I received the result.

The day before yesterday, I wrote about a job interview and a writing test for an English teacher for kids. I had predicted that I wouldn't get hired. Due to the extreme tension, I wasn't able to show my personality, nor did I give a good demonstration of teaching English for kids. ( At least I felt that way.)

I took part in a free English conversation club this morning and when I came back home, the result had been there. .......................................................I got hired!!!!!

I was bubbled over with excitement and immediately sent a text message to my fellow English-lovers and my husband. Actually, I talked about the job interview and my anxiety about the result at the club. The anxiety turned into joy. ;D

Well, I'll have to get training this year and then, I'm supposed to work as an English teacher starting from next year. As I need to support my family as soon as possible, I should consider how to make ends meet this year. However, I was a little relieved because I got a regular job at last....

The manager offered

Usually, I take part in an English club every Wednesday. But today, an important appointment clashed with the club's meeting, so I was absent from it.

The appointment was with one of companies I applied to. In fact, I had taken the interview test. Unfortunately, our conditions weren't met. However, the manager was satisfied with my personality and English skills. That's why she contacted me for the meeting. She's thinking about a new business and she hopes we'll work together on the business down the road. To add to that, she offered me another job. It was an English teacher at her school. It sounded attractive to me very much.

Well, she hasn't yet to flesh out the business, so I need to have a regular work to help my husband's salary. (The regular job will be an English teacher for kids I took the test yesterday or another job which is at one of the company's businesses. I've already passed the latter.)

Either way, I need to mull them over for a little while...

I had tons of butterflies in my stomach.

Today, I visited a company to take an interview and a writing test. The company is well-known and runs a variety of businesses such as an English conversation school. In fact, last month, I applied for a job to one of the company's businesses. ( I wrote about it before, though.) This time, I applied for an English teacher for kids to another business.

Last time: I took a test last month, the interviewer and I had relaxed time during the test as if we were having a meeting.
This time, I had expected like that....However, it was completely different from my expectation. The writing test wasn't hard, but the interview one was tough for me...The interviewers seemed to lay stress on the interview test. They might have wanted to know applicants' characters and to evaluate whether the characters' were suitable to the company and the job.
For example, the applicants had to give a demonstration of teaching English to kids. We were distributed each a picture card and tried to teach the word on it. Then, the interviewers pretended a variety of kids such as a vigorous boy and a shy girl to evaluate our skills of dealing with those characters.

While taking the interview test, I had tons of butterflies in my stomach....What's worse, due to the extreme tension I wasn't able to speak English as much as usual and I might have spoke disconnection toward the interviewers' questions...Xl

Awwwwww! What the heck! Uh..............................Anyway, It's over, finished! There's nothing I can do about it except wait for the result....

I had the audacity to...

Yesterday, I took part in an English club which I visited once in a while. Although I hadn't planned to take part, nor did I have the text book which the members usually used, I was so eager to practice speaking that I had the audacity to ask the representative if I was able to join in. Luckily, she welcomed me. :D

To begin with, we chatted away about a range of topics from sports day to music. And then, we got down to the text book. The book is for business persons, but it's said to be good for English learners to achieve advanced level as well.
As I didn't have the book, I tried to listen to their recitations and comprehend the contents as much as possible. The subjects were interesting. ;D I really enjoyed learning new words and phrases through the meeting.

A bitter word

Last night, my son didn't have dinner as much as usual. I asked "Why didn't you eat? What's wrong with you?" He answered "Uh..because it wasn't yummy..." What's worse, he continued saying, "My box lunch wasn't either."

I was so shocked and exploded in anger. Irresistibly, I cried out "Who prepares your lunch every day? Who takes you to kindergarten and picks you up? Who cares for you every day?....IT'S ME!! If you don't want to eat, all right, you shouldn't eat it any more! I'll NOT do anything for you instead!"

I understood he didn't know the exact meaning of mazui (not yummy or not tasty) and when he use the word. However, when he said it to me, I had too much on my plate. That was why I was all bent out of shape...

