A cherry blossom-viewing

Speaking of this season in Japan, I'd like to tell you it's cherry blossom-viewing time.

Yesterday, my family went out to see the cherry blossom after we had lunch. Some go out to enjoy the cherry blossom with their lunch boxes and have them under the cherry trees in full blossom, others just go out to see it.

The weather was wonderful, although it was a little chilly and windy. Take a look at this....

It's awesome, isn't it. :D
I felt nature and saw a badge of spring.

To learn Japanese

As an English learner, I've been studying English to attain an advanced level. I don't only practice speaking, listening and reading, but also practice writing English. The purpose of my blog is to learn to write in a sophisticated way and to review the English grammar or words I'velearned. I've not been satisfied with my skills, but I'm getting used to writing English journals.

These days, I wrote a few journals, which were for my English club's members or would-be members, in Japanese. I hardly write any journals in Japanese, so I wrote them carefully. hahaha
I realized it was difficult to express what I want exactly in Japanese. lol You might be astonished, but it was true. I meant Japanese has particular nuances in its expressions, so I tried to write them so as not to confuse readers or get my meanings wrong. (Needless to say, I do in English as well.)
In addition, I thought my Japanese writing skill is quite childish...^^;

I might need to learn Japanese, too....^^;

To my sadness

As I mentioned yesterday, I was supposed to have a farewell party today. However, the organizer of our English club, who is going to move out of our prefecture, (the party for her) sent me a text message this morning. She told me she caught a bad cold such as vomit and diarrhea. Xl... Oh, poor mom....

That's why the party was canceled. To my sadness, I won't manage to have time to meet her before the day she moves...Xl Luckily, she has a blog, so I'll contact her later through her blog as well as text messages.

I hope she'll get well soon and her kids won't catch a cold...

Maybe, last time

I'm supposed to meet my fellow English-lovers to have lunch tomorrow. We belong to an English club and the organizer is to move out of our prefecture. We're going to held a farewell party for her.

To my sadness, a few members will be absent from the party due to having a cold etc, but I'm sure the organizer will understand they're really missing her.

As for the party, I'll write about it in detail tomorrow. :D

Seem to relapse

About two weeks ago, I was out of shape and didn't want to do anything....Soon, I got well and went back to my daily life. However, I seem to have relapsed....As usual, I'm desperate to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing English; nevertheless, my brain doesn't work properly. I have a stuffy nose, a bad cough and a dull pain in my head due to the cough...

That kind of thing (illness or something like that) happens to me on my free days or when I manage to have time...^^;

This time, I can see I should spend the time sleeping or relaxing for my bad condition, but I couldn't do that....^^; I tried to get down to what I'd left such as desk work or some English radio programs I had missed.

Maybe, I need to do something 24/7 even though I'm in a bad condition...lol

英語、英会話勉強会 ~英語の森~

引き継いだワークショップの初日程です^^ Emiさんの残してくださった内容+私自身の“色”を出していけたらな、、、と思っています。みなさんにお会いできるのを楽しみにしています♪

【日時】:4月19日(月)      10:00~12:00
       26日(月)(←決定です)     同上


【料金】:500円 (教材コピー代を含む)


4月 英会話サークル ~マムズ~


【日時】:4月14日(水)     10:00~12:00
      21日(水)          同上 
      28日(水)(←決定です)    同上


【料金】:500円 (サークル運営の為、人数によっては多少変動致します。)


I took over her workshops

As I mentioned yesterday, I'd like to talk about the English club I take part in on Wednesdays.

The organizer is supposed to move out of my prefecture, so she asked me to take over the club. I thought that would be too much for me because I don't have confidence in continuing the club like she did. However, the club is really indispensable for me. Ever since I met her at the club, I've been brushing up on my English skills and encouraged in learning English. But for her and the club, I wouldn't have attained current skills and made my circle of friends larger.
That's why I decided to take over the club.

In addition, she has another English workshop and asked me to take over it as well. At first, I was reluctant to do that because I'm not sure whether her students will be satisfied with my lecture. But, according to her, they're eager to learn English, so I decided to try to give my lessons to them.

