What a surprising call!

While I was listening to an English radio program, which I had recorded, my phone rang.
I said hello, but there was no answer, so I thought it was a prank call or someone call me wrongly for a split second. Then, a man said hello in Japanese. The voice reminded me who he was. He was my old pal and long-lost friend!!!

We got to know each other when I was a university student. Until I gave birth, we had stayed in touch. However, we hadn't contacted each other since then....We chatted away for the first time in five years!!!! When I realized who he was, I was so excited and my spirits soared. lol
At first, we talked on the phones and then, we chatted on Skype. It was much clearer to catch each talk.
He has been learning Japanese and Korean, so he tries to speak Japanese. To my surprise, his Japanese skills are getting much better than before. (Incidentally, he speaks many languages. I should say he's multilingual. ;D.)

I'm so happy to talk to him and he tried calling me. :D I hope we'll talk each other soon.

Getting rusty!?

I didn't manage to have time to practice speaking English these days due to my work, care of my family and the like. Finally, I had spare time today. :D

I gave my English lecture to adults this morning. In spite of the bad weather, seven attendants learned tips of the English conversation. During the meeting, I was irritated with my speaking. I felt that my speaking skill is getting rusty. Don't get me wrong. I never have confidence in my speaking skill. I meant I occasionally tried to find appropriate expressions, words or idioms. I might have to say I'm getting forgetful about them because of the lack of practice.

After the meeting, right away I sent a text message to my fellow English-lover and asked her whether she would have time to chat in English. Luckily, she managed to find time for it. :D Some might doubt if chatting is helpful to brush up on my English skills, in particular speaking skill. I'm sure it is. ;D

At the beginning of our talks, the words I wanted to say didn't come out smoothly, but expressions or words were getting out of my mouth as we talked. I realized I should manage to have spare time to practice speaking even though I've been tied up with something recently.

With と By




I'm erasing (rubbing out) the sentence with an eraser. と、なりますね。(辞書にも載っていました^^;)


I broke the window with a stone. >>> 石で(を道具として持ちいり)、窓を割った。
I broke the window by throwing a stone. >>> 石で (を投げる行為によって)、窓を割った。


また、kind to meでのお話しですが、お話しの内容からしていつも仲良くしてもらっているご様子ですよね^^なので、They're always kind to me.が一番自然なのかな、、と思います。また、It is kind of S to do (=S is kind to do)は構文で、その人(S)の評価とその人が行った行為(不定詞の行為)について述べます。例えば、

It was wise of John to go there alone.


Oh! broken!

I had decided to stay at home and relax today. However, I had to go out to buy a household alliance. Here's the story.....

When my washing machine finished washing my family's laundry and I was pulling them out of it, I noticed there was a leak in the machine. Oh, gosh! I thought it was broken because it had been out of shape...
I called my husband and we checked it. It seemed buying a new one would cost less than having it repaired.
Right away, I got ready to go to a big appliance store. To my sadness, my husband's condition wasn't good. He seemed to have caught a cold from my son, so I went to the store alone.

Maybe it was high time to buy a new machine, but it was an unforeseen expense....It's true it bore on our household expenses...T T I must work harder and harder.....


We're in the middle of the rainy season in Japan. Everyday is quite uncomfortable....In addition, I can't put out our laundry, so the laundry is hanging here and there in my house.

Yesterday, it was raining. I wanted to stay at home and feel relaxed, but I had to go to my company to attend at a meeting. Luckily my husband was on his day off, so he gave me a lift to my company. :D

As for the meeting, it was very helpful because we practiced pronouncing accurately, having good intonation and accent such as a falling or rising intonation. To add to that, we reviewed our teaching methods for adults this time.

Well, after the meeting, my husband picked up me. When I were getting into our car, he said "Sorry...." Then, a few things came to my mind that when he was backing our car up into a parking place the other day, the windshield was broken because he didn't notice there was a signboard, and he got a parking ticket these days. I said "Well.......did you hit our car?....Oh, my....did you hit someone or someone's car!?" Xl
He said " Ah, well, I scratched our car when I was parking during your meeting.."
Oh, my goodness....I was relieved he didn't hit anyone or anyone's car....When I saw the damage on our car, I was really really disappointed with his driving skills.....T T

I absolutely bet my driving skills are much better than his skills.....

Did you get well!?

Yesterday morning my son didn't seem to be as usual when he got up. I took his temperature. As I expected, he had a fever. It wasn't a high fever, so I kept an eye on how his condition were going for a while.
After that I decided to take him to his kindergarten because he was eager to go there. In addition, he seemed to be fine as usual.
I was supposed to take part in the English club which I regularly attend. However, I decided to stay at home just in case, so I was absent from yesterday's meeting.
I had a hunch that he would run a fever at night....
After I finished my work I was headed for my parents' house. ( I entrusted him to my parents due to my work.) He had already been sleeping when I arrived at their house. My hunch was right...He had a high fever....

This morning he still had a high fever, so he had to be absent from his kindergarten. I took him to our family doctor. While we were waiting for having him check at the waiting room, his fever subsided...^^;
Now, he's romping round the house....--; Did you really get well!?


