At an amusement park

Yesterday my family got up earlier than usual because we had planned to go to a big amusement park. Without an expressway, the drive from our house to the amusement park takes about two hours. You might think it's far, so why don't we use an expressway? To cut our household expenditure, we decided not to use it.

One of my friends had given us coupons to enter the amusement park for free. Power Ranger's show has been held, so my son had been longing to visit there. Several Power Rangers whom my son likes came on the stage. Needless to say, he was so excited during the show. lol
After the show we could take a picture with the Rangers. He seemed to be in the seventh heaven. haha When we were waiting in line, he said " I will try to pose like the Rangers". However, when he stood in front of them, he didn't budge by even a fraction. XD He must have been shy and nervous because his heroes were in front of him!

After that we tried a few rides. Most of the rides were of limited height to ride, so I thought he would be bored or disappointed. But he seemed to enjoy himself. To my surprise, he really enjoyed riding a roller coaster!

We have pleasant memories. :D

The last lesson

This morning, I gave my English lesson for adults. (I gave a short-term course at a community center and today's lesson was my last lecture.) They were novice and eager to learn English, so their attitudes toward English always encouraged me in teaching English. :D

The short-term course was for travel-English, what we call "旅行英会話" in Japanese. The last lesson's theme was "At a shop." They learned useful expressions such as "Do you have other colors in a small?"
Every time I had an immense pressure and was nervous, but I really had a great experience through the course. :D
At the end of my lecture, some of them were interested in my regular lessons. Although the place I give regular lessons is different from today's center, I hope they'll enter my classroom....


今月はネイティブゲストが不在T Tですが、メンバー達でより濃い内容となるように楽しみましょう♪


6月 9、23日 10:00~12:00
大野城北コミュニティーセンター 研修室 1








6月 7、14、21、28日 (月曜日)10:00~12:00
大野城北コミュニティーセンター 研修室1





At last, we chatted.

He went to kindergarten after about one week absence as our family doctor had gave him the green light.
After I took him to his kindergarten, I got down to household chores and my routine English study such as reading English newspapers, listening to CNN and BCC. When I just finished them, one of my fellow English lovers, who was Emi, contacted me through Skype. Ever since she moved out of my prefecture, we hadn't had chance to contact because we hadn't managed to find a convenience time to talk.

We didn't have a long time to chat, but I really enjoyed talking to her in English. :D She's supposed to take the TOEIC this Sunday, so I hope she'll get a satisfying score on the test.







He got the green light.

My son and I visited our family doctor to have his body checked this morning. Ever since he got chicken pox, he's stayed at home. Although he isn't in a bad mood, he seems to have too much energy to stay...^^;
As his pimples are getting clean, I expected the doctor would give his the green light to go to kindergarten.
Yes! Bingo! XD

He was so glad to hear that and asked me to send text messages to his close friends' moms. lol As you can imagine, he wanted to inform his friends he would go to kindergarten tomorrow. ^^;

Well, my voice is also getting well little by little, so I'll get down to the preparation for my English lesson for adults, which will be held this Friday. :D

Oh, my gosh!

I was supposed to take the TOEIC test next month......I found I couldn't do this morning because I've forgot to apply for the test....The application due date I planned to take was already over....How stupid!

I should have been careful.....T T

Well, I'm going to take it this July....

Have to stay for a while...

As I mentioned, my son got chicken pox, so he must not go to kindergarten until our family doctor gives the green light...

I was supposed to take a native English speaker's lesson at my company this morning. I've still lost my voice and he has the disease, so I canceled the lesson...T T It couldn't be helped. In addition, I had to cancel my English lessons for this week as well...
(Although I was reluctant to cancel my lessons, I thought my body might need plenty of time to rest....that's why I decided to cancel them...)

I'm always desperate to be immersed in English all the same....I can't stand that I keep myself away from English..., so I contacted my friend to chat in English. She welcomed me and we talked for two hours!! We didn't, of course, use Japanese at all. If we talk in Japanese, we couldn't keep talking for two hours...As we're keen to brush up on our skills, we couldn't stop talking in English for such as long hours.

This week, I have more time to do as I like than usual. To add to looking after my son, I should take care of my throat and relax...



2,3日前から声がかすれてきており、現在全く出ない状態になってしまいました、、、--;さらに、息子が水ぼうそうにかかってしまいまして、、、、、T T

大野城まどかぴあ 和室(2階) 10:00~12:00



【日時】 6月9日 (水曜日) 10:00~12:00

【場所】 大野城北コミュニティーセンター 研修室


I managed..., but....

