Translate Business Letters

While I teach English to kids and adults, I help to translate and interpret.
Every time I took on a translation or interpretation assignment, it was challenging, but it was absolutely rewarding. Whenever I finished each of them, I felt fulfilled and it developed my knowledge of English.

Today I took on a business letter translation. I have translated these kind of letters several times. This time it was a little different from the usual translation: I had to translate some business letters from English into Japanese or from Japanese into English right away on the spot, and send them to a client.

Honestly, I wasn't sure if I would be able to deal with it when a staff member asked me. However, I wanted to experience as many new things as possible. As such I decided to take on it.

Luckily they weren't hard for me to translate, so I pulled it off! Yay!!

Everybody, Happy Halloween!

Our Ridiculous Conversation

This is our ridiculous conversation the other day, but let me share it.

I> Hey, hubby, What time will you come back today?

H> Uh.................Oyaji, I think.

I> What!? What did you say?..Oyaji!? What does it mean?

H> Oyaji means nine o'clock. It means I'm happy to get home around nine.

I> Haha! That's funny. Then, how about 10 and 11 o'clock?

H> .......10 is Hanaji-nosebleed-, and 11 is Kireji-bleeding hemorrhoid-.(Sorry, readers..--;) The former means I'm tired but I manage to get home. The latter means I'm so worn out as to fall down.

I> ........They're our jargon, aren't they...

Thank you for reading our silly conversation....^^;

Her Call From The U.S

Recently I got to know a Japanese woman who lives in the U.S on my blog. She dropped in on my blog and gave me her comment at that time. Ever since then, we've interacted with each other through this site.

The other day I was curious to chat with her on Skype. I wondered if she would accept my request, I tried to ask her. Luckily she accepted my request. :)

Yesterday I had some time, so I turned on my PC and checked e-mails, my blog and Skype. At the time I found her status on Skype was "Away".
As I didn't want to disturb her because of the time difference between Japan and the U.S, I just posted my short comment on her page.
A few minutes later, she called me! What a surprise call!

While I was talking, I was at a loss sometimes where I However, she was all ears. During our chatting, I got a few tips on how to improve my skills and I learned a new point of view about my job as an English teacher.

My English was poor; nevertheless, she took some time for me. :)
Thank you very much!!

Halloween Party in 2013

Finally a Halloween party was held at my class yesterday!

I arrived at the community center where I regularly teach English around 13:30, and started to decorate the room with posters, some flags and shiny ornaments. I finished at 15:00! It took an hour and half! Phew...^^;


After that, I made sure of the games I had prepared. All the preparations were set, and I was just waiting for my students and their friends.
Soon they were coming over one after another.

As I mentioned, this time a guest who is from Germany came over to the party as well. He's shy but very kind and modest.
At first I gave the children some quizzes which were related to Germany. They seemed to be very easy for them...haha
We enjoyed playing the other games, and all of the participants tried to complete the missions I had thought of. Some did them quickly, others had trouble completing them. I hope the missions encouraged them to keep learning English...

It was a two-hour party, and I'm not sure they all enjoyed it...However, I hope they learned something from the party, those who haven't been interested in English so far in particular.
My efforts paid off if the party was able to draw their interests.

I'm Ready!

As I mentioned before, I'm supposed to have a Halloween party with my students and their friends this Saturday.
I had rescheduled my lessons for the party and I've been preparing for it.




I had asked a guest who is from Germany to take part in our party. I prepared several games which would entertain all of them! The climax of my party this year is " Mission Impossible"
I'll give missions to each student and they'll have to complete them within a limited time. ( The envelopes in the above pictures are their missions.) They need their knowledge they've learned in the lessons to complete them. hehe

Hey, Everybody! Let's turn on spirit!

11月スケジュール ~~マムズ~~

Here's our next English meeting.

Day and Time: 6th November 10:00~12:00

Participation Fee: ¥500 a participant (Cuz, a native English speaker will take part in it as well. If there's no guest speaker, it's ¥200 a participant.)

Place: Onojo North Community Center, Meeting Room 1(These're on the second floor)
We've been endeavoring to improve our English. We discuss the topic or article prepared by a leader. (We take turns being a leader.)

If you're interested in our meeting or have any questions, please feel free to ask me. We always welcome you!


We're supposed to visit a native English speaker who is from England on 21st November.
If you're curious to join us, please let me know. :)


I've read the English newspaper called The Japan Times Weekly to improve my skills. Once a week it's delivered and I read it thoroughly until the next issue arrives.

Its company made a business tie-up with The New York Times. Accordingly the paper was finally reborn. It's called The Japan Times on Sunday.
Yesterday the first issue was delivered and I was surprised to find that the number of articles had greatly increased. It might be my imagination, but the font seems to get smaller because of the increase...

I'm not sure if I'll be able to read it thoroughly as usual, but I bet it's well worth reading each article, and learning sophisticated writing or expressions from it.

Is there anybody who is curious to discuss or chat over the articles with me?

