Preventive Mastectomy

It was not hard to imagine that many people, women in particular, were astonished at a high-profile actress' disclosure: Angelina Jolie had a preventive double mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

Knowing the news, I was surprised because I don't have that kind of notion. Neither do I, nor many Japanese women do that I guess. I felt that it might go too far.
It's true that the risk of developing breast cancer could be reduced but she still might be putting herself at the risk of developing other types of cancer.

She must have mulled it over for a long time, of course, and might have noticed a little symptom. Nobody knows, though.
One thing I can say is that her decision absolutely raised our awareness and made waves to think about it, including the cost.
Well, her bold choice would be in vain unless tackle over the cost as well.

6月スケジュール ~~マムズ~~

Here's our next English meeting.

Day and Time: 12th and 26th June 10:00~12:00

Participation Fee: ¥500 a participant (Cuz, a native English speaker will take part in it as well. If there's no guest speaker, it's ¥200 a participant.)

Place: Onojo North Community Center, Meeting Room 2(These're on the second floor)
We've been endeavoring to improve our English. We discuss the topic or article prepared by a leader. (We take turns being a leader.)

If you're interested in our meeting or have any questions, please feel free to ask me. We always welcome you!

Japanese Self-Defense Forces

The city where I live has two self-defense bases, Japanese Air and Land Self-Defense Forces.

At the latter Base, the 63rd anniversary of its establishment was held today. Ever since I moved to this city, I hadn't visited there. (We can only enter the bases when they hold that kind of ceremony, in summer festivals and seasonal music concerts.
Luckily the ceremony was held on Sunday and it was my day off, so my son and I visited there for the first time.)




It's not unusual that we can see several armored cars and trucks passing by the streets in my city. However, we rarely do that at close range. I might have been more excited than my son...^^;

Well, here's a warmhearted story.
As my son was thirsty, I was buying a canned soft drink from a vending machine it the base. Although I had put some money and pushed the button for the drink he liked, the drink didn't come out of the machine. I asked a nearby member of Self-Defense Force about the problem. However, he told me to call the company of the machine because they didn't handle such matters...Aw...
I didn't manage to get it, so we had no other choice but to give up.
A few hours later, a mother and her daughter, who looked an upper grader, talked to us.
They had the drink we tried to buy! They were lining up behind of us and when they bought their drinks, the drink my son wanted came out as well.
Then, they thought they might find us somewhere in the base.

I was so moved because the Base was crowded and there was a low probability that they would find us. What's more they had another option: they could have drunk it. However, they didn't do that and held it for us.

The drink was no longer cold, but I felt their warmth. I'd like to express my gratitude to them from the bottom of my heart!!

Pitch Down

Today I had an appointment for an online lesson. After walking briskly for exercise, I got ready to take the lesson on Skype as usual. My teacher, who is in her 20's, is so punctual and sincere that I trust in not only her teaching skills but also character.

I was waiting for her call on time, but there wasn't any call from her. I made sure my schedule and I didn't find anything wrong. Then, I remembered the com@uter bug that had annoyed me before.
At that time my friend and I saw online marks-green ones; nevertheless, we didn't manage to contact each other. We didn't hear the sound of calling. I tired to log off and reboot, then finally the connection was made.
My computer is somewhat old type, so that kind of trouble occasionally happens. What's worse, its processing speed is terribly slow....

Anyway, I tried to log off and reboot my PC right away. I knew it would take some time and make her wait, but it couldn't be helped.
At last I received her call. (Incidentally, she actually tried to call me many times. I found her calls on its text board.)
Unluckily there were only three minutes left...> <; It wasn't enough to discuss or read the article she had sent me. As such I asked her to evaluate my current skills and give some advice.

She told me that I have a rich vocabulary and am familiar with reading articles. However, I have a prepensity to read some senteces in a monotonous and high-pitched voice.
As she pointed out, I'm liable to do that when I'm excited or something like that. She suggested I lower the pitch a little bit.

