Go on a picnic

Today, my husband suggested we go on a picnic somewhere. you know, it was a wonderful day, so we went out.

Every weekend my husband and son go out somewhere to play. During the time, I stay home and relax or spend on " my English time". However, today I also went out with them.

We went to " Yasu plateau " for the first time. Many families had already played there when we arrived.
My son was excited, of course, and played. Especially, he was into " rolled slope." Over again and again he played.(^^)

Yeah, we were exhausted.....lol lol lol

In German...

After I picked my son up, dropped at a rental shop to return some DVDs. I was supposed to do " only", however, I couldn't. A certain film intrigued me..

" 幸せのショコラ" It seemed to be a simple story. I guessed that I could understand easily. On top of that, I love chocolate....lol lol lol So, without hesitation, I rented it.


It was a German film.........Too late to notice!??

Anyway, I've watched like the film for the first time. Of course, as I don't understand German, I chose Japanese subtitles.
Yeah, the story was simple and funny as I'd expected.

I'm wondering the next film I'll rent.....

Resume getting vocabs and reading

In the morning, I joined an English talking time as usual. Today, there were 4 of us except for a teacher who hails from England. Of course, as I've been looking forward to meeting the time, I was the first to arrive there. lol lol lol ( you know, if I'm the first, I can monopolize the teacher to talk and ask some questions about grammar etc, right?)

During the time, I tried to use some vocabs which I've just learned, got not to forget them. Then we talked about the 1 grade of STEP. The teacher often tries it due to make her brain refreshed. So, she knows how the grade is hard for learners whose native languages aren't English.
Thanks to the talk, I was imbued with something enthusiasm for the test and encouraged to assume learning it.
Yeah, after I passed the pre-1 grade, I've just flipped over next step text books...lol lol lol Rather than, I've been apt to allot own time to communication skills ( speaking, listening) including reading newspapers.

I don't know how many "years" I need to pass, however, I decided to resume learning it. (^^)v

A minor actor was killd.

Have you heard of the news? When I was watching a certain news on TV yesterday, the news drew my attention.

According to the report, a teenager actor who plays a minor role in the upcoming " Harry Potter" was killed. I'm not familiar with the movie series, however, I was shocked. He was stabbed to death....during a brawl outside a bar. A 21-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder.

We also hear or watch appalling crimes in Japan, recently I've heard almost everyday.....Frankly, I'm fed up with hearing these news....(--;) No more....
I wonder if " peace days" will come???

A hateful one....

This morning, a hateful guy appeared in front of me. When he appears, I'm revolted.

What does " summer"(including this season) associate you with?.......

Yes, " cockroaches"...(> <) They always come out suddenly and run and run giving off repulsive something. I hate!!!! ( Nobody likes them.....I think....^^;)

Return to my story, after all " this season" has come....(--;) Fortunately, the cockroach was neither big nor black...So, I could brace up to repulse!!! p(-..-)q How did I?????
I hit "him" with a sandal which belongs to my husband. lol lol lol Unconsciously, I grabbed the nearest " sword" and fought.
YES! I won!!! lol lol lol If it was bigger and black, I could be no match for.....

Well, I'm going to ready to refrain from fighting.....with "バルサン" . Oh, last but not least, using my husband's slipper is clandestine, of course....lol lol lol lol

Oh, nosebleed!!!

Recently, it's been a wonderful day. However, I seemed to be allergic to something...( I guess it's " 光化学スモッグ"..) When I'm driving, I keep all windows opened to take in fresh air. During the driving, I often sneeze. I've never experienced something kind of allergy. So, at first I thought " it was hay fever or something. But, these days it's not possible to be thought... right? Then, I guessed it may be the former.

Once I started to sneeze, I can't stop!! lol lol lol Moreover, my nose itches. So, I blow my nose several times to stop the troublesome.
Yeah, as you expected, I have a nosebleed.!!!! I used to do when I was a child....( I might be sensitive to something. lol lol) But, Except for my childhood, I've never done....
Yeah, I had a nosebleed for the first time in a decade and some years. (^^;) My husband was surprised!, of course, he said " Hey!!! your nose is bleeding!!!! Are you alright? What happened to you!?"
lol lol lol As I'm a popular comedian, I joked and gestured bleeding. hahahaha~~~

Against I've expected, often I do, for example, when I'm washing my face....I've never predicted like that... So, I checked my own nose. Have you? lol lol Then I found out that just part of " the mouse of nose" had been injured. Not the depth. lol lol lol
Uh....as it's sensitive to a touch, for the being I " take care of my nose ".....(--;)

Intriguing books

The other day, I was surfing the Internet to find some books. I dropped on a certain web site and started to search. You know, once I sit in front of a computer and begin to get down to some stuff with it, I can't stop for a while...(^^;) ( I know the chunk of time can be allotted for English study such as learning new vocabs by heart and so forth. lol lol lol)

Oh, let's return to the main topic, some books caught my attention. These books are ........


