Mystery novels

Today my son and I visited the public library where we live again because I finished reading the books I had checked out.
As I mentioned before, I'm a big fan of Keigo Higashino. I hoped to borrow his books I've yet to read, but there weren't on the shelves. What was worse, it didn't have a good selection of his books. As such I decided to look for other intriguing books. Speaking of the genre, mystery novels are much to my liking as well as books for business. You might easily imagine like that, though.

This time I took the novels written by Miyuki Miyabe. I've heard of her names, but I'd not read her books. I've just finished reading one of the books I borrowed. It was so enthralling that I'll be enthused with her other books I checked out for sure.

To add to her novels, I checked out two mystery books written in English as well. It seems that I'll do nothing but reading the books in the rest of my short spring holidays...

The books I checked out

I had a whim to drop in at a library yesterday, so my son and I visited the public library where we live. Since it's been in the middle of the spring holidays, there were many kids, elementary schoolers in particular, and their moms as I had expected.

My son rushed toward books for kids, and I was browsing through the books I was attracted to. Then, a few books intrigued me--All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten, サムスンCEO and 容疑者Xの献身.
As for the first book, although the library doesn't have a good selection of foreign books, (Whenever I hang around the section of foreign books, I'm always disappointed...) it caught my attention. When I flipped it through, it didn't seem difficult to read. In addition, the content seemed interesting, so I picked it up.
About the second one, I like to read books related to management. As you may know, the company has been experienced an upsurged in both its popularity and reputation. I don't intend to emulate the ways of its management, but I believe there're tips for business. As such I checked it out.
Concerning the third one, I've watched the movie based on the book, but I've yet to read it in the original. To add to that, I'm a big fan of the author--東野 圭吾, so his books never bore me even though I already know the stories.

Have you ever read even one of them?

Why!! Again!?

This morning I took my husband to the nearest station by car. It was a clear sky, so I didn't need to do that, but I wasn't in a rush to do anything because my son and I have been in the middle of the spring holidays. As such he and I took my husband to the station together.

When we went back to our apartment, I felt the steering wheel strange. When I was turning it, it seemed to be locked. I could say, "Aw! it's heavy to turn."
I got out of my car, then I noticed that the right front tire had been rather flat. Even though I'm a green hand at car mechanism, I found that it was obviously a flat tire.
Oh, gosh!!! My car developed an annoying trouble again!! Awwwww...

Anyway, it couldn't be helped, so I headed for a tire retailer to have it changed....T T

The god must tell me I have to work and work as an eager beaver...haha^^;

Couldn't stop!!!

Today was my day-off, so I visited an English teacher who is from England to take part in a free conversation class.

When I arrived there, there weren't any participants. Yes! I was lucky to monopolize the teacher during the class. People who know my character or have met me before can easily imagine that I couldn't stop stalking. lol I'm so talkative that I can't clam up.

After the class, I visited Skype after a long log-off. Then I got a chance to chat away with a college student who is from China. It was text chatting and I really enjoyed exchanging our opinions through Skype.

Anyway, now I got the spring holidays. I'm happy to relax and recharge my batteries, but at the same time it's true that I have much time on my hands because I'm a "workworm"...What should I do.....during the holidays. lol

To be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

My English lessons for this academic year are gradually finishing. I've got more time for myself than before although there are still a few lessons so far. As such I've got down to preparing for the next academic year. Luckily the number of my students has been multiplying, so the preparations I should do have also been increasing. It might sound annoying, but I've never felt like that. Rather than that, I think I'm fortunate to get new students. :)

Anyway, I'll let my hair down and recharge my batteries for the next academic year. :D


Last Saturday I gave my English lessons to my students as usual. Saturdays are my busiest days in a week.
While I was giving my lesson to a high-schooler, my CD-player suddenly stopped!! Oh gosh! it was indispensable to give my lessons.
I tried to check and play it again and again, but it didn't make a single sound....
Aw.........finally I gave up using it, and I tried to give regular lessons without CDs... The last lesson of that day was for toddlers. As you might know, they love to sing or dance along with CDs. However, it couldn't be helped this time...I managed to handle it without the CDs...^^;

After the lessons, I headed for an appliance store to have it repaired right away. The staff told me that the repair would cost me about 4,000 yen or so.....What was worse, it would take about a week to repair....As I needed it as soon as possible, I decided to buy a new one...

Anyway, I hope that kind of thing won't happen to me again....--;


The other day I had a whim to listen to the music I would often do that when I was a junior high schooler. At that time I was fascinated with their songs, the vocalist's sweet voice in particular.

Check their songs...
TMN Last groove

While I was surfing the Internet to listen to their songs, a song grabbed my heart. lol
Here is the song...
TMN Spin Off ~ネギが嫌い~
The vocalist usually plays drums. Yes, he and other members switched their roles in this case.

Since ever the group disbanded, I'd put aside their music out of my shock. In addition, I had too much on my plate rather than listening to their songs at that time.
These days I got a piece of information that they would hold their concert next month! Unluckily I won't be able to go to the concert due to my work...Anyway, my sweet days are likely to come back! lol

To dress smartly

I've been particular about clothes since I was a student. I've tried varieties of styles in the past. I used to spend a lot of the money I earned on clothes and accessories when I was unmarried. As you may know, however, I can't go on a shopping spree to juggle our household expenses as a wife.
I don't squander much money on clothes, but I occasionally buy some clothes if need be. What I don't want you to get me wrong is that I don't purchase high-priced or brand name items but exclusively reasonable and stylish ones through the Internet.

As for my husband, he used to be particular about clothes when he was young. But now.....uh...don't ask me about As such I decided to coordinate clothing for him. As the title of my blog goes, my motto is there's no time like the present. Right away I visited my favorite web site for clothes, and chose several items of clothes and accessories. You can easily imagine he didn't have a say in the items but telling me his size. haha

I've been looking forward to arriving the goods I placed an order for. hehe

More power to her!

As I mentioned before, a student of mine, who is a high-schooler, took an interview for the second grade on the STEP test last month. Yesterday she finally got the results. As I had expected, she did it! ;D

Yesterday afternoon I got her text message. It said, "I did it! I did it! Thank you for your support! I'm going to born up on my English for the pre-1st grade. :)"

She has always got her heart set on attaining something new or stretch goals. Hats off to her!
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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