I asked her to teach how to read perfectly like a news anchor. Luckily she was willing to take on my request.^^ I have to practice and practice! hehe

An Attractive Offer

The other day, a colleague of mine sent me a text message. She told me that she was looking for someone who could take on a part-time job.
I was attracted to the job because it's related to English.

Not only does she teach English, but she teaches Japanese to foreigners as a volunteer. Actually she took a training course to teach Japanese at a Japanese language school, and got to know many overseas students and its manager there.

The job's responsibilities are to interpret for them during the orientation at the school, to check their Japanese skills and to show them the vicinity of the school.
It's an attracting offer, isn't it! I'm sure it'll stand me in good stead for my future.
When she gave me the offer, a few weeks had passed after the manager asked her to find someone she knows. As such the manager might already have hired someone while she was looking for.

Anyway, I'd be willing to accept the offer if the manager has't found someone yet.

Welcome To Our Confab!

I took part in the English workshop in which I regularly participate two days ago.

This time a visitor came over to our confab for the first time. To much surprise, she knew our confab about 5 or 6 years ago through the Net. She told us that she'd been curious to take part in the meeting but she hadn't had encouragement to take a step forward.

Yes, she knows the member who organized this workshop and lives in Kumamoto now. I'm so glad that she decided to become a member. She had unnumbered butterflies in her stomach, of course, during the meeting. I hope she'll daringly cut in my talking because schmoozing is in my DNA. lol
Anyway, I believe that she'll be inspired and enrich her skills in our confab!

Take Good Care Of My Eyes

Getting up this morning, I felt discomfort in my left eye. I've been suffering from pollen allergy, so I thought that its symptoms caused the discomfort. However, it seemed different from common symptoms such as itching.

I put some eyedrops in my eyes, but I still felt discomfort. What was worse, my left eye was red. I remembered that the similar symptom broke out about four years ago. As such I saw the eye doctor.

The doctor checked my eyes and diagnosed mild dry eyes. That reminds me. When I was wearing soft contact lenses, my eyes gradually became bleary. That's why I ended up wearing a pair of glasses. I think that I'm apt to use my computer or smart phone for a long time, so that kind of habit probably caused the trouble with my eyes.
I should take care of my eyes...

Perfuming myself

Yesterday my hubby gave me a present because it was my birthday. (I don't want to get old any more, though..^^;) This year he chose a brand-name perfume.

Speaking of perfumes, I used to be particular about them and try a variety of fragrances. Ever since I found my favorite one, I've worn it for more than a decade.

Honestly, I was a little worried about its fragrance. Actually depending on the perfume, its fregrance is too strong to wear habitually. What's more, he's not familiar with fashion, much less cosmetics. However, at the same time I was curious to know what kind of fregrance he chose. Then, I opened the box and found that it wasn't strong. Rather than that, it was somewhat elegant.
He told me that I would prefer the old one which I used to wear, but I wasn't 20ish. As such he chose the new perfume which produces elegant.

Wow! he's right. In fact, not only is it an elegant fragrance, but its bottle is also my liking. I saw him in a new light. lol
Anyway, thanks to his choice, it might help see my new self.^^

Welcome back!

I'm blessed with friends who are interested in English. Without them, I couldn't reach my current level of skill. It sounds exaggerated, but it's true.

This morning I contacted one of my fellow English-lovers to brush up on our skills together. We hadn't contacted each other on Skype due to her old computer's problem for a while, so I was thrilled to talk with her.

After having a natter, we got down to discussing the article I had sent her. This time we talked about this article...
E-books and Democracy

The trend has absolutely had a big influence on the publishers and libraries. They might have given and taken to remain. It seems they're still trying to find the best way so far.
I think the publishers and the libraries are to change what they should be along with the tread of the economy, culture or democracy as the author said. I don't mean current libraries and publishers would die out instead of the new style, or E-books. There should be a variety of options we can choose from, depending on our situations.
It seems to take some time to go, though.

Be that as it may, we haven't dealt with that kind of the topic in my town. Anyway if we introduce the system in my town, I'll be curious to use it, depending on the days.
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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