He watched them with admiration.

The admiration of many kids......." Power heroes". Yes, my son, too.

In the morning, I found that a certain hero's show would be held at a mall. When I told him about it, he said...." What!? Really!????? YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! GO GO GOOOOOO, mom!!! I Do want to meet them!!! GO, dad!!! " lol lol lol
After I checked the time and place ( because I've made a mistake before...^^;), we went out.

The place was inundated with numbers of people such as kids and their parents, of course. But their eyes were bright.

During the show, they, including our son, were into it and excited so much. (^^) After the show, they gave autographs and we could take a few picture with them. As we had to buy their goods to get their autographs, we decided to just take pictures. Because he won't be interested in these goods soon....(^^;)
Well, he was a little shy in front of them, however, the face was so happy. He could shake hands.
I hope it'll be into reminiscence of him.....

While I was laying down....

As you know, I've been out of shape, however, it's getting well.

Unfortunately, while I had a high fever, I couldn't touch English except for listening NHK news in English. (--;) Even if I was really yen to do as usual...lol lol lol
However, a few days later my condition was better and could do little by little. At least I tried to listen to news and read several English articles. Of course, I wasn't up and around at the time, not " study" but just " read" or " touch".

Today I felt so good although I still have a cough and snivel. Yes!!! I resumed !!!! (^^)v Something...uh....maybe my cough !? I don't know but, it distracted me from doing rather.

Well, not to relapse I should take care of myself....

Even it's hoarse...

Since he entered a pre-school I've been tied up with chores. Of course, I can have own time for a few hours in the morning. So, during the time I check e-mails, surf the Internet, read newspapers etc. ( To speak bluntly, it's not enough, though..lol lol lol)

Well, as usual after I picked my son up, we dropped at a rental shop because I wanted to rent a certain DVD. ( A few days ago, the DVD I wanted was rented..)
Yep! I could get it!! It was " Hair Spray".
I'm interested in the actress. Her smile is soooooo cute!!! Don't you think so?(^^)
It's like "High School something....(--; oh...forgot....)" which is also musical chic. There were so many songs and cheerful dances.

My voice is hoarse due to a cold, though... I really enjoyed singing and watching!!!

Recorded the English time

Yesterday I was out of shape, you know, but at any cost I wanted to join an English circle the following day. So before I turn in, I took a medicine again not to run a fever. Not only my English time, but also I wanted to take my son to a school because he was fine although he had a slight cough and snivel.

Thanks to the medicine, I felt much better than yesterday. Yes, I decided to join!! hehehehe!!

After I entrusted him to the school, I joined in the circle. This time I prepared a voice recorder to record the time. Other members permitted me to do willingly. hehehehe(^m^) Thanx, all!

Well, coming back home, I checked the record. As I expected, I could hear my speaking and conversation of people speaking around me, however, not people, I couldn't hear clearly...(^^;) But anyway, to check my speaking and notice my " weak points". You know, I can also notice how I speak in English, right? So interesting!

From now on, when I join in any English time, I'm going to record the time!!! (^^)

Up to 38.7.....

As I said yesterday, I got a cold from my son. When I was writing the blog, I was ok....I expected the condition would be better soon. Contrary to the expectation, it was getting worse......

When I was preparing dinner, I felt so painful....I couldn't stant by myself...Moreover, my hands and legs were paralyzed...So, I took temperature......

It was " 38.7"........w(@△@;)w ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
But, I was in the middle of doing house chores, so I tried......Yeah, as you know, I couldn't....Then I called my husband and my own parents, however, they didn't answer..(T T) Several times I did, but they didn't..... I felt that time passed by sooooooo slowly.....During the time, I managed to tidy up.... after that I couldn't move.
At last, they answered....(T T) Unfortunately, my husband was in the middle of contracting with clients. So, he couldn't manage to take me and my son to my own parents'. ( Of course, he said terribly sorry...) Then, I asked my mother to take me. After 30 minutes or so, she came over by taxi because she doesn't have a car licence.
While I was waiting for her, I took a medicine, which is called " バファリン".
Thanks to the medicine, the high fever subsided..

When we arrived at parents', I felt better. (^^;) Immediately, I turned in....
As I seldom run a high fever, this time was so hard for me....

Our noses are running.....

Since last weekend my son's been under the weather. The condition isn't bad, yeah, a slight cold. But, his nose's running. lol lol lol
Unfortunately, I seem to have got a cold from him....(--;) Uh....for long time I've not caught a cold, though......(>m<;)
It's also a slight cold, however, my nose's running, too. lol lol lol lol uhehehe....

Well, every Thursday he has a swimming lesson. I'm wondering whether he'll be able to join or not this Thur.

I have the text book, though......

Many fellow English-lovers may have the text book. In fact several friends around me have it.