As I mentioned yesterday, I gave my English lesson for adults this morning. My voice was still in a terrible condition, but I managed to give my lesson to my students. As I had expected, they were surprised at my voice...^^;

Well, after the lesson, I picked my son up. Then, I found he had pimples on his body. I thought he caught chicken pox because his friends had it a few weeks ago. Right away, I took him to our family doctor. As I'd expected, he got the disease. Fortunately, he didn't have a high fever, nor was he in a bad mood. Except for the pimples, he was fine as usual.

He must not go to kindergarten for a while.....Yes, moms can imagine easily that our rooms will be messy....for about a

A terrible voice

Today, I met my fellow English-lovers. Regularly, we have a meeting to practice speaking English. Needless to say, I love to meet and talk to them, but this time I had trouble talking because my voice was terrible...Xl I sounded hoarse.
I don't know why....When I was giving my English lessons yesterday, my voice turned like this....I wondered if I had a cold, but I didn't have a fever or headache, although I had a slight cough and stuffy nose. (About the cough, it was not heavy enough to make my voice hoarse.), nor I shouted out....

I'm worried about my English lessons and a workshop, because my voice or throat is indispensable for my work, so to speak. In addition, I'm supposed to give my second English lesson for adults tomorrow. There will be around 15 members, so I might need a microphone or something...--;

There wasn't a native English speaker, but...

This morning, I took part in the English club I belong to. Regularly, a native English speaker join us, but he has been busy due to his work. That's why we held the meeting without him this time.

Frankly, I had been worried the other members would be satisfied....Luckily, they seemed to enjoy talking in English. :D
At the meeting, we didn't only talk, but also tried to transcribe an article from an English text book added a CD. It was about Shanghai EXPO. :D

Next Wed, we're supposed to have the meeting. (Sad to say, he won't be there...T T) At the next meeting, we're going to discuss a few articles and transcribe another article from the text.
Well, I love to read English newspapers, so I think I'll pick a few articles...hehe

How interesting!

I usually read a few English newspapers to improve my English skills.

I found an interesting article while reading a newspaper today.
>>>>>Japan Times

After I read the journal, I thought the following. "If I were an undergraduate, I would be eager to land a job at the company." However, it was brushed out immediately because I wonder how I can contribute to the company. I meant I'm not familiar with the Internet or software, nor do I have tips for management or sales. To add to that, for merely using English, even though employees are Japanese, at the company, it doesn't make sense to get the job.

Anyway, maybe some employees of the company aren't interested in English or don't have enough proficiency in English...I give them the word: "Best of luck!".


今日も、暑い中ご参加ありがとうざいました^^ 今回は日本語が多すぎたかな、、、--;と反省です、、、、。


ところで、“胸の痛み”ですが、heartacheとすると心痛、つらい思い、悲嘆といった意味になります。ので、例文にも載っていましたが、I have a pain in my chest. とすると如何でしょう?

来週は、会社で研修の為お休みで次回まで間があいてしまいます、、、ーー;1日の内英語に接する(浸る)時間を引き続き確保していてくださいね。次回のテーマですが、シンプルに “What's new?”です。(独断です、、^^;) また、リスニングトレーニングとして考えているんですが、例えば、メンバー(私を含み)のお話し(テーマやWhat's new等)を聞き要約(何について話していたのか具体的に)を話すというのはいかがでしょう?つまり、理解度(the comprehensive fuclty) も問われる訳です。自分が理解している内容とどうなのか答え合わせ的なものもできますしね。まだ、思考中なのでご意見を頂けるととてもありがたいです^^

Did you enjoy??

I gave my English lesson this morning as I had mentioned. This time, there were fourteen participants. ( An applicant was absent.)
I was so thrilled to meet them, but at the same time, I was very nervous.. ^^; Luckily, one of them was my student's mother, so I managed to compose myself. Thanks, mom!

Well, at first, the participants seemed to be a little bit nervous as well. But, they were thawing as my lesson went on. :D
They very concentrated on my lesson and tried to speak out as much as possible. I believe speaking out as much as possible is the focal point to learn English, in particular, speaking. I always tell my students the following, " Feel free to interrupt my talks when you don't understand or have any questions and don't be afraid of making any mistakes. I, of course, make mistakes, but I try to speak and speak."

At the end of today's lesson, I asked " Did you enjoy?". They said "yes" with a big grin. I hope they really enjoyed themselves to their heart's content. :D I'm looking forward to meeting them.



【日時】: 5月19日>>>>大野城北コミュニティーセンター

      5月26日>>>>大野城まどかぴあ 和茶室(2階) 


【内容】: 前半はフリートーキング。好きなだけお話ししましょう!後半は、メンバー持参のNonstop Englishよりリスニングトレーニングやディスカッション(上海万博について取り上げられているそうです)***内容には多少変更があることもあります。

【NOTICE!】: 現在のところ、両日ともにネイティブゲストはいません。 また、部屋を借りる日は、部屋代を人数分で割り支払を致します。

For fifteen applicants

As I mentioned before, I'm supposed to give my English lesson to grown-ups this Friday. The staff, who had called and told me about the lesson, said today, "As I told you before, fifteen applicants will take your lesson. About age, they range in age from in their 30's to 70's".

