Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

I was supposed to take part in an English workshop, which is regularly held on Wednesdays, this morning. However, I had no other choice but to pass up because my son and I have been under the weather. As for my condition, it's not serious (nor is my son's), but I've been hoarse from a bad cough, and my son had a slight fever. That's why I decided to be absent from today's meeting although I had been looking forward to meeting regular members and having discussed English materials.

One of our members had recently recommended an interesting article to us.
Speaking of "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish", there is only one man that springs to mind: Steve Jobs. The member had found his commencement address at Stanford University.
Although I couldn't participate in today's meeting, I listened to his speech on the Internet and read the material meticulously. It was well worth reading I thought. :D

With my fellow English-lovers

Ever since I started this blog to improve my English, I have got to know a wide variety of bloggers through my site. Without them, I wouldn't have achieved my current skills. Their blogs always encourage me in keeping brushing up on my English.

I have yet to attain my goal, so occasionally I am disappointed or irritated with myself. However, I must admit that the amount of studying I do is insufficient. I can't excuse myself for whatever happen to me.

I might as well endeavor to improve my English while I complain to myself.

Hey! TV!

My TV has been out of shape since last Saturday....

When I turned on the TV last Saturday morning, it didn't work. I thought I just pushed something wrong button, then I turned on the TV again. However, it didn't...T T I am not familiar with audios, so I tried to do everything I came up with such as pulling out the plug, plugging in the outlet, checking the connecting cables and so forth. But I didn't manage to find the problem, nor my husband.
The next day our TV was still in a bad mood....T T

Some might easily imagine how perplexed and disappointed we were because an important baseball game was run on TV yesterday!! "Why today? Why this time?", we bewailed our bad luck..
Anyway, we decided to watch the game through my husband's cell phone which has a function called "One-Seg". The screen is small, but as the proverb saying, " Necessity knows no law". lol

Well, as for today I gave up on it. haha I turned on the radio and listened to it all day long. :D
I enjoyed listening to music such as R&B, classic, jazz besides listening to English radio programs.
That kind of life style would be nice for a change.

What wonderful kids!

Last week I got a call from a woman. She told me her friend, who is hearing-impaired and has two kids, would like to contact me to ask about my English class. I have a fax machine, so I said "Please say send me a fax whenever you like to her."
The following day the mother sent me a fax. She wrote her kids, who are a 9-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl, are interested in English, so they'd like to take your trial lessons. I said, "Sure thing!" After that, I arranged our available days and time.

Last Tuesday I gave my trial lesson to an older brother. He seemed a little bit nervous, but soon amazed me. He quickly learned new words, expressions and so on. Besides, his pronunciation, attitude toward learning English were excellent! He's absolutely a quick learner and industrious. It may sound exaggerating, but I really want to teach him English from the bottom of my heart. Incidentally he has never learned English before.
I'm glad he decided to start learning English at my class from the next year. :D

I was wowed with not only his attitude, but his personality. He helped his mother as an interpreter all the time during my explanation for my class. What a wonderful boy! (Of course, the younger sister helped her as well. ;D)

Next week I'm going to give another trial lesson to the younger sister. I can't wait!! lol

The top of her grade

I give my English lessons to not only kids, but also a high-schooler and adults. The high-schooler is in the first grade of the piano course. You might think she should go to cram school or you might have some reservations about the necessity for her to keep learning English at my class. However, she's been endeavoring to improve her English.
She told me her course might not put emphasis on English as compared with the other courses, but it would be absolutely advantageous to her in the future.
That's why she's been brushing up on her English. I do her the honor of saying that her school is well-known for English. Even though her course isn't a general course, the bottom line of its English level is higher than others.

When I gave a lesson to her as usual, she told me she had come out at the top of her grade on the nationwide mock examination. Wow! She did it!!! I was glad to hear that as if I was in the seventh heaven, but I wasn't surprised because I've known her ability in English is enough to come out at the top and she's been striving to improve her English.

Needless to say, she was encouraged in keeping at it and I am , of course, looking forward to her future. :D

The school outing

Yesterday I took part in my son's school outing. I had wavered between going for the outing and passing it up. However, the destination of the lower graders, including my son, wasn't so far on foot, so I decided to participate in it.

It wasn't bad weather although I felt a little chilly. We started according to plan.
The mother of one of my son's close friends took part in the outing as well, so we enjoying going for the outing and having a natter. When we had lunch, the mother showed me the souvenirs from France such as a few kinds of flavored rock salt and flavored tea which she gave me some of. According to her, her sister very often goes abroad, to France in particular, and she has just come back to Japan.

We very enjoyed the outing without any troubles. After that I headed for the community center where I teach English. I had to give my lessons in the late afternoon. Luckily the lessons were for the upper graders, so I didn't need to use unnecessary energy. haha

I had expected I would be exhausted, but I didn't feel like that. Lucky me! ;D
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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