I could pass the test, but...

I've been hunting for a job to help my husband's income. I took some interview tests for a variety of jobs, although I want to get a job which is related to English. Through those tests, I realized I was eager to hunt a job that provides an opportunity to use English. Even if the pay is chicken feed.
( I wrote about my desiring job before.)

Well, that's the reason I decided to hunt for that kind of jobs at all costs and I'm still looking for a suitable job. The other day, I took an interview and writing test for an English teacher. To my surprise, I received the result I could pass the following day. I was, of course, happy and relieved. However, taking the conditions of the job into account, I was wavering if I should take on the job as well. I know I'm so lucky to get a job under the economic crisis in Japan. (It's the worldwide recession as well, though)

Luckily, a friend gave me information about a job which was related to English before. Another friend gave me more information. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to have a meeting for one of the jobs. I should take my future and career into account, reflect on a suitable job for me and make a decision.

Swine flu

Japan has been warned against swine flu in light of its outbreaks in Mexico. As the unexpected flu broke out, many countries have been gathering information about the flu.
Japan hasn't received about infected pigs nor requested animal quarantine offices to check pigs suspected of being infected. Japan needs to analyze the outbreaks in detail and develop the new vaccine urgently.
Japanese chief international airports have installed thermographic cameras at each arrival gate to check passengers' temperature. In addition, The health ministry has prepared leaflet to arise awareness about the flu and call for travelers to consider canceling their trip of Mexico or the United States.
we should calmly act on correct information.

Thank you for sharing the time!

These days, I invite a few of my fellow English-lovers to spend time for English. I'm always desperate to practice speaking in English. When I have spare time for English, I call fellow English-lovers to study English together.

This morning, a friend came over. She's eager to practice speaking in English as well. We don't have opportunities to use English in our daily lives, so we very often spend time for English together. At the start, we chatted about a range of topics from trifling matters to effective ways to improve our English skills. After that, we got down to reading an essay I had picked up. It was about "shoganai": It can't be helped or That's the way it goes. The author said Japanese are apt to settle disputes or matters by saying "shoganai" even if they're against other opinions. The reason is some Japanese don't want to debate or aren't good at doing that. Others avoid discussing so that they don't offend others' feelings. The author has a point, I thought. I very often say "shoganai" when I face some problems. And then I seek other solutions...haha

Anyway, I'll not easily have spare time for English soon because I'll have to work. I appreciate her managing to have spare time whenever I invite her to spend time for English.

By bicycle

These days, the weather is wonderful and warm, so I go anywhere as far as possible by bicycle.

In the morning, I attended an English club after I took my son to his kindergarten. I, of course, went there by bicycle. It took about a little less than 20 minutes from the kindergarten to the center where we regularly hold our English club. ( Incidentally, it took about 15 minutes from my house to the kindergarten.) Today was fine and warm, but it was blowing a gale. Thanks to the weather, I was made to exercise more than usual...haha

As for our English club, there were 4 of us in total and a native English speaker who regularly takes part. Luckily, before the class start, I monopolized him. After all, other members hadn't arrived yet at that time and our representative was making the next appointment for the class at the counter. Needless to say, I'm garrulous in English, so I chatted as much as possible. ;D hehe
This time, the words and expressions I wanted to say came out my mouth smoothly.
After the class, I had the spare time to pick up my son. I then learned new vocabulary in the time at the community center.

Anyway, I felt refreshed as a "ママチャリライダー". haha

Where is "S"?

The ordinary classes of my son's kindergarten started this Monday. Thanks to the classes, I have more time for myself than before.

After I took him to his kindergarten, I walked for keeping my condition. And then, I got started on my routine English study: reading English newspapers; learning new vocabularies; listening to English news, reading English magazine and checking e-mails from my friends who are native English speakers.
As I finished the study, I turned on the TV. At that time, a certain English program was being broadcast. It's for English learners and they learn English through explaining Japanese culture in English. This time, it featured yuzen-友禅-. The program attracted my interest. A native English speaker suggested good explanations about yuzen. My attention was then drawn attention to the following:

"Kimono come in many styles...."