I'll give three lessons this month and they're for novice English learners, who want to study travel English. The age range is wide, so I'm considering how to give well-balanced lessons.

My schedule for this week is quite tight, so I squeeze preparation for the lessons into my schedule....But, I'm so thrilled to meet and give my lessons to the applicants, so I'll arrange my lectures to satisfy them at any cost!







I didn't expect....

I felt relaxed over the weekend because yesterday was my birthday and today was Mother's day.

My husband asked me, " what do you want?".

I quickly answered, " I want a chunk of time for myself." lol

He went out with our son as they laughed to give me "the wonderful present". :D
Then, I got down to the things I had to do such as studying for English, preparing for my work and workshop.

When I was listening to an English radio program, my phone rang. The call was from a staff of the community center I'm supposed to give my trial lessons this week. She informed me of the number of the applicants for my lessons and the schedule. To my surprise, the number of the applicants was more than I had expected. w@o@w I had assumed it would be less than ten, but in fact, it was around twenty. XD
I'm sure I'll be tied up with my work, but I'm so happy to give my lessons and have a great experience in my life. I'm really pumped up!





仕事にて研修が入り、スケジュールに変更があります!メンバーの皆さまにはご迷惑をおかけします、すみません> <;再度ご確認くださいますよう、よろしくお願い致します。


時間: 10:00~12:00
場所: 大野城北コミュニティーセンター 研修室

ご遠慮なくおっしゃってくださいm(_ _)m

~~マムズ~~ 5月日程、内容


何もせず今月を終えるより、何かしたい~っ!!と思い下記のように考えております。御参加頂ける人数によっては部屋の予約手続きがある為、お手数ですが参加、不参加コメントをお願い致しますm(_ _)m

【日時】: 5月19日、26日 (水曜日)10:00~12:00

【内容】: 前半はフリートーキング。好きなだけお話ししましょう!後半は、メンバー持参のNonstop Englishよりリスニングトレーニングやディスカッション(上海万博について取り上げられているそうです)***内容には多少変更があることもあります。

NOTICE!】: 現在のところ、両日ともにネイティブゲストはいません。 また、部屋を借りる日は、部屋代を人数分で割り支払を致します。

Several books

Ever since I started my new career as an English teacher, I've been interested in books related to business. As you know, I'm not only an English teacher, but also a manager of my classroom. I need more or less knowledge of the business such as management, advertisement or marketing etc.

When I just opened my classroom, I was pleased with the job itself because I had been longing to use English in my job. Now, I'm, of course, satisfied with my job. To add to that, I'm intrigued to learn tips for business, taking managiment of my classroom into account.

I visited a library with my son today after my son practiced riding a bicycle without training wheels. (I want him to read as many books as possible, so these days we occasionally visit there. To my happiness, he seems to be into reading books. :D)
While he was choosing books to borrow, I was looking for interesting books about business. Then, a few books caught my eye. One of them was "IPodを作った男". It's about Steven Paul Jobs, who is the CEO of Apple.
The other day, the native English speaker, who regularly takes part in an English Club I belong to, talked about him. I was interested in his management. That's why I borrowed the book.

As I expected, it was a very interesting story. I'm not familiar with computer system or that kind of things, but I got a tip of business. ;D
I'm going to learn a variety of knowledge as well as English.

What do you think?

My family stayed at my husband's parents' house for 2 days. As Japanese know, it's in the middle of Golden Week holiday now.

During our stay, one of my sister-in-law's family stayed there as well. The family has two kids, one of whom is a 12 year-old-boy and the other is a 15 year-old girl.
The girl brought some homework. I jumped at her English homework, although I was absolutely not interested in mathmatics.
I checked the homework, of course the English part, then I found the following: "I wonder why they learn only a few expressions?"
I meant, for example.....

Q>>>>>" Can you tell me how to get to the station?" What would you say it instead of "Can you tell..."?

I'd say " Could you tell me~", " Please tell me~" or "Would you tell me~" and whatnot instead of the above expression.
However, the answer had only ONE: "Please tell me~".

I understand, of course, it depends how many blanks there are in each question. I really want to say that they should not only learn a few typical expressions, but also a variety of expressions.
If people who are interested in English, they'll surely learn other expressions. But if people who aren't, they'll learn a few typical expressions ONLY.....

As an English teacher, I don't agree with the current Japanese English education system....
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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