It's " DUO 3.0". Do you have it? or Have you got down to?

The book has a sea of words we can use in daily life. Yes, I recommend you to build up your vocabs. (I think the revel is the pre-1st grade of STEP test.)
The reason I got is for my ex-my own English lesson, which I taught for about 6 months. Yes, " in initial stage" I made use of it for learning all vocabs by heart. But, I realized I had known the greater part of words. To speak bluntly, for building up my own vocabs, I'm not interested in the book. Cuz, everyday I read some English newspapers and get new vocabs, so I've already got the greater part of them. Of course, there're words and phrases I can't come out immediately, however, I'm not mesmerized by it when I start to get new vocabs.(^^;) So, in fact it's sleeping in a cabinet.... what we call, " 箪笥のこやし"....lol lol lol (^^;)

In the spite of the great text book for improving English skill, especially writing, I may make it " slept" in the cabinet. lol lol lol

I borrowed a English text book.

As I said yesterday, I visited a friend's house to study English and talked and talked. During the time she showed a certain English text book.

The book is " まるごとラジオ英会話 ".

Emi-san, who is a representative of an English circle, also highly recommend the book to study English. I've been interested in the book, however, it's been discontinued. Fortunately, the friend, who is Miwa-san, has it!!! Thanks to her it was fallen into my hands.(^^) Yep, I borrowed the book.
After I went back home, I flipped through it. Yeah, as everyone recommend, it's so intriguing!!

To carry out what I said yesterday and brush up more and more, I'm getting down to the book!!

Thanx, Miwa-san!! indeed!!!

To break the stalemate...

After I took my son to a pre-school, I picked Emi-san up and visited to one of English-lovers' for studying.
(As I said before ,though) I've been struggled to improve my English so, I talked about it to give me some advice and so forth. Especially, I want to beef up speaking. ( I often stammer out or can't come out words what I want to say, express. So, when I do like that, I'm disappointed at myself...--; ) They gave me advice and encouraged. ( Thanx all, indeed)

So, these're based on the advice........" I should................................."
1, Read loud
2, Learn some sentences I'm interested in by heart
3, Jot down some sentences I couldn't express or explain during English time. After that I check and learn

Oh....." How do feel about my speaking?"......Of course, I often make mistakes and , as I said at first, stammer out..To improve and break the stalemate I bought " a voice recorder"!!! ( In fact I talked about it during the English time.)
When I arrived at the pre-school earlier than I had expected after the English time, so I was strolling in a mall and I found the recorder which was reasonable price. Of course I took it!!
Also I should record my speaking during English time and then check it to notice my mistakes
and improve on speaking.

After a while I met her!

After a while I met " her "who is a representative of our English circle. lol lol lol As she had to do lots of things, especially this season every mom are tied up with things during spring vacation, she couldn't join in the time.( Hey,! It's U!! lol lol lol )

Well, this time there were more members than last time. One of them is versed in speaking English. Yeah, her speaking encouraged me in keeping at learning English. But, I often stammered out ..(--;) Since I got the result of test I've been irritated by myself...Should I change ways of learning English? uh.....
Anyway, I must turn the struggle or the power I'm vexed to learn and try and try. Right? ( It'll take some time for me, though..lol lol lol)

Tomorrow I'm joining in an another English circle. (^^)b I'm talking to my heart's content.Yep!

So scary.....

You might have known, though, in a certain pref where I live an elder women was stabbed to death by a young man who seems to be in his 20's. The culprit has been at large. ( According to the police, a suspect which committed a similar case last month is the man. )

Recently, like these cases have been aired. Whenever I hear, I feel that our society doesn't likely have any " room". Don't you think that?
As I'm a mom ( I said before , though), I shouldn't think Japan is " safe " and must take it to heart it's not unusual that cases happen anywhere.

OH!!!! please give me more " 5 points!!".

After I and my son came home, I checked E-mails. One of them were the result of TOEIC test which I took last month.

Well, the result was....................................

"795"(L: 400/ R: 395)(@0@;)..........

What!??...........................................More....more......5 points........please give me.......(T T)

aha.....ahahahaha.....(^^;) ..Not so fast.....what we called...

Anyway, never give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (-..-)q

“チアーズ3” bring it on.... All or Nothing

I watched it for the first time, it was " 3 ", though...(^^;) Have you ? The reason I rented the DVD was that I merely wanted to enjoy. Of course, one of the purposes was improving my English ability, however, I thought it gave me lots of pep. (^^)b

As I expected, the movie was so funny and pepped me up although they spoke fast and some "gal-words ". Not only Japanese young people but also any countries'...lol lol lol Right?

If you merely want energy or don't take story into account, it may be worth.

