When my husband came home last night, he seemed so bad. He said, " I seem to have a caught..." I guessed he might have come down with the flu....

This morning, he still seemed to be under the weather, so I suggested he take his temperature and some medicine. As I expected, he had a fever...It wasn't a slight fever but a high fever: 38.9....Immediately, I persuaded him to see a doctor and not to go to his work.
After he came back from the hospital, he told me he had caught the flu...(> <)

I hope he'll get well soon. To add to that, I hope our son and I won't catch his cold because the new year is just around the corner...

An English day.

I was so busy today, but I really enjoyed myself!

In the morning, I had my own English workshop. It was the last lesson this year.
As my son has been on the winter vacation, at first I entrusted him to my own parents because I wanted to concentrate on the class for the student. I also had another appointment after the class.
Although it took about an hour to visit my parents and from my parents' to the student's place, I managed to be in time for the lesson.

After the lesson, I was heading for another appointment. One of English club members invited me to have lunch at her new house. It was like a party. There were 4 other members, including the English native speaker who usually join us. ;D
Her house was so wonderful and stylish! I was very impressed.
During the lunch, I could be immersed in the " English world". lol I was eager to do so because I couldn't make what I wanted to say out at the English club last week. ( I mentioned it before, though) I wanted to " get even with" myself. haha
To my surprise, I could talk smoothly in English and come out any words, phrases and expressions what I meant or wanted to say today! ( It might be just a figment of my imagination, though...)

I had a great time with them and appreciate her invitation. ;D

I couldn't pass...

I got the result of test, which I had applied for a job at a certain company, tonight.

I couldn't pass...(T T) I got it on Christmas day of all days. It was the worst Christmas present I'd ever got...
Uh....I really hoped to pass because I could work at home; moreover, I could make money ( It's chicken feed, though) with the work requiring English.

Although it was disappointing, I should change my way of thinking. Now, I wasn't suitable to the company. That's an end of it.

I hope I'll be able to find better job for helping our household income because my son'll enter a kindergarten next spring...

Christmas Eve

My son believes in Santa Claus.

Several days ago, he asked me " Will Santa Claus come to our house, mom?" I answered " Uh...If you're a good boy, I'm sure Santa Claus will come. However, if you're not, he won't...He always looks at you from the sky." And then he looked up and cried out, " I'm a good boy! Please come to my house, Santa Claus! Please!".
Since then, he has tried to learn good manners or keep being a good boy even when he wants to have his own way. lol

By the way, I'll not be able to use the way to deal with the monster-kid after Christmas... How do I keep him a good boy? haha

A year-end party!

Tonight, I'm supposed to attend a year-end party! The participants are all moms. As we're always swamped with house chores, child care and so on, we want to remember our single days and bask in it by going out to drink with our friends at night. At least, a few times a year we
Well, I'm so thrilled. ;D Later, I'll get ready to go to the party! hehe

Dictating the lyrics.

Yesterday, when my friends, our kinds and I were getting ready to go home at a friend's house, one of the moms asked me to translate certain songs from English into Japanese. ( Not having the lyric-cards of each song, she wants to know the lyrics.)
The songs were Disney's English songs for kids. To be honest, I'm not good at dictating in English, but I was willing to took on it because the songs seemed to be quite simple and I wanted to try in order to practice dictating and improve my English skills. lol

After dictating ( It was very easy. lol), I began to translate them from English into Japanese. Needless to say, it wasn't hard for me to do at all. ;D If anything, I might be good at translating because I've translated some company documents from English into Japanese a few times before.

Thanks to her request, I had a good time for English today. ;D

I'm irritated with myself....

Today was so busy, but I enjoyed myself...

In the morning, I attended an English club. It was the last lesson this year, so I intended to practice speaking in English harder than usual. Luckily, as there were only 3 of us this time, I expected I could monopolize an English native-speaker, who usually joins us, and have more chances to speak in English. However.....I couldn't make what I wanted to say come out smoothly; what was worse, I often stammered out...How woeful! I was so irritated and embarrassed with myself! Ahhhhhhh....

After the class, I picked my son up and then we visited his friends' house to chat with other moms over coffee. (Five other moms and their kids visited there as well). I really enjoyed myself. My son did, too! lol In fact, when I went back home, he seemed to be depressed...

Anyway, tomorrow will be the last class this term in his school. He'll take part in an early Christmas party in his class. :D
The day after tomorrow, the moms who were mentioned above and I are going to have the end of year party. hehe

Is this true?

