chose a DVD each. I chose " 今宵、フィッツジェラルド劇場で" The DVD was that I've been interested in for a while. It seemed to be funny or intriguing story.

What is my impression of it??

I didn't understand the story.....(^^;) There were lots of songs which might be old ones ( I don't know...though) and they could sing well, the lines were not hard to catch and understand, however,....Nothing moved me.. There left " so what?"^^;
Although it may be a harsh comment, that was straightforward. If you watch the movie and can understand, please tell me...^^;

What type of a leaner are you?

The other day, a English-lover gave me a few text books for English, I wrote an article about it, though.

One of articles aroused the interest of me. The title was " What type of a leaner are you?"
There were a few questions and I chose the answer that best describes me.

The result was " I'm a tactile learner." Also it said that......
" ①Tactile learners aren't good at spelling. ②They also tend to have bad handwriting.They can study and do well with loud music and distractions, but have difficulty sitting still.Tactile learners typically like science, adventure books and movies, and enjoy doing things like martial arts and dance." They excel at multiple-choice tests and fill-in-blank tests, and struggle with essay tests." for ①, I'm always making mistakes....^^; And ②, I don't lol About ③No, I can't do under the circumstances. Finally, ④ doesn't hold true. I dislike science and not interested in adventure books or movies. However, I like to dance and would like to do martial arts someday.

The test was so intriguing, wasn't it? Of course the test was only a general guide, though. (^^)

Then I visited the site that the book was published and found some interesting corners. One of them, we can check our vocabs with taking a test. If you're interested in it, why don't you visit and check?

It was valuable time, but...

In the morning, as usual I joined in an English time--"Cafe morning time".
Although my son often interrupted me(us), I could enjoy talking very much.(^^) After the time, 4 members including me took a lesson for an hour. The teacher prepared an interesting article, we read aloud and answered some questions that we made each. I couldn't concentrate on some parts of the article because of taking care of him. (^^;)

Well, it was so valuable time to me. However, I shouldn't take a lesson with my son..if possible. I found out....^^;

Anyway, Emi-san presented a few text books for English to me. (^^) Regarding to her, as I sometimes pick her up when we go in for a few workshops, she wants to do in exchange for reciprocating--after all picking me up--.
Thank you, Emi-san(^^) And never mind, I love to drive. So, Whenever you need to go to a place you can't drive, call me. Let's take a drive!

I got an electronic dictionary, but...

Early this month my husband attended a wedding ceremony. Then he got some presents, one of which was a "catalog-gift" that we can choose one as we like. ( I think you've done at least once, though)
When I was flipping through it, I found an electronic dictionary. I didn't know whether it was useful for me or not, however, I was interested in it. Although I had other interests such as a watch, some accessories, a bag for kids etc, I decided the dictionary.

The other day I got it!!! At once I tried to use..........
Uh..........To be blunt, it wasn't enough words to me.....(^^;) So, I end up with checking English-English dictionary or English-Japanese(Japanese-English) one...ahaha...
It seemed to be useless, however, my son was also interested in it.
Fortunately, he is pleased with and makes use of it when he imitates me. lol lol lol
Yeah, it belonged to him.

He is quick in recovering. w(@0@)w

All last night he suffered from a high fever and seemed not to sleep well. ( Neither did I ^^;) I was afraid he might be infected with Inful.

But, fortunately, the fever subsided.(^^) In the morning, he seemed not to get over completely, however, in the afternoon he was "resuscitated".
As usual, he was watching a DVD of hero again and again and making believe them. Often he sang theme songs.

What a relief!!! (*^^*)......

But, we stayed at home all day to play it safe. For all that, he's quick in recovering, doesn't he? (^^)

My friend's daughter and my son....

The other day, one of my old friends asked me to teach English to her a daughter because the daughter's friends go to English schools and can speak English such as name, hobbies etc, so the girl is also interested in English world. (^^) As a English learner, it's so glad to me. Of course, I undertook the lesson.

Today was convenient to us, so I'd been preparing for it.
But in the morning, I got a text massage from the friend. The mail said, " My a younger daughter seems to come down with a cold. She is feverish. The fever is likely to rise. I'm so sorry, can I cancel today's lesson? (> <) "
I replied, " Of course, we can do anytime. So, today you should take care of her. No problem!! I hope she'll be fine soon. (^^)".

So, I decided to use the time for my own time. (^^) However, my son seems to be out of shape. He has a poor appetite and doesn't feel well.
As I expected, in the afternoon he ran fever. He rarely comes down with a cold. Even if he runs fever, the fever'll subside the following day. On top of that, he drank lots of an electrolytic drink, so I thought he would be fine soon.
But, I have to wait and see because the condition, especially kids' , is easy to change.

I have to learn these things.

As I said before, I've been looking for a job. If possible, I want a job which I use English, however, I can't help compromising due to my limited working time.