I still, of course, have mixed feelings -hopes and worries-...However, I'll make all-out efforts to enjoy ourselves to our hearts' content. :D

引き継ぎます (2)


皆さんとても熱心に学ばれてらっしゃるご様子で、この熱意があればこそ継続できるんですよね、、、特に語学は、、、。^^本職でもある英会話講師として、ここがとても重要なポイントだと思っているので、今回引き継ぎのお話しをお受けいたしました。もちろん、引き継ぐにあたってメンバーさんは満足するだろうか、残念がられないだろうか等不安とプレッシャーはあります。が、より英語世界にどっぷりと浸って頂けるようにビシバシ(!?)楽しみながらやっていけたらな、、と思っています。^^ よろしくお願い致します。






Miss her very very very much.....

In the morning, I took part in a free English conversation club with my son in tow as his school year was already over. Luckily, there were only my son and me this time! Yes! I could monopolize the teacher. hehe
During the class, I floundered through my talking more than usual....X I was really frustrated with my skill as usual, but I enjoyed to my heart's content. :D

After the class, I got a text-message from a mom, who is the organizer of the English club I belong to. She had mentioned she probably would move out of our prefecture due to her husband's transfer. Her expectation was right.
Needless to say, I was so shocked, although she had told me about that...

I'm supposed to meet her and other English-lovers to learn English over coffee tomorrow....It'll be the last meeting with her...T T

Well, as for the English club and so on, I'll write tomorrow...

Rejuvenate me

My condition is getting better, although it's still not normal. I'd relatively been lassitude. I don't know whether the hectic week I mentioned before is the cause, though...

To refresh and get energy, I took part in one of the English clubs in the morning. I had invited a senior teacher to the club. She isn't only interested in English, but also interested in German. :D She's supposed to stay in Germany this summer, according to her.

During the workshop, we introduced ourselves and talked about a range of topics from religions to volunteer activities. It was a usual meeting, but this time, it wasn't to me somewhat...Thanks to the club and the members, I could liven up. :D

Out of shape

As I mentioned before, last week was quite hectic. I'm attentive to my health not to get out of shape, but my carefulness didn't seem to be enough...

I've been out of shape since last weekend...My brain doesn't seem to work properly...I took medicine and some supplement-drinks against cold, but It's yet to be normal condition...--;

I need a chunk of time for sleeping, but it's relatively hard for me these days due to my work, child care, household chores and whatnot.

I hope I'll manage to have time for sleeping.....

Meeting, meeting, meeting

I can say "Today was my friends' day!" because I visited one of my English-lovers' house to chat away in English in the morning and I met other friends with our kids to have lunch at a community center in the afternoon.

As for the chat meeting, a mom who is an organizer of the other English club joined us this time. It was the first time for her to take part in the meeting. We immersed ourselves in the meeting and enjoyed chatting in English. :D I made a tremendous amount of mistakes in my speaking, though...haha^^;

After the meeting, I headed for a community center to have lunch with other friends and our kids. Our kids were boon companions, so they always play together in their kindergarten.
We rented a room for three hours, but it wasn't enough!!! lol We rushed out of the room because we had to return the room key to the staff.

After the lunch, one of the friends invited me to have a few cups of coffee. Her family built their own house recently. It was an amazing and fantastic house! I hope my family would have our own house in the future.....
While chatting together, we hit it off. She's congenial to me: she likes to meet new people, have several drinks and so on.

I try to get my circle of friends large more and more. :D

A hectic week

I've been swamped with my work, household chores, a few meetings with my friends and whatnot this week. That's why I have to be absent from a few English clubs I belong to....

It was a gusty day yesterday and very bad weather, so a few posters for my English classroom were in tatters. In the morning, I had to put up the new posters in front of the community center where I teach English. I had planned to visit a native English speaker, who is a British woman, to have a free English conversation class, but I didn't manage to visit her due to the facts mentioned above...

As for this evening, I'll have to go to a relative's house because my aunt had passed away the day before yesterday... I was so shocked because when I was a kid, I very often visited her house and she took good care of me.
Maybe, I'll come back home late, but I have many appointments as for my work over weekends, including tomorrow. I'm managing to juggle with them....

A job interview

Every Wednesday, I take part in one of the English clubs I belong to. However, I was absent from the club today because I had to take a job interview in the morning. Some might be confused why I had to take the interview because I already have a job as an English teacher. haha

The job is an assistant for homeroom teachers when school kids take English lessons at elementary schools in my city. It requires the assistants to work three days a week, but doesn't require a teaching certificate.
Now, I work two days a week, although I'm supposed to do three days a week next April. I had thought I might manage to squeeze the new job into my schedule. That's why I had applied.