I don't know why I was intrigued, however, these seem to be interesting stories. Have you ever read them? If so, how did you feel?

This morning, these were delivered. At once I flipped over them. Yeah, seem to be interesting.
Moreover, they don't have any difficult or complicated words, phrases. So, I can read outside while my son is playing.(^^) As I'm a novice to read a book, their thickness isn't thin...so, at first I should try to finish reading them. lol lol lol

What a wonderful time it is!!

Since I decided to brush up my English skill I've met a lot of attractive people who are also English learners or interested in the world.

To practice speaking, encourage me in keeping at learning English, some English circles, which I regularly join, are indispensable. This morning, I attended one of them. There're excellent or superior level members, some of whom have stayed or studied abroad, others have traveled many countries. So, if I have some questions....I can say " enigma..."......., I can ask and get some answers or ideas. Even those are meticulous points or rudimentary ones.

This time, we met a new member who is an English teacher for kids. She's so cheerful yeah, lively and livens me up(^^)
She also wants to brush up and have English time for herself. After the time, she seemed to enjoy talking and spending English time with us.(^^)

I'm looking forward to these units' develop after this.

A school picnic

Since he entered a pre-school he's been fitting into the circumstances. it was a school picnic today.
Fortunately, a park where to meet and play was near my house, so I and my son went there by bicycle.

At first, we played with some tools such as some big balls etc. Then, we played a game which blindfolded moms should make a good shot at their kids with touching several kids' hands. Have you ever done with your kids? It was so funny more than I had expected. lol lol lol Rather than, I was a little bit worried where I could do or not...lol lol lol
Yes!!! I made it in spite of the worry!!! (^^)v Every mom did only touching hands. I think " we are moms, it's quite natural ".Right? (^m^)

We enjoyed to our heart's content!!! I want to have like the time again.

The day after tomorrow

I've watched the movie at a movie theater, though...( I think many people have done, too..) Last night, it was aired on TV.----" The day after tomorrow"----.

My husband called he went back home later than we had expected due to work and my son has already slept. Yes! I could have a chunk of time for myself!!! hehehe(^m^)
Of course, I watched it again. To my surprise, it was easy for me to catch on to what they said and meant!! To be blunt, I could understand about 80~90%. ( When I watched it for the first time, I did only 4, 50% or so.) Of course , I know, what they said were relatively simple words or I've known ones. On top of that, it was a story that I could anticipate.
However, I was so satisfied. ( yeah, it may be self-satisfaction, though..^^;)

You see, it must have stimulated me to keep at learning...I can say that!!

\50,000 a tooth

A few days ago, I wrote about my bad tooth. Every treatment won't take so longer than I had expected. However, I faced a certain tough situation.....I had root canal treatment on an upper left tooth, you know, the bad part was shaved. Then, next time the part'll have to be covered. Usually, we have it covered with metal. crown( The tooth turns into " 銀歯" in Japanese.) But, the bad tooth is a premolar, so if I smile, anybody can see.....So, the doctor suggested "a ceramic crown"...
You know, ceramic ones are sooooooooo expensive, right? In my case, it costs " \50,000" a tooth!!!!! They have only 2 types---metals and ceramics....I have no choice......
I know, I should do that....but I want to say that..." Why now???( did the tooth get worse....T T)".
This season, those who have a car must pay " car tax". I also....Nevertheless recently numbers of " 諭吉さん達" have been flying off....

Fortunately, the ceramic is guaranteed for 5 years and we can pay in one time payment( ボーナス払い). Yeah.....for treating my health.....I'll do.....

Wow!!! many new members!!!

Once a month I visit to one of English-lovers' to learn. We discuss, debate etc, of course have talking time over coffee and tea.

This time, I was astonished as I arrived there although I'd known some new members would join.
Yeah, there were 10 of us!!! W(@0@)W More than I had expected!!! (^^) 5 out of them were new visitors. Needless to say, I was stimulated. lol lol lol
We talked about " books you highly recommend." ( As I said before, though) I'm ashamed to say this, usually, I don't read books...except for English newspapers, magazines and text books...(^^;) So, this time I decided to check books they recommend. Yeah, you know, we had a significant time and day!!
I hope they'll join regularly from now on....

Well, a representative of the circle showed a certain article....It featured the circle!!! Moreover, including her picture.
It was the second time, she said. It's so exciting, isn't it? After the paper was released, today's members checked and joined. Someday, I want to try to do.. lol lol lol because it was a great experience to her, right?