Although I have experiences as a shop staff or a restaurant staff at an international hotel, I don't have any PC skills such as " excel " or " word ". Of course, as for word, I sometimes use to make some files or texts for English but I'm not familiar with them.
The other day, I went out in order to register with a dispatch company. In generally, when we do, we should take a check of our skills including PC. Yes, I did........
As I expected, the result was awful...(^^;) A staff who was in charge of me said,
" You have great English skills...but.... You need more skills for PC......^^; should learn..... You can do because you have already learned English....^^; "

Yeah, the staff is right...(^^;) Until now I've avoided leaning PC, however, If I want a job down the road, I should do, try. I'm considering....At least basic skills....
It'll be advantage to have these skills.

Fortunately, I have CD-ROMs for learning them when I bought a new PC, they were supplements. Why haven't I made use of them till now??? Should make the most of them, right?
Not only learn English, but I also try to do PC skills. p(^^)q

Japanese superstitions

Speaking of Japanese superstitions, which one does occur to you?

In the morning I visited a English-lovers' house to study with my son in tow. I picked up one of members who is with a baby I talked yesterday and went there.
This time we explained about Japanese superstitions. I did about " Unlucky age"---厄年-- because this year is pre-unlucky age to me..(^^;)
You know, although it's rather hard to explain it as well as the culture, it's worth while learning.

Yeah, we could make good use of the time.(^^) But, to tell the truth, I was having a yen to speak, chat in English more and more. The desire never lol lol

So a cute baby!!!

This morning, I joined in an English circle as usual. This time one of fellow English-lovers attended after a while. (^^)
I met her for the first time in 5 or 6 months. When I last met her, she was expecting. YES!! today she was there with a baby(^^) The baby's face was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! And he was smiling and smiling. During the lesson, I held him a short while. He was all smiles when I dandled. My son was also interested in the baby, taught him and said to me, " The baby is so cute, isn't it?" many times he said. (^^) I thought he had a good experience.

Well, today's topics was very intriguing. You might have heard or watched on TV, though, we talked about " discipline parents" rather than doing children.
Some of rude parents very often complain about anything to teachers even these are absurdity. Others don't have manners at all as adults.
Fortunately, people around me have decent manners and I've not met like ill-mannered parents. Have you met people like them before?

Anyway, although the lesson was interesting as usual ( The time never betrays me.), my speaking was awful...--; Don't you think so? ( toward attendants).......must keep at practicing speaking....

All English at my house

This morning, I invited a few fellow English-lovers again with an eye to improve speaking, reading and get new vocabs.

This time I picked up " Entrance exam blues", which was one of English newspaper's articles.
As I said last time, we should .....NO! MUST speak in ENGLISH!!! during the time.
So, we talked and spoke in ENGLISH. ONLY English(^^)v

At the lesson, we make a summary each and check new vocabs, phrases etc...After then we make a question over the article. Whatever we don't understand we can question. Of course, in English.

Thanx to the time which is exclusively for English, I could refresh, release frustration for my own poor English and am encouraged in learning.

How about your St.Valentine's Day?

A sweet day is around the corner, isn't it? Do you have any plans for a sweetheart?

This time as "a lady" lol lol , I'd like to talk a little bit. (^^)

The season, you know, I feel my heart beating with joy. Of course, it's not as much as a teenager, though. I mean when I'm planing something for husband, a kid or choosing presents etc. Not only for my husband and son, but also for my friends.

Uh.....I'm wondering about this sweet day......make a cake?, some sweets?uh....
After all, as I couldn't decided, I asked them.

" How about this St. Valentine's Day? Guys"

" Sashimi !!!!" (←one of whom is bigger and older.)
"Chocolate !!!" (←Another)

Another aside, I was pulled back from sweet the guy, so-called lol lol lol lol Okay, you win.......

“幸せのレシピ” I watched it. (^^)

After a while, I dropped at a rental shop to browse with my son. Several DVDs which were labeled as " new " were there. One of them was " 幸せのレシピ". I think many people may have already watched, though...(^^;)
I rented the DVD and an another one for my son. ( Yeah, it was a hero's lol As soon as we entered the shop, he ran and grabbed it...)

At first, I chose Japanese subtitles and watched. It was a simple story and the actor wore so individual pants! lol lol so amazing!! lol lol And it wasn't hard to understand (in English) as much as I expected. Yeah, didn't need Japanese lol lol But, to promote understanding for the story I chose English subtitles and watched again. You know, the time was clearer to understand than the first.
I realized I should watch at least twice a movie. This time, I could get some phrases, lines etc and listen clearly more than usual.

I'm wondering about a next DVD. (^^)

" suffer from" and " suffer" PART 2

Yesterday, as for " suffer" and " suffer from" I wrote....At the time It wasn't utterly clear yet. So, I sent a mail to an another native speaker, who is from Australia, to give more ideas.

Today, he gave an opinion...

Both are correct. You can "suffer something" as well as "suffer from" something. I think "suffer from" is more used when the thing being suffered from is an object. If I "suffered my friend's incessant talking on the phone" then it was only that time. If I "suffer from my friend's incessant talking" then my friend calls me all the time and talks incessantly.

