To see the old year off and in the New Year

My family has stayed at my parents in-law's house to see the old year off and in the New Year. My sister in-law's family has been there as well, and we have been preparing for the New Year. Luckily I got some time to immerse myself in English even though we've tied up with chores such as doing the general housecleaning, making oshechi and so forth.

Well, I'd like to express to everyone my gratitude, and I'm looking forward to having a great time next year!

As the title says...

As I mentioned before, I've tried to immerse myself in English since I finished my English lessons for this year. I must admit that I used to be more diligent in English such as reading some English materials every day, writing down the new words I learned, regularly taking part in an English conversation class etc. However, it's true there's a lazy person in my mind. How shameful!

In retrospect, I realized the amount of time I brush up on my English was overwhelmingly insufficient although I've tried to attain an advanced English level.
After all I've not been making strenuous efforts to achieve it despite setting the goal.

As the title of my blog says, "it's dogged as does it." Concerning brushing up on my English, I must turn over a new leaf.

Lucky me!

My lessons for this year were finished yesterday, so I got some free time today!!

I decided to take part in an English chat class this morning. These days I'm apt to be lazy when it comes to brushing up on my English, so I visited the class in order to encourage myself to keep at it.
Actually, I visited the class for the first time in a few months.^^;

Well, I was the first to come as usual, then no one else came there this time!!! Lucky me! I could monopolize the teacher. Some can easily imagine I couldn't stop talking in English during the lesson. lol
After the class, I felt refreshed and realized again that how important it it for me to keep brushing up on English skills.

Well, I'll be busy during the end of year and the new year, so I'll try to be immersed in English as much as possible until then. :D

I really miss you!!

As I mentioned before, I've been swamped with work and other chores these days. Luckily I got some free time for myself today, so I sent a textmessage to a fellow English-lovers of mine. Having a natter with my friends in English on Skype is my favorite pastime and one of the ways to brush up on my English.

It was for the first time for us to chat in about two months. At the beginning of the scheduled time we had, we had trouble calling. There might be some troubles with either my computer or hers...
Anyway, we finally manged to connect with each other.

During our chat, she told me about a pity thing: she and her family will NOT come back to the prefecture where she used to live. After all, we used to meet up to have English workshops and take part in English conversation lessons together. However, she has no choice but to chat with me through Skype...
What a pity!
She also told me about the reason that her husband company has decided to close its local plants after the big earthquake in March. Although they was supposed to come back a few years later, they will have to stay the current prefecture due to the reason.
I know it couldn't be helped...But.....I really miss her.....

Hmmm....I hope we'll have a natter with each other in English through Skype to our hearts' content as long as we have our computers!!!

What a big present!

Last Saturday I taught English lessons to my students as usual. Some of them were the last lessons for this year.

One of my student who takes my lessons on Saturdays is often reluctant to repeat the expressions I speak and trace some sentences. I've told him and his mother to keep practicing and listening to the CD he has so as not to forget the words and key sentences he's learned. However, his attitude towards English occasionally let me down. As such I'd been thinking about the best way for him.

To be honest, I had expected he would be hesitant to read books or practice speaking as usual. But I was wrong. Having practiced reading, he could recite a whole page of a simple book!!!
How amazing! I was so glad of his effort, and of course I praised him to the skies. He seemed to gain a bit self-confidence in English. His mother was also happy to see him after the lesson.
I hope his effort spurred him on to keep practicing reading, speaking and writing. :D

Is it high time to rent for my OWN room?

I teach English to my students at a community center. When I started the current job, there were only few students, so renting for the room at a community center was reasonable. I know, of course, the rental fee is different, depending on cities, though.
As you may know, I have to arrange the time and day when it come to renting the room. If other lessons such as a cram school, a calligraphy class fall on the time I want to take, I must find alternatives to the time and day.

I rent for the room four days a week, and I have so far managed to squeeze all my lessons into the days. Luckily the number of my students has been increasing, so it seems to be getting hard to take the room whenever I want.
Some suggest I teach English at a small apartment, but I know it full well that I can't afford to pay for the rent yet....
Uh....What should I do?

To find his presents

Every December I am swamped with chores such as meetings at my company and desk jobs besides my regular lessons.

This morning I took part in a meeting at my company. After that, I went back to home right away because I had to prepare for my son's birthday 'event'. Yes, today was my son's 7th birthday!
This year his birthday fell on the middle of the week. It meant I didn't have all day....As such I had prepared an elaborate 'plan' for him little by little.

As I had to give my lessons as usual, I gave some 'missions' to my son: That was to read the riddles I had prepared to find his birthday presents. Yes, He was a man on a mission. lol

Here's the story....
I had hidden the presents in my house before he came back home from school. When I was ready to go for my lessons, I gave the riddles to him. While I was giving my lessons, he had to read the riddles and find his presents! lol
Finishing today's lessons, I gave him a call. Then, I said "Did you find your presents?"
He said, "Mom, I couldn't find the last present........"
Gee, I had guessed it would be easy as pie for him.^^; Right away I went back home, and gave hints to him. Then, finally he found the last one. After that, he seemed in the seventh heaven. haha

Well, I wonder if it has been engraved into his good memories....
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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