Meet our old friends

Every Thursday I don't have my English lessons, so I relax and do everything I want in my spare time.

This morning I got a call from my friend. Her son and my son went to the same kindergarten, and they're still close friends.
She said that the kindergarten would hold a summer event and hoped we could take part in the event together. As I mentioned, I didn't have my English lessons today, so immediately I nodded my head.
My son was thrilled to meet his old friends on our way to the kindergarten. In fact, he couldn't stop talking to me in our car as if he ran his engine in full force. lol

During the event they made merry, on the other hand, we reminisced about their kindergarten days.
In the middle of the event we had to go because he would practice football in the club he belongs to.

We chatted away for only a few hours, but I got energy from them. My son, of course, hoped his friends would come to our house soon.:D

Dealing with kids

Ever since I started my new career as an English teacher, my life is more fulfilling. I'm glad the number of students has been increasing, and they've steadily been improving their English skills. They're always diligent and pure in their hearts. Their attitudes toward not only English, but everything give me energy and get rid of my stress.

However, I have a load on my mind: one of the parents and their child....To be plain, the student doesn't do his homework or forgets to do it and he is liable to be late or absent from his lessons... Repeatedly I told him and his mother about what should be done, but they haven't seemed to realize its importance.... seems to take some time for them to turn over a new leaf...--;

Will be interviewed

One of my students is going to be interviewed by a native English speaker who is the host of a cable TV show. My company provides our students with the opportunities to encourage them in learning English.

Getting the invitation from my company, I contacted one of my students right away. Even though she has studied English for two years, she can read simple English books I've not taught and understands what I talk in English. (Her test sore, writing, listening and an interview, was perfect last year.) I can say she's a quick learner.
As she's very shy, so I had thought she would be hesitant, so had her mother. However, she was willing to accept the invitation.

She said she would be nervous in front of the host, but I can bet she will manage to talk in English. :D

Go fishing

We have a holiday called Bon holiday in August. During the holiday, we visit graves and hold our ancestors in veneration as well as go back our home towns and meet our old friends.

My family visited my husband's parents to stay together and meet the in-lows' families. We had valuable time such as setting off fireworks in the garden, capturing cicadas with a net and so forth. Early yesterday morning, we went fishing in the sea. I hadn't gone fishing, neither had my son, so we were thrilled to do that.
Luckily the in-low's family helped us, and then we started fishing without any serious problems. In the middle of the fishing, a large amount of jellyfishes were moving expansively in the sea. Moreover a manta ray was coming close to us! I felt the living things through fishing and the variety of sea creatures.

This Bon holiday must have impressed priceless experiences upon him.

What a wonderful card!

Arriving at the community center where I give English lessons yesterday, I was called to stop by one of the clerks.
A mail for me arrived there several days ago, according to her. Then, I took the hint. The sender was the women who is from New Caledonia and visited Japan to take part in an annual international conference for kids and that I got to know through my student the other day. At that time I gave my business card to her, so she sent me a mail as soon as she went back to her country.

What a wonderful card! I was delighted to find that she sent me the card with warm messages.
I'm looking for something like chic and Japanese taste for her....Do you have any suggestions?

I've been in a bind.

At first, I must say I've been a slacker recently. I used to read some English materials and check new words or phrases every time, but I don't do that now. I very often posted my journals on my blog; however, I occasionally do that...
There are some reasons why I haven't done these things or I do that less than before, but they're just excuses...

It's true my current motivation for improving my English skills is less than before. I don't mean, of course, I quit improving my skills, though. I've got my heart set on being an advanced learner as for my English skills; nevertheless, my motivation can't keep up with my goal...^^; I might have been in a bind...

Anyway, it seems to me I need something to stimulate.. haha...^^;
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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