The Mysterious Moon

The mornings and nights are getting cooler. The autumn breeze surrounds us.

I had a whim to expose myself to a night breeze last night. At the time I found there was a fantastic and mysterious moon in the sky.
I'm not familiar with the universe or the heavenly bodies, but I'm mesmerized at the moon, somehow.

These are the pictures of it.



I put my hands up to the moon in spite of myself and basked in the moonlight. ;)

An Ex-Coworker

The other day, my family went on a picnic because it was the ideal weather for outing.

We dropped by a Michinoeki or a roadside station, which offers local fresh products, places for rest and so forth, and were hanging around there.
At that time, a man drew to us and said, "Long time no see! Mr. and Ms. VibrantRose!"
I saw the man and found out who he was in a moment. He was our mutual ex-coworker!
What a coincidence!

When I worked at a hotel, he was a cook. We used to go bar-hopping with other staff members after work. He looked like a little bigger, but his smile and way of talking didn't change.
He told us that he took over his parents' restaurant and reopened it as his own restaurant last year.
We couldn't talk for a long time because he had to go back to his work. (He had his lunch break.) It was a short chatting, but it vividly reminded me of our old days.

His restaurant is located about a twenty or thirty-minute drive from my house. I think I'll visit his restaurant to bask in my old memories.^^

A Luxury Train

Have you ever dreamed of traveling by luxury train?

Today a high-end sleeper train, Nanatsuboshi or Seven Stars, debuted.
Take a look. This is its picture.


It travels around Kyushu for four days and three nights or for two days one night. It's a tempting travel, unfortunately, I can't afford to reserve a berth on the train.^^;
The highest price is 980,000 yen per person for four days and three nights! (It's for the most deluxe room.)Incidentally, the lowest one is 280,000 yen per person for two days and one night. There's a various of pricing, of course. However, all of them are beyond my reach...haha
Much to my suprise, its rooms are fully booked until next June, according to the news.

Would you try it?


My son is in the third grade now, and learns Romaji at school these days.

He doesn't get used to writing something in Romaji, so he's often confused which letter should be used.
The other day, he told me that he got English and Romaji mixed up. I gasped with surprise at the time. I thought it might have happened to a lot of students, those who are in the upper grades in particular.
In fact, some of my students, who are in the upper grades or junior high schoolers, often write spellings mixed with English and Romaji. A student, for example, mistook the spelling of "teacher" for that of "teacha".

For homework, he had to write not only some names but some sentences in Romaji. For example,"Hoshi ga Kirei desu" or "Stars are beautiful".

I wondered why they don't practice writing simple words in English as well. His school introduced English lessons into its curriculum. Frankly speaking, however, they're make-believe plays or games which kindergarteners might play. ( Actually, some say they're too childish and boring.)
Don't get me wrong. I don't mean they should stick to their desks and practice writing or reading English or grind a competent knowledge of English into them.
As they are getting older, they need to practice writing English as well as Romaji, I believe.

If I weren't an English teacher, I would be oblivious of this point....

For Halloween Party

I'm supposed to hold a Halloween party for my students at the end of this month. Luckily more than 20 kids have taken part in my party each year, and we enjoy playing games and having snack time.

I might have mentioned before, though, I have been preparing for the party since the end of September. It might sound like it's too early, but it's actually not. I should think up a lot of games which entertain all of the students.
Some are upper-class students or junior high schoolers. The others are lower-class ones or kindergarteners. I need a variety of games for them. To add to that, I have to buy some snacks and wrap them up with Halloween-like papers for Trick or Treating.
It sounds tiresome, but I never feel like that. (Oops, I said the same thing last year. lol) Preparing for those kinds of things is one of my pleasures.

This year, a guest, who is from Germany, is supposed to take part in it as well! I want my students to interact with foreigners in English as much as possible. As such, I had asked one of my co-workers to introduce the guest to me for the party. She has helped Japanese classes for overseas students or visitors as a volunteer.
Thanks to her, the guest accepted my request.

I really hope all my students will be inspired and learn something through our interaction. Oh, one more thing: my party will go well, I hope...Please! lol

In a Polite Way

One of my fellow English-lovers told me about a useful site for language learners several years ago. Since then, I've been endeavoring to improve my skills, writing skills in particular.
Whenever I found new words and expressions in the papers, I've tried to use them in my entries on the site, and learned about more natural expressions or what native English speakers would say.
Thanks to the site, I've learned a lot of natural expressions. To add to that, I got to know a lot of people who are from a variety of countries through the site.

Luckily some of them regularly visit my site and have given me their help. I'm always, of course, welcoming first visitors, provided they correct my entries in a polite way.
In fact, some visitors corrected my entries without blue or red corrections. (Blue means their suggestions, and Red means errors.)
In this case, I could understand grammatical errors even though there weren't any colors, but as for expressions, I was occasionally confused: What was the difference between them? What was wrong in the original expressions? Did it just sound odd to you or something?

