Had a booze!

"Let's make merry!"

Have you ever shouted the phrase?

Last night, I went to an end of year party. The participants in the party were the members of the free English conversation I usually attend. As the teacher'll take maternity leave from tomorrow, we had the party although it was a little bit early. :D
I had a booze for the first time in a long time because we had it at an international bar and there were two foreign singers. I was so excited!! To add to that, the manager is also an African American. Needless to say, I enjoyed talking in English ( As I wanted to be immersed in "the English world", I tried to chat in English whole the time even someone I talk to was a Japanese. haha)
After the party, some of them, including me, went to another bar. Yes! we painted the town red. lol There was another international bar next to the first. There were a few DJs. We enjoyed dancing, chatting and drinking. ;D
I used to go to drink when I was a single, so yesterday reminded me of those days.

Today, my husband and I went to a musical. The stage was based on African dance. Have you ever watched that kind of show? One of our relatives belongs to the theatrical company, parents-in-law suggested the stage and gave us the tickets. I'm ashamed to say, but it was the first time for us to watch musicals. There was a large audience!
I was impressed by the vigorous dance and performance. At the end of the show, we were culminated.

This weekends were stimulable to me...

Wow! the first love letter!

I met a English-lover to have time for English after two weeks of our last meeting. She's going to take an English proficiency test next year, so I teach English and give her some tips to pass.
The test she'll try to take is the second hardest level, I can learn as well although I passed the grade last year.
It was valuable for me.

Well, after I picked my son up and went home, I checked a message-note from his teachers: it's called "連絡帳" in Japanese. Then, I noticed a letter for him from his classmate.
Wow! It was a love letter!!! XD I was surprised and happy rather than him...lol He seemed not to be interested in that kind of letters because he doesn't understand the meaning. lol I told him " one of your classmates loves you!!"; however, he just said " I see...." Oh, what a cool boy..lol
Anyway, I asked him whether to reply or not, he said " I'll reply, of course. ;D"

It is said that there is the heyday in our lives; we have not less than once. I hope it's not in his heyday...lol

An open day and an English club

It was a day when parents are allowed to visit classes today: it was a open day. This time, the class was swimming lesson. It was only 40 minutes, but I was happy to see my son's attitude during the lesson. :D He seemed to enjoy having the class to his heart's content because he had a smile on his face all whole time. ;D

After the open day, I decided to attend an English club, which is held on Thursday mornings a few times a month. I was supposed to be absent from the club this time, however, I couldn't restrain my enthusiasm for English. Right away, I contacted a representative whether I could join or not. :D

I joined in the middle of the lesson; nevertheless, I really enjoyed having the time with other members and a native guest. I wasn't satiated with my speaking ability, though... My speaking(talking) ability ticks me off...^^;


I've not written for a while....(^^;) haha...

This time, let me talk about my 3 consecutive holidays.
We went out to see a sight colored the leaves by car. The place is most beautiful this season. However, we were stuck up...Many visitors were also heading to the place. (They seemed to have the same plan. lol) The cars didn't move at all! What's worse, these were strung for kilometers behind and forward. Not wanting to waste our time, we changed the plan. We visited a huge park where there is playground equipment. It was a little cold; nevertheless, many families were playing there. :D Needless to say, our son was also excited and his eyes were bright. lol

The next day, I decided to rent a few DVDs and CDs because my husband had to work...After going for a walk, we dropped at a rental shop. I chose "Enchanted". and some CDs of Christmas songs for kids. The movie is a Disney films, so it wasn't hard to catch the lines and understand the story. My son also enjoyed watching. ;D

The last day of the holidays was raining...Although I was supposed to stay at home, my husband wanted to go out and talked me into visiting somewhere....Eventually, he won..lol
As we've been carried out drastic reforms for our household expenses like the government and the supplementary budget of our family isn't approved, we can't spend much money. hahaha
But, we went to a big mall because we wanted to check Christmas present for our son. Although it was just window-shopping, as such we enjoyed. lol

Have you ever heard "Japlish"?

It was so cold today...(> <) As I'm sensitive to cold, this season is harsh to me. However, my enthusiasm for English never folds up. :D
This morning, I attended an English club. There were 6 of us and a native speaker, who usually joins as a guest and teacher, in spite of the severe weather.
This time, we talked about "Japlish": what we call Japanese-English (日本英語). I had picked the article from a website.

In japan, there are many Japanese-English words and many Japanese believe some of the words aren't Japanese-English but English. I might have used some words...
Let me cite an example from the article.
When you ordered some drink at a cafe, you might have seen "single" or "double". They are mentioned the size of the cup. But, we should use "small", "medium" or "large". (Native speakers, of course, understand what they mean, though.)
I think, however, the kind of Japlish could confuse native speakers. For example, "シュークリーム" means a cream puff in Japan. (You might have heard of it, though.) We usually say "シュークリーム"; even famous sweet shops use the word...
Unless we know Japlish, we could be embarrassed, I think...

Have you ever seen or heard anything else?

knitting, knitting, knitting!