Anyway, during the time, one of them asked a question the following...............

" What is the difference between [ I walk my dog] and [ I walk with my dog]???"

Another member hinted.... "With" means that we go to somewhere for doing something together...I image like that.
Yeah, I also have an idea like her. The former means " I merely take my dog to go for a walk", on the other hand, the later means " for example, I'm going to go to a planed destination for doing something with my dog...or some kind of that..."
I wanted to clear these nuance, so I mailed it to a native speaker. He said, " You're spot-on.[[The former means < I merely take my dog to go for a walk> ]] "
Thanks to the member who asked, I completely learned and confirmed nuance which is hard for English learners to understand.(^^)

Oh, a bad tooth.....

In the morning, I joined an English time which is called " Cafe morning time". To give me some incentive, as I wrote yesterday, and also to enjoy I went.
Although I arrived there later then usual, I enjoyed talking to my heart's content.
As I had hoped, the time encouraged me in keeping learning and gave me pep. Yeah, I was enthralled with English world. lol lol lol

Well, after the time I picked my son up and visited my parents' to entrust him.....For what??

To go to the dentist....(T T) For my son? NO.....For me....(T T) Since a few days ago I've had a toothache.....I'd known there had been a bad tooth. At the time ( about 3 years ago.) the dentist said, "At this stage it's not so bad. So, wait and see." Then, I should have see a dentist regularly....Since I gave birth I've not gone to the dentist....(^^;) Yeah, you see, it's getting worse......

After taking X-ray, the dentist said, " Uh...the tooth is so bad....you see? So, I suggest its nerve should be extracted." OH! MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I predicted like that because I felt so bad as I was drinking or eating.
Of course, I decided to have it done.....Because, for example, scratched skin can recover by itself, however, a toothache never does to the contrary.....

For time being I'll have to go and treat completely before I have a second baby.

I might need some incentive....

Since Mon I've been spent time vacantly..( What's !? Always? --; lol lol lol) Even I get down to something, I can't concentrate at all....Yeah, as I wrote before, something kind of " wave" is coming....(^^;) So, I shouldn't do anything!!! I mean, I don't bother to do " daily work" such as getting new vocabs, listening CNN-EE or some books. Even if I try to do as usual, I won't be able to learn. Right? Merely I listen to news in English, read some English newspapers etc...Not study but watch, listen and read. That's it!

Well, tomorrow I'm going to join an English time so, it'll be incentive to me...Maybe...lol lol lol


Last Sat we visited husband's parents' to stay overnight. Although we were supposed to do on the Children's' day, ( as I wrote, though...) we couldn't do that due to my condition.
Parents-in-law have been looking forward to meeting us, especially our son. (^^) They always give him affection beyond measure.
My condition's not got well completely, however, I felt much better.

After we arrived there, we had lunch and talked for a while. They were so surprised at his growth more than they had expected.
And then mother-in-law, my husband, I and our son went out to buy some presents for our son and me( For Children's day and my birthday.)
She gave some clothes for me ( She knows that I'm interested in fashion such as clothes, accessories etc.) and for him gave some toys and clothes. Thank you very very much.

This morning, father-in-law took him to a certain playground with my husband. Usually I go with them, however, he took care of myself.( Today mother-in-law didn't go because she had to attend some meeting with her friends. Before she goes out, said " you should take "your time", right?(^^) ) Yeah, they gave "a chunk of free time". (T▽T)
Thanks to their thoughtfulness, I could slept to my heart's content and relaxed.

I appreciate them very very very much....

Oh! last but not least, we expressed our gratitude on Mother's day! Of course.

Had lunch with friends

Since I entered our son in a pre-school I've spent "a temporary freedom". During the school, I have an English time, do house chores and so on.
Today, moms who also entered their kids in the school and I had a tea and lunch. I've wanted to do because I like to spent with friends, follow English-lovers etc.

We talked and talked and talked lol lol lol, you know, so called " ママお茶". (^^) Thanks to them, I could refresh and release some stress which is called " 育児ストレス". For women, talking is the best way to refresh...Right? also to vent my anger!? lol lol lol It's a joke..lol lol lol

Well, I'm changing a topic.(^^) Do you have some plans for " Mother's day"?
I don't have a special plan, however, I had my son draw some pictures for her and I took his pictures. If my condition is better, we're going to visit her and have dinner. ( If the condition is not better, only my husband and son're going to do..)
I hope it'll be so fine.....

My birthday, but...

It was my 3???th birthday!!! lol lol lol

Well, In the morning I joined in an English circle as usual. Of course I recorded the time. (^^)
During the time, I had a heavy cough...(T T) ( Sorry, all...) I've been out of shape???Uh.... Maybe....But I don't have a fever. Just cough and running nose...