Temporary free time

My son's school life began today! On our way to a school, he was looking forward to meet teachers and friends. When we arrived there, he started to run into a room which there were other kids. He seemed to think that I also was there and had time with him. But, I wasn't there...must not be there for him. (^^;)

During the time, I joined in a cafe morning class as usual. Yes!!! I was free!!! lol lol lol I could have own time in the morning!! It was temporary free time, though..lol lol lol However, I could concentrate on speaking, listening doing everything without his interruption. Yeah, after a while I could do to my heart's content. hahahaha(^^)

Well, as for my son? Yeah...I expected, he was crying and crying, according to a teacher.(^^;) Today, he had the first swimming lesson.( Of course, it was the first time for him.) Although he was crying, he wasn't afraid of swimming, I mean, water. (^^)v
I hope he'll fit into the circumstances A.S.A.P.

Entrance Ceremony

It wasn't sunny day today, however, I and my son went out to attend an entrance ceremony.
There were 12 kids, including my son, and 4 teachers who are in charge of the class.
Most of the kids were younger than him. ( 2-year-old kids) Yes, it's a mixed class which consists of 2-year-old kids and 3-year-old ones.

He seemed happy, excited and also tried to take care of other kids who are younger although I had been worried if he would be in a good mood or not. (^^)

Well, I hope he'll actively interact with them and learn many things. Incidentally, tomorrow he's going to have the first swimming lesson. I'm sure he'll be afraid of swimming, though...lol lol lol

To practice practical things.

Many moms have been busy to prepare for their kids' entrance into schools, I think. Me, too. But, I'm happy to do so because of his new life.
You know, my son's going to a pre-school. So, he'll learn a large number of things, including " practical things" such as putting on clothes, taking off etc.
The other day, a certain idea occurred to me. You can see the following picture.
Guess what??

These are small towels, so-called " hand-towels" in Japanese. I prepared them for his lunch box, then I sewed on buttons, buttonholes each and also zip-tapes( Do you know the word? In Japanese " マジックテープ ".) For what?? ...................

Cuz, he can practice buttoning up and wrapping the box everyday. Right? (^^)v Recently he's practicing buttoning up, putting clothes on and taking off. Although putting on clothes is hard for him, he can button up. However, I want him to practice doing some small articles up.

Well, the other reason I made was that I wanted to make something, sew something...,though....lol lol lol

Pets or partners?

This afternoon, I watched a certain TV program. It featured " medical for pets". We can say the medical system is the same as human one. Not that they are as "pets" but that " partners".
I used to have a dog when I was a kid. At the time majority of people intended to recognize them as pets, including me, I think. So, in comparison with people who have partners now, I might have given him the cold shoulder. After he died of natural causes, I was so regret that I should have done something, taken him to a hospital or doted on him more and more etc...

After the program, I got down to read English newspapers and get new vocabs from them as usual. Then, by chance I found the same kind of article.
According to the article, the same of human deceases in proportion to the medical development have been increasing and serious.
Moreover medical insurance doesn't work at these cases, of course. ( In fact, there is a little insurance for them, though.)

I don't know whether we( our family) will have a partner or not down the road, however, we should mull over the best life for the partner, needless to say, before we welcome him or she, we must.

Oh,! He's attracting!!!

In the morning, I joined in a cafe morning class with my son in tow as usual. Next week he' s going to enter at a pre-school, so this time was last for him to visit there with me.

There were 4 of us, including me today. One of whom met for the first time and a member's daughter. She's 20 years old and so pretty.(^^) She talked about a plan which she's going to stay in England for short time to study. I hope she'll have a lot of experience.
I should have visited some countries with an eye to study or work when I was a single...(^^;)
Anyway!! after our son grows up, I'll plan to do again!! yes!!! uh? my husband? Who care!!! lol lol lol Joking, joking. I hope "we" will go abroad. Even the purpose is sightseeing. (^^)

During the time, my son was in good mood.......Uh???? oh!! he seemed to try to attract the lady by singing, comical attitude and so forth.
lol lol lol (^^;) yeah......he's a " boy".....

Like a dad, like a son!? lol lol lol lol


These days when I and my son go shopping or go for a walk, I don't use a car but by walk.

Yesterday we went for a walk, of course, not to use car.lol lol I always caution him not to walk, run with his hands in his pockets. However, he sometimes does.
Yes, as I expected, he stumbled over in spite of the caution. Although I said " Not to walk with you hands in your pockets!!".....But it was late......
He didn't rest his body on hands but on his face......(^^;)


To my surprise, he ran with smile again although he cried a little..w(@0@)w After a while, he played to his heart's content as if nothing had happened...lol lol lol
Thanks to the happening, he seemed to learn a new thing in the time of growth.

Nothing text books is as good as experiences.
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師