When my husband came back home, I told him about it. He asked our son about what he meant on my behalf. Then, he explained, "Tonight's dinner was too heavyfor me to eat. Today's lunch was, too." He used to say "spicy" when he felt heavy or unsuitable to his taste. He said "mazui" for the first time, so I was totally baffled this time....

A few blisters

Every morning, I walk for exercise, listening to English news for about 2 hours. Thanks to the wonderful weather, I feel relaxed and refreshed.

When I quit my job, I would often walk to keep my condition. I hadn't done since I gave birth, but I resumed walking. Resuming something for exercise after a while, you may be able to imagine what will happen to our bodies easily. In my case, I had a few blisters on a left sole of my foot. I don't feel sore, but it's uncomfortable when I walk.

Anyway, I talked to my husband about it. Then, he said a word, "You realized how long you hadn't exercised, didn't you. haha!" Oh....my....(--;)

All in all, I broke and sterilized them, so it's no problem to walk. :D

Is the flu on the verge of a pandemic?

Whenever I watch the TV or read newspapers, the number of patients infected with the new flu has been increasing. Over 160 infected patients have so far been reported. Most of the patients live in the Kansai area such as Osaka and Kobe, according to the news.

Frankly, I was optimistic about it. I didn't expect that kind of situation would happen in Japan because at every main international airport, quarantine officers wearing protective masks and gloves perfectly have been checking travelers from the U.S or Mexico, in addition, thermography cameras have been installed. The government has been on the alert against it. I predicted even if patients who might be infected with the flu were found, it wouldn't spread. However, now we might have to protect ourselves against it.

In fact, one of my in-law's families lives in Osaka. When I sent her a text message, she replied that her kids' school and kindergarten have already closed. She only goes out when they need some food and daily necessities, according to her.

We must be on alert for a while, but are to be clam as well...

Are you alright?

Yesterday, my son and I went on his school outing to a big park. After we came back home, I was exhausted. (He wasn't so, though) I was supposed to relax the next day.

This morning, I got up earlier than usual (I wanted to sleep more than usual, but I didn't manage to do...Xl), so I decided to spend the time doing whatever I wanted to do: it was for my own time. At first, I start to check my E-mails. At that time, my son woke up and called me. When I went to his bedroom and he got up, he had heavy coughs. And then, suddenly, he threw up. (In fact, his cough had persisted. )
After he threw up, he was fine as usual. He didn't have any symptoms of a cold. However, I took him to the hospital so the cough wouldn't get worse or trigger pneumonia. As I expected, the hospital was flooded with kids and babies. We waited for about 2 hours to see a doctor. @o@

After that, what I had to do was left....After all I had to wash a range of things from his pajamas to his blanket. I used the washing machine 4 times today...I finished all the things around 2 o'clock...I hope I'll feel relaxed tomorrow.....Please....

An antique obi

I'm interested in coordinating clothes or furniture because I can create my own style or space. I've decorated my living room with Japanese items little by little since I got married. I'm so far satisfied with the decorated room. It hadn't been completed, but it was done today. I'd wanted an antique obi for a while. I considered buying one at a Japanese antique shop or somewhere, but it would cost an arm and a leg. I didn't buy one...

Luckily, one of my friends gave me a good news a little while ago. She said, "My friend is going to give away a lot of antique kimonos and obis soon, so you can take whatever you like." Wow! How nice!

Today, that friend brought tons of antique kimonos and obis. I was very overwhelmed by the number when I looked at them. Right away, I got started on picking several obisI was indecisive about which to pick at that time, but I managed to choose several ones. Some of them are the following picture...


They're so wonderful, aren't they? How will I use them? I'm not supposed to use them as clothes, but to use them as interior items such as a table runner in my living room. ;D

To maintain my motivation to learn English

I might have mentioned before, but I'd like to write about motivation for learning English.