It wasn't hard for me to catch the words at all, so I was a little bit confused because "s" should be in the sentence: Kimono comes in....or Kimonos come in.... I soon found out.
The plural is Kimono or kimonos, according to a dictionary....It's a misleading word....--;

Japan's first Wentern geisha.

This morning, I invited a few fellow English-lovers to my house in order to spend time for English. They're members of the English club in which I regularly take part. At the start, we chatted about how it was our last weekend. After that, we got down to read an article I had picked up.

The article was about Japan's first Western geisha. She's from Australia and was fascinated with Japanese culture when she came to Japan as an exchange student. After that, she studied at a prestigious university. After she graduated from the university, she worked for a few years at a Japanese company. And then she earned a doctorate in England. When she returned to Japan, she was enamored with geisha . At first, she thought it took a little while to learn the world; however, she soon realized it wasn't a simple field. She decided to learn everything.
She now attends banquets as a trainee.

I was a little surprised to read that article. Because even Japanese women, especially teenagers, face a lot of predicaments to became a geisha; nevertheless, she didn't gave up and achieved her goal. To add to that, I was also happy that our culture captivated others who had a totally different culture and customs.

I decided!

I decided! Are you asking me, " What did you decide"?

Walking as long as possible. Walking, what we call exercise walking, is one of popular exercise in Japan because we can keep it up without excessive momentum or fatigue. That's the reason many people ranging from young to elder exercise through walking.
I used to walk everyday when I quit a job. I wanted to keep the condition of my health and not to put on any weight. However, I didn't do that after I gave birth. Although I've not put on weight since then, I realized that my body was requiring something exercise. After all, I get tired easily and want to refresh everyday. To add to that, of course, I don't want to gain weight.

We can say "There is no time like the present" , so after I took my son to his kindergarten by bicycle, I went to a park near my house to do exercise walking. I don't know how long I walked, but while listening to English news recorded on a MD, I did exercise walking for one hour or so today. :D I felt refreshed. I hope I'll keep it up as long as possible.

We met our members after a long time.

Today, I wasn't supposed to attend the English club in which I regularly take part because my son had morning class, so I had to pick him up by noon. But, I'm always desperate to practice speaking or spend time for English, so I decided to attend it. It was only one hour, though. I met some members for the first time in a few months.
At the beginning of the time, we chatted how we had been getting along. I wanted to stay there, but "my" time was up..

After I picked up my son, I was headed for a driving test center with my son in tow as I had to renew my driver's licence. I know the procedure is hassle!.. Xl Even if the procedure for excellent drivers what we call a "gold driver", it's tiresome...( Incidentally, I fall into "the" category. hehehe) It took an hour and 45 minutes to renew...I wonder if the procedure could be simplified...
Well, when we renew our drivers' licences, we need code numbers so that our confidential information, which is stored on chips in the licences, couldn't be abused. I hope my picture of the licence will be done as well...My face....is awful as if I was offender...haha

The entrance ceremony

This morning, the entrance ceremony of my son's kindergarten was held. My son and I attended it. My husband was supposed to do so as well; however, he didn't manage to get away from his work nor take a day-off. Xl

During the ceremony, he seemed to be a little bit nervous. But he was calm as usual by the end of the ceremony. After that, my son and other classmates entered each class room and spent their first day of the kindergarten's life. It was a short time, though.

After we went back home, he seemed to be tired. haha As I expected, he took a nap although he usually doesn't do that.

I'm looking forward to watching his growth at the kindergarten from now. :D

Today, too

As I mentioned yesterday, I invited my fellow English-lovers to spend time for English. This time, another friend came over as well in addition to the friend who came yesterday.

Needless to say, as soon as they arrived at my house, they started to speak in English. ;D I really enjoyed myself today, too, of course. However, I made hundreds of thousands of mistakes while I was chatting in English. What a embarrassing! Uh.... They seemed to understand what I wanted to say or express, though...
I spent time for English 2 days in a row and realized it again that I needed to practice speaking more than ever and to have opportunities to practice doing as well.

I won't be able to attend any English clubs all of the next week because my kindergartener has only morning classes, so I'll have to pick him up by noon. I'm sure I'll be desperate to practice speaking and be immersed in English for the week...