However, I don't get discouraged!!!! hehehe I tried to talk as much as possible!!! Yeah, I really enjoyed spending the time. (^^)

After I picked my son up and went back home, I felt so bad.... Not cold.....uh...I can't explain the condition...Anyway, so bad.....T T....in spite of my birthday........(TT TT)....So, I should turn in as soon as possible....m(_ _;)m

An English sacred lot.

Today my husband took a day-off because he worked through GW. So, he and I took him to a pre-school. (^^)
These days he doesn't cry or sob when I entrust him to teachers! Yeah, he's getting use to the circumstance. Like many kids, early last month he cried, though. I perceived his growth step by step.

Well, after the school we took a drive because it was so wonderful day! We dropped at a certain temple which is not big and went for a walk. In the precincts, I found out some kinds of lots. I drew a kind of them, which was " written in English".
At any shrines or temples, the kind of lot is available. As an English learner, I chose it. lol lol lol
It didn't use difficult words, just simple words and phrases.

uh??? What did it say???..................................................Don't ask me....lol lol lol lol

I esteem her.

You might have known, though.....I was so moved and admired her.....

" Kimiko Kurumu Date". ( I'm not sure the spelling of " Kurumu" is correct or not..^^;)

Although I don't play tennis at all, I like sports, including watching. The other day, I knew that she was coming back as a tennis player. To tell the truth, I was so surprised due to her age, in her late 30's. To add to, she has retired once. So, I thought once retire, she wouldn't came back... Even if she can do, she might not be strong as before. However........I was wrong......

She made it as before!!!! How wonderful she is!!!!

Unfortunately, she lost the finals, however, after the game her face was so bright and fulled with confidence. I felt she really enjoyed playing the game from the bottom of her heart.
Her decision and action encouraged me, who is also in my 30's. Yeah... No matter what our present age.
Thanks to her, I learned it again that " we must enjoy our life and try whatever we have dreams"

An animation for kids.

Hey, how's your " GW"? Me? lol lol lol Unfortunately, my condition's been under the weather. What's worse, my son caught a slight cold again...(--;) He has a running nose and cough.( this time I might give him it...--;) Although we were supposed to visit husband's parents'( a younger sister-in-low and her kids have stayed there for the holiday, so I wanted to meet them!!! T T), due to these condition we had to call off..(T T)

Despite his condition, the monster is running in a living room as usual. lol lol lol Expect for a certain animation. This morning, an animation----" おさるのジョージ "---- was on air. Do you know? Of course I watched it in English.(^^) I watched it for the first time. It was so interesting! Yeah, to practice listening, I recommend!!!
My son also was enthralled. lol lol lol Several expressions ( lines), which I don't come up immediately, I could got. (^^)v

Everyday I watch news in English, during the time I concentrate on the articles because they often use complicated words or deal with some topics that I need to know, understand social structure such as pension, tax and so on. On the contrary, animations for kids are good ways that I don't concentrate too much to practice . lol lol lol

Wow!! Thinking in English!?

Since I started to brush up my English skill I've had lots of wonderful experiences such as meeting natives, having English time and so forth. ( Of course, I often face some predicaments, though. lol lol lol)
In proportion to that, I face a certain situation now and that............................

" I can't come out Japanese."!!!! (--;) To my surprise, thinking in English is easier than doing in Japanese.

Yesterday when I was talking with an old friend, who works in Tokyo, by phone. Then, we talked about a certain tax, then I wanted to say " 控除", however, I couldn't come out the word. Rather than it, I came up " deduct" and also " you should apply....."etc... As I didn't say anything for a short time because I couldn't came up Japanese, the friend said, " Hey, are you okay?" lol lol lol

Of course, NOT every time, though.....I often face like that....
The situation gladden me...(Oh, old-fashioned...lol lol lol)
Anyway, can I say that it's great progress?? Right?

On my way home

In the morning, as usual, I joined in an English time which is free talking. Of course, I recorded the time, too!
After the time, I checked it. I noticed several points that I should revise. These points are that I'm apt to talk...Yeah, it's well worth, isn't it?

Well, on my way home, I found out certain signboards-------" Oil price"--------. Most of the them showed " 155" or so. uh...... I anticipated that soon the price would upsurge because the ruling party was eager to pass the bill which oil tax-rate should be put back for our revenue. ( In fact the price is higher than before due to oil cost.) (--;) The best way I can cut cost is that we don't drive as far as we can.....However......however.........
Everything is being up, including dairy products. Right? uh.......It's hard to manage to keep our heads above water......
Do you have any tips???
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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