That sucks!

I make a point of walking for exercise every morning. It was windy but the clear sky last Friday, so I had a whim to walk longer than usual. (I usually walk briskly about an hour or so)
After walking for about two hours, I got down to preparing for my English lessons. It was around noon at that time. As biting a few rice balls, I was preparing for that day's and the following day's lessons. At the same time, I was checking my E-mail and so forth on the Internet.

Then, I noticed that I'd had an appointment to take an online lesson at 14:00. I was panicked because I'd thought it would be at 15:00!! It was already 14:10! Oh, my gosh!!!! Immediately I clicked online button. Right away my teacher called me. It was totally my fault; nevertheless, she welcomed me warmly.
After I apologized for my mistake from the bottom of my heart, we got down to our usual lesson. Luckily I'd had read and made a summary of the article she'd sent me, and summed up my opinion, so we discussed the article smoothly.

Whew!....--; I took it to heart that I should make sure my appointments at least once every morning.

Childrens' viewpoints

When I give my lessons, my students often ask me a variety of questions on topics ranging from English grammar to its expressions. Some are very simple ones, others are unique ones that adults usually don't care.

Yesterday one of my students, who is in the 6th grade, asked me about "be verbs"-am is are, or "be 動詞" in Japanese. (Not only does she, but other upper graders learn about the grammar which they usually study at junior high school.)
Her question was this: "Why do we call them `be verbs`?"

Speaking of "be verbs", I think of "am is and are" and they're used properly, depending on a subject such as I or you. They seem simple and easy to understand, but it's true that they often confuse them.
As such I was explaining details. Then, she said, "Ah, I meant why do we call them `be`? Why don't we call them something else?"
AH! I realized that she would like to know about not grammatical points but just "be". My other students, adults in particular, usually ask me about grammatical points, that's why I thought she did as well.

Well, I'm ashamed to say, a question mark was hovering over my head as well because I have never thought about the question ever after I started to learn English.^^;
Right away I searched the Internet with my smart phone while she was taking a vocabulary test. Yes, our question were cleared away.
I really think children's viewpoints awake me to new things.

English knowledge no guarantee of success

Today I took an online lesson and we discussed " Required or not, English knowledge no guarantee of success."

I've taken the TOEIC test many times up to date. There are several reasons, one of which is to check my skills, for example.
Some say the score of the test is more or less meaningless. I believe, however, I have plenty going for me as an English teacher. Let me explain about it.

I'm not only an English teacher, but manager of my class. As such I have to run my own class. What's more, English conversation schools are filled to the brim nowadays. Consumers, parents in this case, have experienced eyes with which to choose one. To make a difference to my class, I've taken the test.
One more thing, let's take an example. Comparing an examinee who has over 900 with one who has around 600. I can say their English skills are different such as vocabulary, reading or listening skills. In fact, when I compare to my old self, my skills absolutely have improved.
Another example is here. If you'd like to make a big impression at the interview test, the score would be helpful.

Don't get me wrong. The score of the test is merely one of the measures. We must not directly regard high scorers as good performers on business or people who have practical English skills and enriched human depth.
I should brush up on teaching skills and encourage my students to keep learning English. They are my set-in-stone rules as a teacher. As an English leaner and manager, I'll, of course, take that kind of the test to inspire myself and to advertise my class.

A frequently asked question

While I was putting up a few posters for my class at the community center where I regularly teach English, a middle-age man, who seemed to be in his 60's, approached me.

Here's our conversation....

The man(M): "Hi, Do you teach English here?"

I (I): "Hi, ah, yes. Are you interested in English?"

M: "Yes, I've been learning English for a while with some English text books, English radio programs and so on. But, I haven't found the best way to improve my skills yet....I've gone to English language school before, taken part in some English workshops and tried to get to know with native English speakers, but they didn't seem to work well..."

I: "There're tremendous ways to study English now, so I can't say `THIS IS the best way`because the best way is different, depending on the individual."

M: "Ah, I see..., so What should I do to improve my skills?"

I: "Uh... I think keep to learn every day, DO NOT skip, EVERY DAY. Even though you're busy or tired, keeping a 10-minute or a 15-minute routine, for example, will absolutely bear fruit. "

(After that, he continued to ask me what kind of the routine would be helpful. ^^;)

Well, I'm very often asked about that kind of question. I've also struggled to improve my skills many times and tried many kinds of attempts. Such of the question is always sticking in my mind.
Thanks to him, as an English teacher, I saw it in a new light that I should not only teach English, but guide or give unerring tips, depending on the individual.

Anyway, I hope my suggestion would be helpful to him.


I started my lessons for this academic year this month. I've been trying to find time for my routine of studying English even though I've been swamped with work and chores. lol
Taking online lessons is a part of my routine.

Yesterday I took a lesson. My teacher and I discussed the article she had sent to me.
It was about "Mama-friendships can be deceptive."
Some moms try to form small groups of other moms with their small children. They usually meet to play together at the play-ground, at the circles for moms and their kids and so forth. They can exchange information of rearing kids, kindergartens and whatever. What's more, they can help each other when they feel immense stress. As such mama-friendships are very valuable. However, occasionally the friendships could be troublesome.
It's true that there're moms who give peer-pressure to other moms in their groups and try to get the upper hand of them. They're apt to compare or compete with other moms in brand-name bags, high-end makeup and so on.

