Do you have any recommendation?

To keep in shape, I try to ride a bicycle, walk as much as possible and whatnot. To add to that, I want to tone up my muscles. However, I'm kind of a quitter, so keeping on exercising is relatively hard for me....^^; In other words, I'm lazy..haha

I stretch my muscles after I took a bath or as I'm preparing meals, brushing my teeth etc. But, I don't do that every day...What's worse, I have a few drinks every night...^^; ( My husband says I drink like a fish, though....)I can say that kind of exercise is in vain.
Should I try to have time for exercise to keep in shape and tone up my muscles?

What day of the week is it today?

Yesterday, I gave my English trial lesson to a lady as I had mentioned before. It was the first time I gave a trial lesson for an adult class, so I had to prepare for it closely.

When the lady, who is in her fifties, came in a room, she seemed to be a little nervous. I tried to relax her as much as possible.
I managed to gave my lesson without any troubles. :D I hope she enjoyed taking my lesson and will decide to enter my classroom. ;D

Well, as for today, I had to attend a meeting at my company. It was the last meeting for opening adult classes. When the meeting was over, I was quite So were other teachers.

After I went home with my son and had dinner, at last I had a short time for myself. As usual, I checked E-mails, my friends' blogs. Then, I found out one of the English clubs I belong to was held yesterday..It completely slipped out of my mind.....T T

I seem to lost track of what day it is today......

Chat with three people.

Yesterday, one of my English-lovers sent me a text-message. She's eager to practice speaking, but she has less chances to brush up on her speaking skill than she hopes. She's an English teacher for kids and her speaking skill is quite good, though.

Early this afternoon, I contacted a friend of mine to chat. We very often chat away in English through Skype. Then, I called her to join us. Being an English club's members, we had a conversation together as usual even though the friend who very often chats with me lives out of our prefecture now. :D

Thanks to Skype and my English-lovers, actually, I'm able to be immersed myself in brushing up on my English skills far more than before. But for them, I wouldn't be able to communicate with native English speakers or English learners with an advanced level.

Anyway, I'm going to give my trial English lesson to an adult woman tomorrow. I'm getting down to the preparations!

Practicing riding a bicycle

Last Saturday, my family took part in an event at our son's kindergarten, so today was a substitute holiday for my son. My husband, of course, had to work, though...

Today was beautiful weather and warm, so my son and I decided to take a stroll as I had to change some posters of my English classroom for new ones, which I usually put up them in front of the local facility I teach.
After that, we walked and walked and Needless to say, he was excited during our stroll. haha

He seemed not to be enough. He was romping around the house after we came home...^^; Then, I suggested he practice riding his bicycle with training wheels. He's not able to ride without them, although he likes to ride... To get used to riding his bicycle faster and faster and be ready to get off them, we went out to a park early this afternoon.
During his riding practice, his laugh and tickled voice rang through the park. :D

To speak to him in English

Early this afternoon, one of my English-lovers and I chatted away in English through Skype. We very often contact each other to enjoy talking in English.
She always speaks to her daughters in English in her daily life. In fact, when she came over my house with her daughters in tow, she never spoke to them in Japanese. She said, "They speak English less than I want them to do. I really want them to speak more and more." As I met them only a few times, I didn't know how much they understand or can communicate with her in English.

However, one of her daughters' amazing skills came to light through our chat. When we were chatting through Skype, she came home. We broke our chat just a moment and they made some conversation such as I'm thirsty or wash your hands and so on. ( Of course, she spoke to her in English.) Then, I heard something behind my headset. She was talking something to her mom in ENGLISH!!!!! I was so amazed because she were speaking English fluently as if she were a native English speaker. They were talking in English all the time.

Although she said "I want them to speak English because they're hesitant to do...", I can say "No Kidding! How super! Amazing!!!". XD

These days, my son's interested in both of the Japanese and English letters. What's better, he likes to have my English lessons. But, he doesn't like to communicate in English except for my lessons. In particular, when I speak to him in English, he says "No! mom. I don't understand what you said. Japanese please!".
I understand learning Japanese is very important for him as a Japanese, but English also. He'll have to learn English sooner or later, so I don't want him to learn English for entering high school or university but learn practical English skills for his future.

She gave me some advice to teach both languages at the same time. (I could say "multi-tasking". lol)
Right away, I tried carrying on her advice as she mentioned. To my surprise, it worked!!!!! My son responded to me in English without frowning!!!! What a wonderful her advice was!

I try "the multi-tasking" from now. :D

Two days in a raw

Today, I took part in a free English conversation class. There were 5 of us, who are regular members.

When I entered the room, a woman had been chatting with the teacher. She belongs to another English club, which I usually take part in. She was talking about her younger son's bad habit. She wants him to kick the habit, but it's tough for him, according to her. The habit is when he's concentrating on something, he's apt to shake his leg, what we call "貧乏ゆすり" in Japanese. She always says "Stop it! Don't do that" to him, but he's not able to kick the habit, she said. Maybe, he's apt to do that unconsciously...

If you used to have that kind of habit, how did you kick the habit? In my case, when I was a school kid, I had a bad habit.... I was apt to bite my skin around fingernails to get relaxed when I was nervous or felt immense pressure. Of course, my mother always said " Don't do that! It's shameful." However, I wasn't able to stop it....

The solution was simple. When I was interested in a music group and hooked on listening to their songs, I was able to stop biting. One of the reasons may be that I grew up, though... It's true alternative to the bad habit is one of solutions. Since then, I've never done it...