Yesterday I posted my entry as usual. It was long, so I wondered if someone would give me help. Luckily a visitor corrected my entry. (We got to know each other recently, and each of us added friends' list.)
The person was THAT type... There weren't any colors, nor any comments....Some of them were actually grammatical errors, but the others seemed the person's suggestions. As such I asked about what were wrong?
Then, the person said, "They're grammatical errors."

I see........... Is "let me share my story" grammatically wrong?
Most of my original sentences were changed into those of the person's way or liking.

Give me a break!

Right away, I replied that not all my sentences were grammatically wrong. They were your suggestions. Correcting someone's entries is not changing the nuances or expressions the writer had but adding more natural expressions.

A few hours later, these corrections were deleted, and my comments as well....
Deleting your corrections is no problem because of YOUR corrections. However, my comments should have been there! My comments are mine, NOT yours!

All I'm asking is that the person NEVER EVER visits my site.

An Unruly Student

Ever since I started my career as an English teacher, I've been really blessed with students and their parents....but a student....
People who are in the same field of work as mine can understand what I mean: The student is an unruly student...

It's a long story, but let me share my story.
He has been learning English in my class since he was a kindergartener.
Back in those days, I wanted him to enjoy himself and interact with the other students through my lessons.

After he entered elementary school, I want him to enjoy himself, of course, but at the same time he has to do his English homework and tasks such as practicing reading simple English books.
Pushing him to be perfect is the last thing I would do. All I'm asking is to practice and do what to do.
When he was a lower grader, I overlooked his laziness to a certain degree, depending on the situation.
Each time his attitude was too bad or bothered other students, however, I called his mother and told him not to that. Yes, in fact, I have called his mother to tell her about what his attitude was like in my class several times.

As the saying goes, "Bad habits die hard"... His laziness and attitude has affected to his skills. I don't want to say, but in fact his skills lag behind several other students in his class. (When he started to learn, their skills were no different.) In addition, the other students have begun to feel him disagreeable.

To encourage him to keep learning and arouse his eagerness for English, I have tried to do whatever I can do. To add to that, I have arranged his homework or tasks so as not to lose his motivation.
However, he very often forgets them...Is he the epitome of laziness?

( Actually, in the last lesson, he forgot his task again, which was to practice reading a simple English book. Here's our conversation....

I> Please tell me the reason why you didn't practice. Just forgot or something?

S> Yes.........(nodding)

I> I see. I've told you a lot of times, so I think you might know what I want to say.. But I'll tell you again. You must do what to do. Not only you, but the other students are busy like swimming lessons, right?

S> OK....(nodding)

I> Did the other students forget like you?

S> No...

I> See? I never require all students to read each book perfectly. I tell you and the other students to do your best.

S> ......Sorry, may I go to the bathroom?

I> Sure. Go ahead.

(After he came back)I> So, did you remember what I said? What should you do next time?



Still, if he and his mother hope that my lessons live up to their expectations for his skills, sorry, got me stumped.
All I can say is that "as a man sows, so shall he reap."

" I Quit! "

Let me ask one question.

If you quit your work, how would you quit? Hand in your notice? Rain down abuse on your toxic boss?
Well, how about this way.....


I make a point of listening to ABC news, BBC and so forth on Podcast. Recently ABC news featured the above video.
Would you give it a try in this way? XD

Lovely Perfume

Although not being picky, I'm interested in clothes, including perfumes. When I go out, I usually put some perfume I like.

After I found my favorite fragrance, I had put the perfume for more than a decade. Recently my hubby gave me a different perfume, which is one of the brand names. In fact, it absolutely won't catch my attention if I buy perfume by myself.
I hate to sound that I'm biased against brand names perfume, but I had thought these kinds of perfumes would be too strong to wear.
However, I was wrong. The fragrance of perfume was lovely and refreshing.

The other day, I went to a shopping mall. In the mall, I was hanging around and dropped in at a cosmetic store. There were a variety of perfumes as well, and I found the perfume my hubby gave me. It had various types of fragrances. I tried one of them, which is the fragrance of roses.
As my nickname for this blog, I love roses. As such, I fell in love with the fragrance. lol It's not strong but feminine.

As we usually change clothes every season in Japan, it's a good way to change perfume as well. ;)

Shocking News

While having dinner last night, I was shocked to watch the news on TV: a train hit a woman trying to rescue a man who is in his 70's on a railroad crossing.

According to the news, when she and her father were waiting in their car for the crossing gate to open, she saw the man crouch down on the railroad crossing. A train was approaching; nevertheless, she rushed there to rescue him.
Her father, of course, shouted at her not to enter there, but she tried to help him.
A passer pushed an emergency button, however, it was late. The train failed to stop and hit them. Fortunately, the man was rushed to the hospital and saved although he got a serious injury. However, she wasn't saved...

If I were, I absolutely wouldn't do that like her. What a brave person she was!
The reason why the man was there is supposed to be revealed after he recovers. For whatever reason, I hope it's not a reason that he was going to commit suicide.
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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