I read an interesting article a week ago. It was as follows...,

In the wintertime, you can see many Japanese people wearing masks in trains or cities in order not to catch a cold. It's not unusual here; however, foreigners feel strange, according to the author who is an English native-speaker.
The author said if someone is wearing a mask, the person is likely to be thought of carrying a certain serious disease. In Germany, if someone is in bad condition requiring a mask, the person will be absent from his or her work, the author added.

Come to think of it, I seldom see foreigners wearing masks around me....How do you feel about that?

We were supposed to visit.....

As I mentioned a few days ago, our family visited my husband's parents in order to have a belated birthday party for our son. ( Although we had a small party on his birthday, this time we held it with our son's grandparents.) My mother-in-law and I prepared his favorite dishes such as fried chicken, raw fish and fried burdock. He seemed happy and a little bit shy. ;D We chatted about a range of subjects, from work to each person's hobby drinking beer, sake(日本酒) and shouchu (焼酎).
The next day, we went out to buy some birthday presents for him. As he turned 4 years old, his grandparents presented with him a bicycle. ;D After that, we dropped by a huge suburban supermarket where agriculturist bring products to sell such as fresh farm products, meat, fish and shellfish and so forth.
Though we were exhausted after we went back home, we really enjoyed ourselves. :D

Today, my son and I were supposed to visit his friend's house to have lunch with other moms and their kids; however, some of their kids ran a fever last night or seemed to have a cold, so we canceled this time.. In terms of cold, (especially, with kids) it can't be helped. I hope they'll get well soon.
As I had enough time to do something, we took a drive. During the drive, I found a nice shop in which a variety of goods are sold such as dishes, glasses and small articles for interior. I've been changing those kinds of goods for our house, so I dropped there, of course. lol
I'll tell my friends about the shop. ;D

Belated Birthday Party

My son turned 4 years old on the 7th this month. Although we had a small party for him on the night, he wanted to meet his grandparents ( They are my husband's parents). That's the reason we're going to visit them to have the second party and stay overnight. We usually visit there once every few months.
We're looking forward to having the party tonight. ;D

Work-life balance

Recently, several well-known auto makers have considerably sacked a number of their temporary workers because their sales took a nose-dive. Not only auto makers, but other home industries also face a tough situation in which they can't help cutting the workers due to recession.

This morning, I visited an English learner's house to have time for English. We read an article the learner had picked from a newspaper. The content was just related to the stirred industries world.
The government adopted its Work-life balance Chapter: WLB, last year. The Chapter aims at a society where people (1) can reach financial independence through employment; (2) have enough private time to lead healthy and affluent lives; and (3) choose from diverse working and living styles. However, the author claimed it focused on full-time workers rather than non-regular workers such as part-timer or temporary workers. In fact, a famous machinery maker boasts of implementing "no-overtime days." But, who must finish left work after the full-time workers quit for the day? It's easy to think that the temporary workers or subcontractors are burdened with the work.
The author also insisted that the Chapter is to be equally considered.such as a minimum wage Then, and only then will it achieve work-life balance.

Unfortunately, WLB is a hot topic; nevertheless, it seems to be far behind in Japan. What's worse, the present state of industries seems to put it on the back burner...

For a change...

This morning, I attended an English club after I took my son to school.

Usually, we learn English through an article picked from a newspaper or a magazine. However, this time, we introduced a movie.
At the beginning of the class, we each talked about the latest news. And then, we got down to an article which the representative had prepared. At the end of the class, we watched the movie to improve our listening skills. Unluckily, There wasn't time enough to watch the whole story; nevertheless, we enjoyed watching and learning English. When we couldn't catch a part of the lines clearly, we repeated the scene a few times until we could understand.

( I said before, though.) Learning English through a movie is one of the most effective ways to improve our English skills. We can learn different pronunciation depending on actors, actresses or where they're from; slang; colloquial phrases and so forth.
I really want to try the same way next time if we can. :D

An open day at school

In the morning, I visited the school where my son goes because it was an open day. This time was a gymnastic lesson. Needless to say, I recorded him on a video tape. hehe (My husband and I are going to watch it drinking this night. :D)
During the lesson, I noticed that he was looking for his best friend. lol When the students were running and exercising, he wanted to stay next to the friend. (The friend and he always play at the school, so I understand the situation....haha)

After the school, we visited a certain garage to repair a part of my car. The garage is run by my friend's husband. I'm not familiar with cars and their parts, so I can't explain about it in detail...Xl
Anyway, if the part is left unrepaired, it'll cause anything trouble with the engine, according to the repair man. As we're going to use the car more than usual from the end of year to the new year, we had asked the man to repair it.