By and large, after getting married and giving birth, we, moms, most likely feel isolated from the society. What's worse, we're taking care of our babies around the clock, so we're liable to struggle against our stress or fatigue. That's why we need some help, and seek connection with the society and the place to stress out.

Yes, I was one of them after giving birth. To feel refreshed and spend time usefully, I was looking for something clubs related to English because I wanted to improve my English skills. Then I finally found the current workshop and have not only brushed up on my skills, but felt refreshed up to the present.
Luckily there's no that type of moms around me. We have various backgrounds and jobs. We always respect our wills and each opinion, so any conflict hasn't occurred.

If we seek real mama-friendships, we should compare or compete with our old selves and always respect others.


Here's our next English meeting.

Day and Time: 15th and 29th May 10:00~12:00

Participation Fee: ¥500 a participant (Cuz, a native English speaker will take part in it as well. If there's no guest speaker, it's ¥200 a participant.)

Place: Onojo North Community Center, Saloon (for 15th)/Meeting Room 1(for 29th)(These're on the second floor)
We've been endeavoring to improve our English. We discuss the topic or article prepared by a leader. (We take turns being a leader.)

If you're interested in our meeting or have any questions, please feel free to ask me. We always welcome you!


This academic year, I luckily got new students and am supposed to give my lessons until 9 o'clock every Saturday. More power to me!! lol

After finishing my lessons, I got the detailed results of the TOEIC test.

Here's my Abilities Measured....

L 495 >>> 95 100 100 100
R 440 >>>88 94 82 93 92

Total 935


Mysterious TOEIC

Last November I finally attained one of my goals- to get 900 or over on the TOEIC test.
It took a long time for me to get the score, so I was in the seventh heaven.

Just after taking the test, an idea came into my mind: if I don't study for the test except for my daily routine of studying English, what score will I get?
Having said that, after attaining my goal, I had been less interested in the test than the STEP test. I must admit that I seemed to have experienced burnout somewhat.

Today I got the results...

I did it again!

I was on cloud nine, of course, but at the same time I was surprised at the score...What a mysterious test!...

Our excursion to Oita and Kumamoto

Luckily my hubby and I got windfall allowances from each company this month. As such we were talking about how we would use them- for saving money or repaying the loan on our new car. Then, we came upon an idea- our family trip.

We hadn't had a trip for a while and wanted to make wonderful memories, so right away we decided where we would go. My hubby was interested in Yufuin and Kujyu although we have visited there many times. With one thing and another, we decided to go there. As for accommodations, I left it up to him because he's good at finding reasonable ones through the Internet.

In Yufuin, my son and I tried "Doctor Fish" for the first time. It's said that they usually clean our feet by eating old keratin

We visited "Trick Art Museum"

The following day, we headed for Kumamoto Castle after taking a drive around Aso and Kujyu areas. We got stuck in the traffic jam around there and didn't manage to park. Many people were beating a path its door. Unluckily we ending up giving it up. However, we encountered an intriguing parade who were wearing traditional Japanese costume.

I see. I got the point why so many people were flocking there..^^

Anyway, we made fun and wonderful memories together! Next time, going abroad!? lol

Oh, my gosh! Newlyweds!!

The other day my hubby asked me whether we still had the video tape that recorded our honeymoon. He has asked me several times before, so I thought he did that again.

I answered "Yes, Of course!" with confidence. Then, he skeptically said, "Are you sure? It's a decade ago so that it might have gone somewhere."
"OK, then. Let you show it right away." I said that like tit for tat.
I found it out of the closet and showed him. "See?" I didn't know why he asked about it because the tape was too an old model to play it with our current equipment.

Last night he gave me a DVD copied from the tape. Wow! What a surprise! He'd had it dubbed onto DVD without my knowing it. I felt embarrassed because of being too young, but we enjoyed watching it. Thanks to him, I remembered what we were- fresh and young. lol

A would-be pianist

Last Saturday my family visited a concert hall where is located in our downtown. One of my students, who is a high schooler, had invited us to her piano performance. I'm ashamed to say, but it was the first time for us to see that kind of concert.
I'm not familiar with piano, nor classic. Neither is my family. I believed her invitation would be quality time to us even though we don't know the first thing about it.

As for the student, she's been practicing piano to become a pianist. In fact, she's been endeavoring to enter a Japanese college of music and is supposed to take the entrance examination next February. I can bet she's proficient at not only the piano but English.
She's absolutely one of my best and brightest students.

Well, about her performance, I was glad to see the different side of herself because I'm always see her studying English at my class.
After her performance, we had a natter a little bit and she told me her performance this time was the worst one she's ever played. As I mentioned above, I'm the woman on the street when it comes to music. As such I didn't know what was bad. Actually, however, her mother and piano teacher said like that as well. I see....

When we came back our home, her disappointed face and comment that she blew it still stuck in my mind.
I know she doesn't lose heart at anything like this, but I just sent my text message to her- Your goal is not this concert but to enter the university you're aiming at and to become a pianist. I'm sure you'll pull it off.

I'm sure!!
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師