To get back to her son's habit, he loves to play soccer, baseball and so on. Maybe, he's a very active boy, so his body is still active when he sits rigid while doing his homework or something...

Chat chat chat!

I belong to two English clubs and one free English conversation class. They're indispensable for me to brush up on my English skills, in particular, speaking.

This morning, I took part in one of the English clubs. It was the first time this year, so I was thrilled to meet the members and chat away in English together. :D Needless to say, on arriving at one of the members' house, tens of thousands of words flooded out of my mouth. lol
According to one of the members, she is going to take to the TOEIC test some time this year to inspire her to keep learning English. Not only to keep learning English, but whatever we try to keep doing is also hard. That's because she decided to take the test. :D

Although I wanted to stay and chat together, we wrapped up today's meeting. haha

Sad to say, one of the members was absent due to her work. Xl I hope we'll meet her at the next meeting.

The planetarium

Needless to say, I'm hooked on learning English to brush up on my English skills. To add to that, I'm interested in stars and the moon. Although I'm not up on space, I feel relaxed when I just see stars or the moon.

Yesterday, my family visited the planetarium to lean about space. Ever since I was a school kid, I hadn't visited there. There were more school kids and their families than I had expected...^^;

We can't only learn about space, but also study science through interesting exhibitions at the facility. I was thrilled to learn about space and science. My son was more excited, although learning science through the exhibitions seemed to be a little premature for him.

It was worth while visiting that kind of facility to inspire our brains. :D

A Power Ranger movie

The other day, my family went to a shopping mall. My husband wanted to have Chinese noodle at the mall because there're some famous noodle restaurants. My son and I planned to watch a Power Ranger movie which he had been eager to watch. In fact, it was the first time for him, so I was a little bit worried he would concentrate on watching, and I hoped he wouldn't bother others.
Luckily, a boy who was next to my son was so friendly, the boy and my son hit it off before long. :D

In the middle of the movie, I heard some strange mumblings from my behind. A guy seemed to mumble after the lines, so I though he tried to explain the story to his kid. However, he didn't seem to talk to his kid. He talked to himself...Xl At the climax of the movie, he tried to say sound effects to add to the lines. He appeared to be odd....At the end of it, my son noticed the guy and said, " Too noisy to watch! mom." The boy (who sit next to my son) also said to his dad, "Noisy! dad!" To my shame, they were right; nevertheless, I wasn't able to say to the guy anything....That was because I didn't want to involve in that kind of person......Xl

If you were, what would you do?

New students

Yesterday, I gave my English lessons to two kids as I mentioned before. Their mother has a full-time job. After working in the morning, she took her kids to the local facility where I teach English. :D Thank you so much.

When the kids entered, they seemed to be a little nervous. However, they enjoyed my English lessons before long. ;D To my pleasure, they said they really enjoyed themselves and wanted to learn my English lessons as soon as possible. XD I was so glad to hear that. It's rewarding as an English teacher.
According to their mother, she had planned to enter my English class, so she wanted to know about my lessons in detail.

I hope they'll be absorbed in learning English. :D

Walking for exercise

I've been advertising my English class for this year, so I often distribute many fliers these days. I've already opened lessons for kids. To add to the lessons, I'm supposed to open for adult classes this April. That's why I've been swamped with my work, including distributing fliers for my classroom.

Today, I distributed fliers on foot. It took more time to finish than I had expected. ^^; (It took about 3 hours for 1,000 fliers!!!) It was like exercise walking. haha
After distributing the fliers, I was exhausted....^^; When I was a student, I wasn't tired even if I walked that amount of time.....I seem to be lack of exercise....or.....I'm getting old...Yes...That's true...T T

Well, I'm going to give two trial lessons to kids, who are a 5-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl, tomorrow. :D I'm thrilled to meet them.

Getting energy from others

As I've been tied up with my work, preparations for trial lessons and so on, I felt emotionally exhausted these days. However, my English clubs members and people who I met for the first time braced me up. :D

When I'm utterly exhausted, I try to meet my friends or take part in some events to feel refreshed. These days, I met a few new people. They are, of course, interested in English, one of whom is my senior teacher. We got to know each other through our company's meetings. As for the others, they took part in our English club or a free conversation class. They seem to be ordinary meetings, but they are indispensable for me. In fact, those meetings gave me energy as if I was rejuvenated. :D

Thanks, everyone!

Reconsidering my routine study of English

I've been reconsidering my routine study of English to improve my English skills.

Here is my routine study of English, including English clubs.

1, Reading English news papers. (I mainly read The Japan Times.)
2, Listening to an English radio program, which is for advanced level, with a text book.
3, Writing my journals in English and having them corrected by native English speakers.
4, Listening to CNN or BCC.
5, Taking part in a few English clubs to practice speaking English.
6, Watching the evening news in English.

As for NO.2, I wonder if I make the best use of it..... To built a bigger vocabulary and enhance my listening skill, I started to listen to the radio program. (Actually, I'd been hesitant to listen to the program with the text book because some sentences are relatively complicated and I hardly express in these ways. However, I changed my mind and decided to start to learning...)
I check new words and expressions, listen to the program, try to repeat after the voice and then read a vignette aloud. I'm not sure whether those ways are suitable to me. I meant even if it's a good text book and radio program, it would be inefficient when I adopt unsuitable ways for me...

What do you think?

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