Yes! I can do it!

I was supposed to visit the native English speaker, who takes part in my English club, to taste the dishes and coffee he makes. To add to that, he told me his friend would hold his photo exhibition at the same place.
However, I had to squeeze one of my English lessons into today's schedule of my English lessons. To my sadness, I couldn't visit there.... I wish I could visit....

Having said that, it's true I've led a full life when it comes to my work. In fact, one of the members, who belongs to the workshop I took over, decided to enter my English class next year. According to her, she was pleased with my lecture at the workshop and wanted to learn English more from me. That kind of compliment or comment is ultimate praise for me as an English teacher.
As for my regular students, some of them are opening their minds to taking more English lessons. (They take my lesson once a week, but they're thinking of taking twice a week.)
It means I must juggle between my life and work more than ever before. But, I can bet it's rewarding!

I'm looking forward the curricular of the next year.

I should have contacted him.

After I took my son to his kindergarten, I headed to a local community center to take part in the English club I belong to.

These days the other members and I invite the native English speaker who is from NZ, whose skill areas are food and coffee.
Every meeting he takes part in intrigues me because he gives us interesting topics ranging from food to idioms.

We were supposed to meet him as usual; however, he didn't appear this time. As I had sent an E-mail to him regarding the next meeting which would be held on the 8th Dec, he might have forgotten today's meeting. Xl I should have contacted him to confirm it....
Anyway, we decided to get down to the English radio textbook we use. We read some vignettes loud and then, tried to memorize vocabulary through a few games. Thanks to the games, I was able to learn them by heart. haha

Well, I'm worried about the reason he was absent from....(I sent E-mail to him, but I've yet to receive his reply so far.) I hope he doesn't have any trouble but just forgot today's meeting and will meet him the next meeting.....







The upcoming event

Ever since I met a native English speaker who takes part in the English club I belong to, he has given me much information over his workshops. He regularly holds workshops for food or coffee etc.

This afternoon, I got his mail about an upcoming event: he'll cook Thanksgiving turkey dinner and make espresso gourmet coffee. In addition, his friend who is a local photographer will hold his photo exhibition at the same place. They seemed interesting and intrigued me. Unfortunately, one of the websites he'd attached wouldn't open, so I had trouble seeing it. Depending on the time which they'll be held, I won't be able to take part in the event due to my work. However, I think I'll be able to visit the exhibition. :D

I'm waiting for more information from him. hehe



今日は、残念ながら風邪での欠席メールが相次ぎ、他のメンバーらと共に残念がっていましたT T 次回お会いできるといいなあ、、、、


12月6日、13日 (←13日は仕事の都合上キャンセルさせていただきました。)(月曜日) 10:00~12:00
大野城北コミュニティーセンター 研修室1


Well advanced!?

The other day, my fellow English-lovers and I invited a few native English speakers to our English club. During the club, I had a whim to ask them about the club such as its level or whether there are some improvements or not.
In fact, I often had trouble expressing the level of our club when some English learners asked me about the club. I encouraged them to take part in the club, but most of them were hesitant to join us. (They said "it's a high level meeting" or "It'll be hard for me to keep up with your conversations". They seemed humble about their skills, I think.)

That's why I asked the guests about our club through E-mail to add to the next appointments for our meetings. In addition, I was curious about my English ability, including my level. hehe
According to their replies, our club is the well advanced level. @0@/ And they very much enjoyed spending quality time. They said they would be willing to join us again. I was very glad to hear that and I'll tell the other members soon! :D
As for my English skills, I was so surprised to read their compliments because I'm always making rudimentary mistakes and I'm convinced my speaking sounds strange to native English speakers. ( The other day, because an acquaintance who is from Australia told me my speaking was sometimes strange......)
The most surprising comments and what I actually doubted my ears was that my ability of English such as intonation, vocabulary, E-mail etc was well advanced level. I was, of course, over the moon about their comments even if they were considerate to me to encourage. Anyway, I'm keeping brushing up on my English skills with a dogged determination. As the saying goes, it dogged as does it.



12月8日 (水曜日)10:00~12:00
大野城北コミュニティーセンター 研修室1

12月15日 (水曜日)11:00~13:00頃
***カフェ de トークを考えています。ランチ忘年会といったところでしょうか。^^もちろん英語での会話です。

Some interesting idioms

Although I've been tied up with my work and chores recently, I try to have some time for brushing up on my English skills.
Yesterday I took part in the English club I belong to. This time, the native English speaker who is from NZ and participated in last month joined us as well. He had prepared for a few interesting topics: The useful expressions in our conversations, Where do they come from and how have they changed during the past 200 years, and Words and Color; does the color of the text on labels and signs make us think different about the message?

When I got E-mail from him about the topics, I was very intrigued in them. I'm a firm believer learning about the origin of words must broaden not only my knowledge, but also ability of English.

During the meeting, he was explaining each of the exact meaning at length as he gave us some quizzes. His lecture entirely interested me and was very helpful.

When we were wrapping up the meeting, he gave us handmade vanilla sugar! He regularly holds his workshops such as handmade pizza or how to make a rich flavor of coffee etc. Not only I, but the other members also are sorely attempted to take part in his workshops. I asked him, of course, to let us know when he plans to hold his workshops. ;D

The huge house

Yesterday, my family visited a historical house in our prefecture. I'm interested in that kind of building and articles which were used at that period. The house is called "Ito Denemon tei"--伊藤 伝右衛門 邸-- He was a upstar running coal mining, made a great fortune and got married to a tanka poet who was 27 years old when he was 52 years old. (According to a guide, it was the second marriage for each of them.)

When we arrived at the house, I was amazed at the size of house, especially the gate and garden.
Here is a few of the pictures I took...



Let me touch on the house and the couple.
The house was built in the Meiji period and some extensions were built on it in the Taishou period. What fascinates me was the mixed culture between Japanese and Western cultures here and there. For example, there was the first flush toilet which was mounted in Kyushu, and there was a shower room and so on. I could see easily that the house must have adopted some state-of-the-art styles.
she was called "Byakuren"--白連-- and was blue-blooded. After spending ten years at the house, she eloped with a man of letters who was younger than she. And then, she posted a divorce letter in the papers. It caused a great scandal at that time.

Well, my husband hadn't been interested in visiting the house at first; however, he was also amazed at the house and seemed to be mesmerized.

Longer than yesterday's chat

I had a free English conversation through Skype yesterday. Today, I visited one of my friends to have another free English conversation. Usually, there are four of us, but one of them was absent from today's meeting because her daughter had a fever.

Thanks to yesterday's conversation, I felt any words I wanted to say came out of my mouth smoothly. :D We talked about a variety of topics such as our work. Needless to say, I was into talking to the members in English. We had a conversation for three hours!! Yes! I had a great time and practiced speaking English to my heart's content!!

A free English conversation

After taking my son to his kindergarten and doing household chores, immediately I turned on my PC. I had an appointment to have a free English conversation with my friend through Skype.

The other day, we decided to have a brief chat together to practice speaking. I'm always looking for chances to speak English, so I was very thrilled to talk to her. Usually, she works on weekdays, but she took two off this week!
As we hadn't had a conversation together for a while, today I couldn't calm down to talk to her in English. lol

I didn't intend to keep her up, but we talked to each other for about two hours! haha Thanks to her, I got some useful expressions I've never come up to my mind. I know she's been tied up with her work, especially this season is the busiest, according to her. When we meet our convenient days to have a conversation, I want to chat with her like today. :D
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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