ここ最近、自身の体調の変化や本職である仕事の準備に追われ、なんやらかんやらで更新ができずにいましたーー;さらに、息子の発熱で昨日はサークル欠席せざるを得なくメンバーにはご迷惑をおかけしましたm(_ _;)mすみません、、、、。


大野城北コミュニティ―センター 研修室1又は2




Lost by a neck

As I had mentioned before, I visited a luxury hotel to have dinner with my close friends. I visited the hotel after a while, so I was a little bit nervous when I arrived there. lol I didn't intend to hide, but in fact I worked at the restaurant as a pert-timer when I was a university student. In addition, my husband works at the hotel. haha You can see my point why I fidgeted a bit.^^;
Well, I exulted to meet my close friends and ex-bosses. As for the dishes, they were amazing. If I were abroad and visited that kind of restaurant, I would tip the staff well. haha

During the dinner, I got a few text messages from my husband. They were all about a decisive game: Japan vs Holland. I had half expected Japan would draw with luck, but they lost by a neck...T T
While I was having dinner with my friends, my husband and our son stayed at his parents' house. Our relative, who used to play on the national soccer team, visited there, so they watched the game together.

This morning my husband and our son came back home. On arriving here, my husband cried "No way!!! It was a very very close game!!!" lol The next game will be also tough for Japan, but we hope they'll rise to the challenge.

At an international hotel

I'm supposed to visit a luxury hotel tomorrow. As my close friend had got married and is going to temporarily stay at her hometown, my other close friends and I had planned to give a party for her. It's like a surprise party, though a small party, we don't let the cat out of the bag. :D

When I came up with the idea, I was undecided about the place. Then, a good idea crossed my mind! It was having dinner at a luxury hotel. As a house wife, I was a little concerned about the cost because the other friends are also wives. But, all my friends said "We deserve to have dinner for a change!" lol Thanks, all. :D
I'm going to meet her for the first time in a year, so I'm so thrilled to have dinner together.

Last but not least, Japan is supposed to play Holland tomorrow. It must be a tough game for Japan and be interesting. While we're having dinner at the hotel, the game is to be held, so my husband is going to send me text messages about how the game is going. haha

Japanese dishes

Today I visited one of my friends who are my fellow English-lovers to have a meeting in English. We regularly have the meeting to practice speaking.

They always take part in the English workshop, which I took over from my friend. They had asked me to have time to practice speaking, so I had decided to do so. I had, of course, wanted to have an opportunity to speak English.

We had planned to go to a Japanese restaurant after the meeting. One of the members had highly recommended the restaurant. I like Japanese dishes, so I had been looking forward to visiting there.To my sadness, one of our members was absent from today's meeting because her son had a fever and she had to stay at home. T T
On arriving there, I was amazed at the atmosphere! It was aesthetic! To add to that, all of the staff wore kimonos, even the men did. :D I thought I should have worn a kimono. lol

As for the dishes, they were also fantastic! I very much enjoyed not only eating, but also seeing the dishes served artistically.
I absolutely bet men and women of all ages will be satisfied with the restaurant!

A dicisive game!?

As you have already known, The World Cup has begun. I'm not familiar with soccer, but it's true I'm thrilled to watch the games.
My husband, meanwhile, loves soccer, golf and baseball. Needless to say, he's glued to the TV these days. lol

Tonight, Japan team is supposed to play Cameroon. According to a few news papers, the game will be quite important for Japan to ensure qualification for the World Cup finals.

Go for it! Samurai Japan!!

7月 スケジュール



7月5日、7日 10:00~12:00
大野城北コミュニティーセンター 研修室1

また、最初の1時間にする課題ですが、しばらくはWhat's newにしておきたいと思っています。


It was a busy day, but...

This morning, I took part in a free English conversation class after a month absent. I hadn't managed to have spare the time, so I had been absent from the class for a while. At long last, I was free today and met the teacher who is from England and the regular members at the class. :D
This time I met a new member there. On entering the room, I wasn't able to stop speaking English. The visitor might have been overwhelmed....^^;

I left earlier than usual to have my hair cut. Right away, I was headed for my favorite hairdresser. You can imagine easily I felt refreshed! After that, I had to pick my son up, so immediately I went back.

After picking him up, we went to a movie theater to see my son's favorite film--"Kamen Rider"(Power ranger)--. He seemed to be pleased with it. :D

It was a really busy day, but I felt fulfilled..lol

A new member took part in...

This morning I gave my English lesson to regular members at the workshop I had taken over from my friend.
This time, a new member took part in our workshop. She had had an interest in our workshop and contacted me through the Internet. :D

Today I used the text book with which I learned English when I was in high school. (At that time, I went to an English conversation school.)
Today's key point wasn't difficult, so every members seemed to understand quickly. The text book had some conversation, so we trained our listening skills and learned natural expressions, intonation or speed. I want the members not only to learn English grammar, but also to train the above things. Even if we can understand English grammar or words, it'll be meaningless otherwise we can use them automatically.

I've still been organizing our workshop by trial and error....I hope the members will satisfy with my lecture and will be encourage in learning English...

Change my character!?

After I started my new career as an English teacher, I found one thing. When I'm speaking in English, my character seems to somewhat Americanized or something like that. I mean I say "yes", "no" or I don't response in ambiguous ways.

For example, my boss says "Squeeze the appointment into your schedule, although I understand you're so busy". If I response "Uh...I'm afraid it's a bit hard...". The response might confuse him because he knows I'm so busy and it's hard for me, so I should manage or try to do....
In this case, I should say "I'm afraid it's impossible because....." (Of course, it depends on situations, though.)

If I say "ちょっと難しいかもしれません" in Japanese, it implies "impossible". To avoid being abrupt or to say in a polite way, Japanese people use that kind of the approach in conversation. (I think the usage is one of the Japanese virtues. :D) After all, when I use English, I seem to separate it. You may feel I'm so strong or aggressive, though. lol XD

Do you know what I mean?

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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