Passing Down To The Next Generation

The board of education in Matsue city, Shimane aroused controversy: It insisted that "Hadashi no Gen" or Bare Foot Gen, which is a famous manga series and depicted the horror of the A-bomb, is too excessive portraits for elementary schoolers that schools must not show it to them. I don't completely agree with that.

The manga series was depicted by one of the survivors of A-bomb. It's a true story even though how excessive depiction is.
What on earth is there war without cruelty in the world?
Actually, there are some atrocious scenes. I was shocked to see them when I was a kid. At that same time, however, I learned how horrible war was from it.
We should teach them how cruel war is through the manga series rather than keeping children away from it.

For that reason, I believe the request of the board of education shouldn't be accepted. We should not only pass it down to the next generation but tell them about the truth that Japanese forces invaded other countries and carried out horrifying massacres.
War does nothing but nourishes feelings of hatred and despair.

How Difficult Parenting Is.

I bet many moms have thought like this: How difficult parenting is.
I'm one of them, of course....

During our Obon holiday, my son stayed with his cousins at my parents-in-low's house for several days as I had my regular English lessons and translation assigntments.
When I came back to my house, I told him not to have his own way, and to think twice when he said what he wanted to do something. I meant his behavior might be a nuisance.
As he has no sibling, he has never had quarrels with brothers or sisters, nor sibling rivalry. I'm concerned his behavior and sayings would annoy others unconsciously.

This afternoon, I picked him up. At that time, I expressed my gratitude and asked about what he was like during his stay. As my feared, he had his own way.....- -+ I meant he didn't "read the situation...."
It wasn't the first time... Every time he did like that, I asked him about the reasons and his way of thinking. It was like a meeting, I can say. I know I'm a strict mom, (I might be a tiger mom, though)and he's NOW learning a lot of things to grow up.
He's a green hand, so I should be patient to tell him.....but.....

Aw......Do you grab what I meant?

The Power Of Detergent

Yesterday my son and I went to an international communication association center.
Several overseas students and we hold a cultural exchange workshop at the center. The workshop was for elementary schoolers. I hoped it would inspire him, so I had applied for it.

After spending two hours, we came back home. I usually change my holiday clothes to casual wear when I come back. I did it yesterday as usual.
After that, I got down to my translation assigntment. Around 11:00, finally I finished it and right away sent it to my staff members by e-mail. As you can easily imagine, it was time for me to let my hair down.
I remembered that I should launder my skirt. It's my favorite one and needs to be washed by hand.

Then, I noticed there were stains on the hem of the skirt! > <; I didn't know what they were, but immediately I put some bleach on the stains and washed it.
OH! MY GOSH! They didn't come out at all! It might sound I was exaggerating, but I was devastated.

While I was almost at loss, an idea came up with my mind- Using detergent for dishes. I remembered vaguely that a TV program mentioned it could remove strong stains.
I tried it, thinking this would be the last chance.

Thank goodness! The stains came out!!

Phew....I was worn out......
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師