I started to knit woolen scarves for my husband and son. I had wavered on knitting or not because I'm fickle. haha Even if I decide to do something, I'm apt to get tired of doing it. lol
However, I made up my mind to accomplish it! Right away, I went to a 100 yen shop to buy stuffs such as several balls of wool yarn.
I've knitted a few times before, so I know the way to do from the beginning. ;D
Although I've not finished it ( for my husband) yet, I enjoy knitting. :D After I give the scarves to them, I want them to wear when we go out...I hope...;D

How would you translate the sentence?

Below is a sentence I picked from a newspaper. If you were, how would you translate it in Japanese?

"It would render the court unable to determine if the witness's account is based on what was known prior to disclosure."

Was I a "surprise guest"!?

I was supposed to visit an English-lover's house so as to teach English to her, however, the lesson was canceled because she has been out of shape and had a hoarse voice.

I decided to join a meeting for English. After I took my son to school, I asked the representative whether to be able to join or not. She replied me at once and warmly welcomed. :D
Although I don't have the text book, which they usually learn English with, I'm always eager to have opportunities to talk in English and be immersed in conversation time or English lessons. That was the reason I visited there as an unscheduled member. Thanks, all! hehe

A 2 trllion cash handout program

I'd like to talk about a political topic this time.

The government decided on an economic stimulus package: the government and ruling party agreed to distribute 12,000 yen to a person. To add to that, an extra 8,000 yen will be given to households for each member who is 65 or older and 18 or younger. However, the government has been disputing how to hand out, whether to do for foreigners who work in Japan and so forth.

I understand the Prime Minister wants to stimulate our sluggish economy, but the government might as well repay for the national debt as distribute the pie, a 2 trillion yen, to us. Moreover, our consumption tax will wind up in rising a few years later, so many people will be likely to save the money. The people know better than to lavish the money immediately.

I doubt the program will work well...uh...

A Japanese mother was chosen for a space shuttle mission.

A Japanese woman was chosen for a 2010 space shuttle mission. She's a mother and has a 6-year-old daughter. As I'm also a mom and woman, I'm proud of the news report. It's easy to think that she must have studied and worked hard.
She'll be the second woman to fly into space and the first mother to go. She hopes Japanese astronauts will help to attract people, especially kids, to space, according to the news report. Her mission will certainly give us encouragement.

A sports day --part 2--

As I told yesterday, we took part in our son's school event: A sports day! My husband's parents also visited there to cheer him. ;D
He was excited, of course. Instead, I might have been fidgeted. lol

We took part in several games with him and he ran a race. He won 1st prize!!! (^^)v Recording the event with a video camera, we are supposed to watch it during dinner. :D

A sports day

My hoarse voice has been getting better, however, my son seems not to be fine: he has a cough and a runny nose. He seems to have had a slight cold again...Fortunately, he has a good appetite and energy; he's playing like a monster. lol

The reason I'm worrying about his health more than usual is that it'll be a sports day tomorrow. He's looking forward to the event, of course. To add to that, It's the first time my family'll take part in the school event, so we're looking forward to it as well. :D

I'm preparing for a big event. ;D hehe

Only 2 members!

This morning, I attended a free English conversation class after I took my son to his school.

I'd expected 5,6 members would attend the class. To my surprise, there were 2 of us in total and a teacher today. What a lucky day it was! It was like a private lesson. We could monopolize her during the conversation class.

We talked about the news I'd written yesterday. I could get a few new phrases from the teacher and used several words I'd learned recently. ;D Needless to say, I enjoyed talking to my heart's content. My voice has been hoarse, though...lol

The class is supposed to continue until the end of this month and then will be suspended for 2 months because the teacher's expecting and will give birth. As for other lessons such as kids' classes, a substitute teacher will teach her students, according to her.

I'll attend every Thursday this month. ;D

A music producer was arrested.

A well-known producer, Tetsuya Komuro, was arrested on suspicion of fraud. According to the news report, he swindled an investor out of \500 million yen by approaching the investor on selling the copyrights of 806 tunes which he composed. However, the copyrights hadn't been his own: he pretended to sell the investor the copyrights as if he had them. He admitted the charge, the police said. Two more suspects, conspiring with him, were also arrested.

To be honest, I was so shocked because when he was a member of the TM network, I used to be a big fan of the group and joined their fan club. Being a junior high school student, I always listened to their songs. All of my classmates were also crazy about them...Their songs remind me of our youth...
Not only was he a member of the TM network, but he was also a gifted producer. He created a dance music sensation in the 90s'. I expected him to give a fresh impetus to the Japanese music industry.

He might have been a mercenary and lost himself as a composer. I hope he'll repent of his misdeed and start as a musician from scratch.

A hoarse voice

I've been hoarse since last weekend...It seems that I've had a cold, but I have a good appetite and don't have a fever.
Uh....I don't know why, but we had a dinner with our next-door neighbor over alcohol, so the voice might be attributed to the drinks...lol

Well, I wish I could sing like a cool jazz with the voice...lol
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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