"The English world"

Today, one of my fellow English-lovers came over to have time for English. My son is still in the middle of spring vacation and her daughters had no school because an entrance ceremony was held today. They started to play together before long. :D

As soon as they came over, she spoke in English. She seems to be always immersed in English. Thanks to her, I could change into a "English mode". ;D Almost all of the time, we chatted in English. You might think it was of little help for us. But, it was very helpful and valuable because we refrain from using Japanese. I can say we forbade ourselves from using Japanese. When I spoke to my son or her daughters, who understand English, I used English.
After the time, I basked in the afterglow of the "English world". ;D Tomorrow, I'm supposed to invite her and another English-lover to have time for English again!

I purchased it after a long time.

I used to buy a certain magazine every month to improve my English skills. The magazine is geared to English learners or those who want to keep their learned English skills.
I'd decided to review the magazines I purchased and not to buy any new issues of the magazine. However, I bought this month issue today because I finished reviewing the last one of them yesterday somehow or other.

This morning, I went to a book shop after I finished doing house chores one after another. At the shop, I flipped through this month's issue of the magazine. What's my feeling toward it?
"I'd not bought it for a long time; nevertheless, I love it." haha I thought it seemed to be more helpful and solid to English learners. In what way? I can say that it further focuses on comprehensive English skills through adding more dictating questions, several quizzes and so on. In fact, there were more dictating questions than before. Even if some are relatively easy articles, they must satisfy us because of the substantial contents and ways to learn. ;D

To boost my English skills more and more, resuming purchasing the magazine might be a good idea.

I achieved one of my goals!

I didn't tell anybody about a certain thing....To be honest, I took the TOEIC test last month. I'd taken the test just one year earlier, so I decided to take it this March.
Today, I got the result through the website.


I did it! One of my goals was to get score over 800 in the TOEIC test, so I'm near to making merry. lol (Last year, I wasn't able to do so.)
This time, I didn't particularly prepare for taking the test. ( I, of course, tried a workbook for a few times the day before the test.) I only did my routine-English study: reading a few English newspapers, watching news in English, practicing listening through some English websites and so on. I wanted to know my current English level.

Although I'm happy to get that score this time, I'll shoot for around 900 next.

"P.S I love you"

I dropped by a DVD-rental shop after a while. I'd been interested in a certain movie: "P.S I Love You." (I had bought the book and started to read it.) The DVD of the film had been already released, so I rented it.
To be honest, I had been expecting the story to attract my attention. However, it was a disappointment...Xl Some, of course, might like the structure of the film. I can say that it wasn't suitable to me.
In this case, I prefer the book...

2 days in a row.

This morning, I attended a free English conversation class with my son in tow. (The class is that I regularly attend and is different from the lesson I visited yesterday.)
Luckily, there were 3 of us in total this time. One of them was a new member. According to her, she works at a city hall and doesn't have chance to use English. She'd been eager to speak in English so her English skills won't get rusty.
I really enjoyed myself more than usual although I'm not sure that's the reason I was able to speak smoothly without any trouble and I had time for practicing speaking in English 2 days in a row.

The class won't be held next week because the teacher is supposed to attend her daughter's entrance ceremony. In addition, for the week after next, my son will have morning classes at a kindergarten, so I'll be absent from the conversation class.
I'm looking forward to attending the class 2 weeks later. :D

The new free English conversation class

I'd wavering if I would visit or not, but I decided to attend a certain class. It was a free English conversation class.
Now, I attend a few conversation classes. They are very helpful for me, but I've been eager to have more opportunities to speak in English.
Luckily, I'd found the class through the Internet and made an appointment as a visitor.

Although I was the first to arrive, before long the members came there one after another. There were 10 of us and a teacher. At first, I was a little bit nervous; nevertheless, I might be impudent. haha In the middle of the lesson, I felt relaxed and enjoyed speaking as usual. I thought the difficulty level wasn't high. Rather than that, it seemed to be from novice to an intermediate level. Luckily, one of them was an advanced level. He's a licenced tour guide.

I've not decided to go the class yet because I'm not sure when is available for me after my son enters a kindergarten and I start to work.
Anyway, if I have other class, I want to visit there. And then I'll decide which one is the most suitable for me and decide to draw a conclusion whether I go to the class.
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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