One of my dictionaries also says.....
"suffer from......苦しみの状態がある期間続くことを含む".
So, except for the ways of transitive verb and intransitive verb, (Cappuccino-san, thank you!) they have the mean like the above-mentioned.

What's the different between " suffer" and " suffer from"?

Some days ago I invited a few fellow English-lovers to study at my house. ( I wrote it on the blog, though) Then, One of them--Emi-san--questioned a certain thing......

" What is the different between " suffer" and " suffer from"???

" Suffer" has the use of intransitive verb and transitive verb. But except for them, we didn't understand.....
So, in the morning I joined in " the cafe morning time" as usual and asked a teacher who is from England.
She answered.......

" suffer means < put up with something> and suffer from means < affect from disease etc or feel pain>"
So, I interpreted the following.....
A>>>" I hate math!!! But I must take the lesson to earn a credit...
So, when I take, I suffer the lesson."

B>>>"I suffer from asthma." the use of intransitive verb and transitive verb it has, I've still confused....(^^;)Because........
How about is it????

" A country suffering from record unemployment" ( Longman English-English dictionary)
Isn't it correct " a country suffering unemployment"?

Do you have any ideas??

I need some time to be clear....

How do you manage to have time for studying?

Some of people who read this site or other English blogs are interested in English or into the world, I guess. So am I.....
You may want to have English time more and more, however, you can't manage to do because of your crowded schedules.....I'd like to question you......

How do you manage to have English time??

As a housewife and mom, everyday and anytime I can't....You know...So, I have to find " a piece of time", that is to say, while my son's taking a nap or playing with my husband...Yep, it's NOT enough....I understand keeping at it is the most important to brush up and improve....Even the amount of time is not much....
But often I feel have frustration---" Am I right?", " Are there other ways to manage to have??".....Moreover, when I have some worries that I should decide whether to work or not etc, ( actually, I'm worrying, though..^^;), I do all the more...
Although I read a few English newspapers and listen to news in English everyday at any cost, am I a greedy person?(^^;)

If you were under the situation, what would you do to brush away it?

Funny, Funny, Funny!!!!

To improve listening ability, I watch a news in English on TV. As usual I did yesterday and a certain topic drew my attention.

" サラリーマン川柳" ( Japanese joke poems ) Regularly (or annual??) some life insurance company invites the public contribution of them.
Have you read or watched??? They made so funny poems!!! For example..............

" 嫁さんよ 地球への優しさ 俺にくれ" by 三十C
( Oh, my honey! your love for the earth give me it!!)

"赤字だぞ あんたが辞めれば すぐ黒字" byはぐれ鳥
( " Our company finances has been in the red!" if you quit, immediately it'll be turned in the black.)

"『今帰る』 妻から返信 『まだいいよ』" by えむ
( [I'm going home] my honey sent me [ too early] )


How do you feel??? (^^) After I watched the news, I surfed the Internet to read more. On the site we can poll a your favorite poem.
If you're intrigued in them, please check the site......

I'm sure you'll laugh over them.

I was disappointed in myself.....

As I said yesterday, I had English time with some English-lover fellows at my house. Then we read an article, learned several vocabs and phrases. The time was most valuable, however, at the time I was disappointed in myself.....
During the time, we often picked up synonyms we'd learned each and questioned the words.
To my disappointment, I couldn't remember clearly....(T T).....I had only vague remembrance of them.....The memories are dropping......I'm irritated with myself.....
Even I can read and understand the meanings if I can't come up quickly and clearly, the memories are meaningless and useless.

Uh..... I should go back to square one and start from scratch......need to do so...

Learned English at my house for the first time

When I went back home after an English circle yesterday, my eagerness of speaking in English didn't die. Rather than it, it inspired me to learn more and more.
So, I decided to have English time at my house the following day!!! Immediately I sent text massages to some English members who join or have " study English time"with NHK radio programs' text books.
The day I called was the day before. so I was afraid they could manage or be convenient.
Fortunately, 3 members out of 6 said " OK!!".

This morning, after I picked a member up and came back home, one of them called me. She was being stuck because her car didn't work at her parking.w(@0@;)w
Unfortunately, she had to give up going....

There were 3 of us, including me. I singled a certain article out.
The article was as to " Chinese dumplings which have caused troubles."
I was shocked though.....and also I felt " again!?". Yeah.... not only Chinese products but also all products I turned my stomach over.

Well, this time we mixed English and Japanese. So, decided to ban on speaking in lol lol All English If you can't explain or express in English, you can use Japanese. And then pay \100 or do push-up!! lol lol lol ... jokes!! lol lol

Anyway, Hey!! members!!!! Do you remember??

1. Explain " pesticide" in English. And what is a synonym?
2. What is the mean of " traces of"?
3. What's the difference between " notice" and " notify"?
4. 残留物(名)と(形)をそれぞれ英語で?因みに類義語は?
5. 毒性 と 毒素 をそれぞれ英語で?
6. “悪名高い”を英語で?



応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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