An interview test.

I've applied for a job at a certain company and am on screening. Today, I'm going to take the final-stage test, which is an interview and a writing test, in the afternoon. If I can pass the test, I'll work as an English maker. Working in English is one of my long-time dreams. I've had the dream since I was a student.
To achieve my dream, I'll do my best! ~行ってきます!~

Our son's birthday

Today was our son's 4th birthday. We went out to buy birthday presents for him in the afternoon. A few days ago, a new huge sopping mall was opened, so we went there this time.
As we expected, a numbers of cars and people were heading to the mall in droves.
Fortunately, we could park near to the entrance. ;D After hanging out, we went to the toy department. It goes without saying that our son was excited and his eyes were very bright. lol
Usually, we don't buy "regular toys" such as ranger's figuers or items of a certain ranger, which cost around 5,000 yen, because we know he'll get tired of playing with them sooner or later. Instead, we occasionally give him a "miniature toy", which costs around 300 yen and is available at any supermarkets. However, today is his special day, so we intended to present him what he wants, but "only one". He chose a popular ranger robot. Actually, when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday present, he answered that he wanted the robot and he had been expressing his wish for several days.

The night, we had a small birthday party for him. :D We sang "Happy Birthday" and recorded the party on a video tape. He seemed happy very much. ;D We, of course, were happy, too!

We're looking forward to his growth from now.

The 6th essay

I'd like to practice writing an essay today. I picked a topic from a website of the STEP test.

This theme is....
" Is society doing enough to deal with violent crime? "

Recently, crimes related to violence have been broadcast. Even if that kind of crime happens to be around me, it might be usual. I don't believe society isn't enough to deal with the crimes.
In fact, the crimes has happened a lot in England, so they installed many surveillance cameras in the city. In addition, there are even cameras with speakers. If someone is committing crimes on the streets, security staffs check and call down the person. Thanks to these cameras, the number of crimes has decreased.
The crimes frequently happen might be attributed in part to the influence of the media. If a crime is reported, almost everyday it's broadcast. We can't deny the influence and should keep in mind that it could lead to the next crime.
To prevent the crimes, we should consider the worth of the connection with others such as neighbors or our communities. To add to that, the government should have the outlook of the law revised to provide for stricter punishments.

Long time no see!

I attended an English club this morning. This time, familiar learners, who are original members, took part in the club as well. I met one of them for the first time in 4 years and the other, who attends my workshop, joined us after several months absence.
There were 7 of us and a native guest. We read an article about Mongolia. I'm ashamed to say I'm not familiar with the culture, so it was an interesting. Luckily, the article wasn't hard to grasp the content nor was the author's opinion. To add to that, we talked about variety of topics, ranging from child care to mobsters, and chatted.
It goes without saying that time was like a flash. It wasn't enough for me...I'm still eager to have conversation time. lol (Yes, I'm always like that...haha)
Please give me another conversation class to release my enthusiasm for English! lol

I met her after a while.

This morning, I had my own English workshop for an English-lover. She has 2 kids: one is a 4 year-old girl and the other is a baby. I usually visit her house to study together. ;D
We met for the first time in a month.

At the beginning of the class, we checked the homework I'd given her. Although it took most of our time, it was helpful for me because I could review.
After that, we got started on reading an article. The article wasn't hard to read and understand, so we could learn without any stumbles. ;D

Next week, we're going to meet again. ;D I hope the number of our "English time" will be increased to bolster our English abilities up more and more.

December --師走--

Speaking of December: 師走, I get down to prepare for Christmas party for my family , my son's birthday and New Year's cards...To add to that, I have to do the general housecleaning. As the word in Japanese, this month rolls on quickly. I'll be swamped with these stuffs.

This morning, I visited a kindergarten with my son so as to take part in a class for preschoolers. ( We visit there so that my son can get familiar with the teachers, atmosphere and make friends. Luckily, he seems to have already done. lol)
After the class, we dropped by a 100 shop to buy several balls of wool yarn. In fact, I've already finished knitting each scarf for my husband and son out of wool yarn. However, the color didn't suit my husband....(^^;) That the reason I bought another color ones to knit again for him. The scarf I've already knitted is for myself, I decided. lol
In the afternoon, I set about designing for The next New Year's card. I have to consider design not only for my friends and relatives but also for my husband's boss, colleagues and friends...How tiresome! lol But I can manage to have more time than my husband, so it's my responsibility this season. lol
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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