iphone 4

Last Saturday I dropped by an appliance store after my work. Although it was raining heavily, I had a whim to visit there. My cell phone was old type, so I thought it was time to change the new one.

I'm not familiar with that kind of gadget, so thoroughly I relied on the staff. One of the staff recommended that I get the newest type-iPhone 4 . I know the name, but I wasn't sure if I would be able to deal with the state-of-the-art model....However, I decided to get the model, taking all things into consideration. I always want to be immersed in English as much as possible during the times of the day, so I thought the gadget would come in handy.

After purchasing the newest model, right away I tried to take the necessary steps so that the new settings could take effect.
I managed to set everything, and downloaded all applications I'm interested in. To my surprise, there are tremendous free apps. Almost all of the apps I downloaded were related to English to improve my skills.

Anyway, it seems to take time for me to get used to using the phone....lol

Probably put off

Ever since my son started elementary school, he's enjoyed spending his school life. He has lots of congenial friends and gets along well with them.

They've been practicing gymnastics and preparing for the sports day which is supposed to be held tomorrow. It'll be his first sports day since he entered elementary school, so not only is he looking forward to the event, but we: my husband, parents-in-law and I, are thrilled to see his performance.

However, it'll probably be put off due to the bad weather. According to the weather forecast, a typhoon will be closely approaching to the prefecture where we live by tomorrow morning....

If it rains, it won't be called off, but it'll be postponed...But, to be honest, I want to see the event tomorrow.......

An eye-opening advice

Ever since I started teaching English to kids and adults, I'm having a fulfilled life. While I enjoy teaching them English, I feel hard I'm held responsible for them. To interest them in English more and more and improve their skills I'm always thinking of the best ways for each lesson.
When it comes to learning things, there is a variety of personalities such as very shy with strangers, quick learners or slow learners, so it's sometimes challenging for me.

To add to that, I rent a room at a community center. To cut down on the rental fee, I have to arrange the timetable of my lessons. As my students pass on their grades, I might end up paying less if I teach English at my house.
I've mulled over everything...

Yesterday I took part in the English club I belong to. Luckily one of the members is my senior teacher, so I told about it. She's always active, and thinks positively.
She gave me several tips to deal with it. Actually her advice was literally an eye-opener to me.

Thanks a million, my friend!

5月 追加日程


5月25日 (水曜日) 10:00~12:00
大野城北コミニティーセンター 研修室1



He's rapt in.....

My son likes to play football. Before starting elementary school, he was interested in joining a football club, which is founded by a nonprofit organization in our city.

When I took him to the ground where they usually practice to take a free trial, he seemed to be overwhelmed and cried. We visited there a few times, but he whimpered. According to him, there was no friends who were the same age as him. (At that time he was a kindergartner, and didn't have friends who were elementary-schoolers.)
We decided he would join the team after he started elementary school and learned to fit into his new life.

About a month passed after he entered elementary school. Now he has lots of friends and enjoys his school life. It must be time to join the club, I thought, so we visited there again the other day.
Luckily, a boy who is the same age as him had joined the club. His feelings seemed to thaw out thanks to him. Soon he palled up with the team mates and was excited to play football.

Needless to say, he's looking forward to meeting his new friends and practicing football. :D

Escape by a hairbreadth!?

It was a wonderful day, so our family took a drive. I think it's the best season to go on a picnic in the woods, so we decided to the mountain near our house.

There were several athletic tools. We enjoyed ourselves, and seemed to alleviate our lack of exercise, except for my son, of course.
After basking in the nature, we headed for our house. On our way home, we witnessed an incredible accident.
A puppy rushed to the roadway and was hit by car in front of us! For a split second those were there, including us, seemed to freeze up.
The owner immediately took the puppy to the sidewalk. The puppy was alive, but squealed with pain...

As we were driving, we didn't manage to stop...I hope the puppy will get well soon....

By the way, the driver ignored the puppy and gone!!!! I can't believe!!!!

With my friend

This morning I took part in the English conversation class I occasionally visit. During Golden Week I didn't have enough time to use English, to speak in particular. After the holidays, I was shocked that any words what I wanted to say didn't come out of my mouth.
My students didn't seem to realize my frustration, but I wasn't satisfied with my speaking more than usual.

That's why I visited the class to remember my usual speaking. In addition, one of my fellow English-lovers would take part in it for the first time, so I rushed to the class.
When she and I entered the classroom, she seemed a little nervous at first. Shortly after she looked to have thawed out.

Thanks to the class, we enjoyed ourselves and spent quality time together. As for my speaking, thankfully it's got back to usual. lol

A double happy day

Yesterday was the last day of the long holiday called Golden Week. In addition, it was Mother's day and my birthday!
In the morning my family headed for the event in which my student and fellow English-lover took part. She's into performing hula, so I wanted to see her performance. However, we got lost and didn't make it to see her performance...T T What the heck!! I should have checked the route carefully...
Terribly sorry...my friend....

Well, after we went back home, my husband asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and Mother's day. After thinking a little, I just said " I want plenty of time to relax and do for myself!"
During the holiday our family was in crowded places everyday, so I didn't idle away at home. To recharge my batteries for my work, I needed to just relax.
Thankfully, I felt relaxed throughout the afternoon. :D

In the evening, my husband prepared his special dinner for me. Our son, of course, helped him, and gave me the picture he drew my face. I was in the seventh heaven thanks to them.


Reading materials

In Japan we're in the middle of the long holiday called Golden Week. My family has enjoyed ourselves spending the holiday by as visiting a museum, a new shopping mall, and playing football together and so forth.

Today my husband had to work, so my son and I've stayed and been preparing for visiting my husband's parents. Besides which, I've been considering which reading materials I'll bring. Wherever I go to stay overnight, I usually bring a few English materials such as English news papers, the text books I use etc.
As my parents-in-law have their PC, I can use it whenever I like. However, it's not enough for me, and I want to expose myself to English as much as I usually do.

Well, I've picked up the text books I use and TIME so far. As for TIME in particular, I'm into reading it although I'm skeptical about some articles. I tried to read it before de facto; however, it wasn't a part of my routine study of English.

Do you have any recommendations to read?
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