These days, I'm losing my motivation to learn English. I love English, of course. I don't mean I don't learn English anymore. Not learning, but watching and listening English programs.

A few English club in which I regularly take part will be helpful to regain my motivation for learning. In fact, I took part in an English club this morning. It goes without saying that I really enjoyed talking. I felt refreshed. ;D

I decided to relax, watching and listening English programs until I regain my motivation. ^^;

It's a useful site for English learners.

To boost my English skills, I learn English with the help of the several TV programs such as CNN or BBC.
I often watch language programs of the NHK. One of the programs intrigues me. The title is "ニュースで英会話". We can not only learn English on the TV, but also on the Internet. We can learn vocabulary, key sentences and the usage of the important phrases through everyday news. We can, of course, practice listening. To add to that, we can try to test about each article in order to comprehend them thoroughly. I'm very interested in the program because I learn English through English news and newspapers.

I visited the site right away. It was an interesting program sure enough. Yes, I added the site to my favorite category on my PC.

Anyway, all of the news are slow-speaking...I wish I could listen to them at natural speed...Moreover, it doesn't have a pause-function, so if I dictate a piece of the news, I have to remember the whole content or listen to it over and over again...It's inefficient...I wish it would have a pause-function....

A big present

Yesterday was my 3*th birthday. As my husband had to work late yesterday, we're supposed to celebrate my birthday tonight.
This morning, my husband said "Tonight, I'll prepare dinner for you. Leave it up to me and let your hair down." He prepares dinner almost every weekend, so I'm looking forward to the dishes. (Now, he's still out to buy ingredients. While he's out, I'm writing this journal.)
It goes without saying that we love to drink and are conviviality. haha

It's an invisible present, but it's an awesome one for me. I can say it's priceless, right?

We had our modeling debut!?

My son and I visited my husband's workplace yesterday to have our pictures taken. They may be appearing on the Internet soon.

The other day, my husband asked me to have my and our son's pictures taken for the homepage of his company. They'll provide a special plan for visitors this summer. (Incidentally, my husband works at an international hotel.) Especially, the plan is for families, according to him. I didn't know why they and my husband asked us to take our pictures, but I was rather interested in the request because I used to work there when I was single. After all, I wanted to reminisce about those days. haha

When we arrived at the place, which was a restaurant, I was a little bit surprised because all of the staffs were new to me and the cafe interior was a little changed. Wow....I felt a lot of time had passed...
While the photographer was taking our pictures, my son was nervous all the time. But the press officers, who were in their 20's, unwind his tenseness.
After that, I felt relaxed over coffee and my son ate a piece of cake with relish. ;D

I don't know whether our pictures will be appearing, but we had a good experience.

How was your GW?

My family has stayed at my husband's parents' house since 3rd May. During the "Golden Week holidays": a succession of holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May. 2 sisters-in-law's family have stayed there as well.

We visited a local theme park today. It was so a wonderful but hot day. But we enjoyed ourselves, especially, all the kids. lol Luckily, as a power ranger performance was held, my son was very excited. Needless to say, he's bent to power rangers.

Anyway, my family is supposed to go back home tonight.

(I'm writing this journal using parents-in-law's PC.)

She came over for the first time

Yesterday, I invited one of my fellow English-lovers to spend time for English. To add to that, I wanted her to give me some advice about becoming an English teacher because she's active in that field. It has been 10 years since she become an English teacher. I'm eager to gather information about whatever is related to English. (I'm still wavering whether I'll work as an English teacher as I mentioned before, though.)
We enjoyed talking in English. This time, I was satisfied with my talking in English because what I wanted to say came out smoothly. haha

After the meeting, I visited a small English conversation school to meet the manager. One of my friends gave me a piece of information about a job relating to English. (I mentioned it before.) The job was really interesting and attracted me. I was so glad to hear that the manager regarded my English skills and myself very highly. However, at present, each condition wasn't met. I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with her from now, although our conditions weren't met "this time".
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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