Well, as for the job interview, it took about 15 minutes or so. There were three interviewers, one of whom was a native English speaker. Needless to say, all of the applicants had to answer some questions in English. I didn't have any trouble speaking English, but I'm not sure whether my remarks were to the point...^^;

Anyway, I don't know whether I'll pass because my schedule might not meet the job conditions....But, I enjoyed taking the interview. :D

Sandra Bullock!!!

Ever since I watched "Speed", I've liked Sandra Bullock. At that time, I didn't speak English as much as I do now, but I was able to catch her speaking in the movie relatively more easily than other actors or actresses. That's why I decided to watch her movies to improve my listening skill.

The other day, I rented a DVD, which was " The Proposal", after a long time. The story was a romantic comedy and quite simple. I occasionally watch science-fiction or adventure movies, but some of them are beyond my grasp in terms of the lines. I try to watch movies without subtitles as mush as possible, so I'm apt to watch simple stories like romantic comedies.

Regarding the movie, to my surprise, I didn't have trouble listening to the lines at all. :D It might be one of the most understandable I've ever watched.( I hope my listening skill's getting better, though...lol)

Some time ago, I read an English newspaper. An article caught my attention: Sandra Bullock won the best actress for "The Blind Side"!!! Wow! According to the article, it's based on a true story. I'm interested in the movie...

Well, I think I'll buy all of the DVDs she is in...

Having lunch with moms

Picking up my son at his kindergarten, I meet several moms. However, it's true there are many moms I seldom meet. To get to know and promote friendship, we often have lunch together.

Today, we held a mom's meeting what we call "茶話会" in Japanese. The meeting was the biggest in a year because this month is at the end of the academic year. I like to meet new people and friends, so I arrived at a restaurant much earlier than our reserved time. haha

During the lunch, we exchanged interesting information about school, child care, work and so on. In addition, we talked about our previous jobs or when we were unmarried. There were a variety of backgrounds. That's why I like to meet people and talk to them. I mean I'm not only inspired by our talks but I also broaden my personal connections through them. :D

Well, some moms and I are planning for the next lunch meeting. lol

Made by hand

This morning, my English-lovers visited my house to practice speaking English. We regularly have meetings over coffee.

One of the members gave handmade sweets, which was green tea pudding, to us. Another member gave handmade candles. XD


I like to design things such as clothes or hair styles, but I seldom make that kind of stuff by hand..^^; According to the member who made the candles, she imagined each member's personal color. As for me, she imagined my character as red and purple. As she said, red and purple are my favorite color. :D

Regarding our meeting, time flashed by.... Whenever we have the meeting, which is held for about two hours every time, we say "Oh! Time's up!? It's not enough for us." lol We're really desperate to immerse ourselves in English...
That's why we can keep practicing speaking English...maybe...

A substitute day off

My husband has to take eight days off at least a month in line with his company's policy. He'd decided to take a substitute day off today.

I usually don't have time to relax every morning. I can say "The morning war"...because I prepare breakfast, box lunches for my son and husband, hang out the laundry, take my son to his kindergarten and so on.....Luckily, my husband took a substitute day off, so I left some house chores up to him. :D
This morning, I had planned to attend an English club, so he took me to the facility where we usually hold our club. ( After taking me there, he went to a shopping mall.)

After the club, I walked from the facility to my house because I wanted to exercise. It took about 40 minutes, although I took a brisk walk. Some think it's too long, but I didn't feel like that. :D It was a quite good exercise for me.
On arriving at my home, I contacted one of my English lovers to chat way in English through Skype. Needless to say, I wanted to practice speaking English more. lol (I must seem so strange...maybe...lol)
Thanks to her, we really enjoyed chatting and practicing speaking English. (Thanks a bunch!, my friend!!!)

Through Skype

Ever since I installed Skype, I've made use of it to improve my speaking skill. To add to that, meeting new people is one of my interests, so I'm willing to pal up with them.

Today, I got to know a man, who is his twenties, through Skype. We often use a language Web site and learn languages that we respectively want to brush up. It was the first time for us to talk with each other. At first, we exchanged "type chat", which means we can talk through typing on the screens. After that, we tried to do a voice chat. I was worried my speaking might confuse him, but we were able to communicate in English. To my happiness, he paid me a compliment on my English skills. :D His compliments encouraged me in brushing up on my English skills.

Thanks to him, I really enjoyed chatting with him and practicing speaking English.
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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