I Learned From This Call.

A few days ago, I received some assignments. One of them was an on-the-spot translation, and the other was to call a staff member in Pakistan.

As for the former, I'm supposed to help tomorrow. About the latter, I finished it yesterday.
I have called South Asian countries several times, and I had occasionally trouble catching their pronuciation. As such, I wasn't sure I would communicate with the staff without trouble.
When the staff answered my call, I was surprised to find out that I didn't have any trouble communicating with him. Those who have called foreign countries on the phone might understand what I meant, though, talking on the phone is sometimes challenging for non-native English speakers. Some voices through the phone are very clear, others are not.
Luckily this time was the former although he had a South Asian accent.
In addition, my previous experiences with calling helped me to communicate with him smoothly even though we exchanged our e-mail addresses.

I came to a fuller realization of the importance that I should experience whatever I can do.

For My Students

Every winter, I give presents to all my students at the last lesson of the year.
Some teachers give their students candy or a little something as a Christmas present, others don't.
I want to put in a good word for every student because they have been endeavoring to improve their skills. I think they deserve it. Another reason is to lift their sprits for athe annual examination, which is a writing and an interview exam. lol

Today was my day off, so I went to a shopping mall to buy presents for my students.
Luckily I found some interesting goods and bought them. I haven't finished preparing everything yet, though, I'm enjoying the preparation. :)

At a Stylish Cafe

This morning my fellow English-lovers and I visited a native English speaker, who is from England, to take part in an open conversation class. I regularly visit there, but some of them took part in it for the first time.
When I arrived there, some of them had already been there. hehe
There were 9 of us today. The teacher said, "Wow! Today is like a party! lol"

After the class, we went to a cafe I had made a reservation to have lunch.
This is its web site: 3rd. Cafe
What a stylish cafe it is! I love that kind of cafe. :)
About its lunch, I bet you'll be absolutely satisfied with it. The staff members' hospitality was excellent! I want to go there again.

Let me share about two members of us.
One of them took part in the today's meeting with her son in tow. She came over for the first time after several months absence. In fact, she was trying to gain a certification as a therapist for babies called a baby massage instructor.
She has just started her business as an instructor.
Check it out: Mimos
If you're interested in it, why don't you contact her. :)

The other member came over from the next prefecture where I live. We got to know each other through our mutual friend. I have visited her English meeting a few times. Luckily she had spare time this time, so she decided to participate in our meeting.

I had a delightful time with my members. It was a convivial meeting.

Thank You, My Better Half!

As I mentioned, I've been tied up with work, chores and so forth. Finally, I finished all of the things I had to do...Phew....
In fact, these days I had no choice but to stay up late to finish them.^^;

I managed, of course, to take care of my family and do household chores as well as my work. It might sound like I'm a perfectionist somewhat, though, I'm liable to do everything by myself as much as possible as not only a mom and wife but a working woman. However, this time I actually needed some help. I found that it would definitely take its toll on my health without some help.
Fortunately, my better half voluntarily helped me a lot. :) Without his help, I couldn't have managed them.

Thank you very much for your help, my hubby!

I Managed To Have Time...

Recently I've been swamped with bits and bobs as well as my regular lessons. In addition, I often help translate. Fortunately, the staff members have regularly offered me translation assignments.

Although I regularly tried to post my journals on this blog, I didn't manage to have time for myself. Finally, I had some spare time! Phew!
Actually, I had to take part in a meeting at my company this morning, and I'll have to prepare for my next lessons. However, I squeezed into my schedule. ^^;

After coming back home, I checked my e-mails. I was surprised to see that a translation assignment arrived because I just finished another one a few days ago. The mail was that a staff member asked me whether I would be able to help on behalf of a regular translator today. I was glad to receive it, but this time it was an urgent assignment and it wasn't the way I usually translate: I had to send it back within a span of twenty-four hours. In addition, the assignment required technical knowledge and words. For that reason, unfortunately I decided to pass it up. I wish I would have more time...

Just after I sent my reply, another company contacted me. It decided to hire me as a corrector of English documents. Actually, I had tried to take its trial. When I had seen its advertisement, I had been curious to try it. Even though I'm used to writing English journals, I often make rudimentary mistakes such as "a" or "the".
I'd had to take its trial twice and I made a few mistakes; nevertheless, I could pass...
Luckily, I learned a few points that I often make mistakes on from its trial.

Correcting English sentences is different from translating and it'll be absolutely challenging to me....I might as well buy new grammar books for teachers although I have some books....

Yes, all I can do is to go for it!

A Witty Wife

As you may know, Koichi Wakata, who is an astronaut, has taken on a big role: He is the first Japanese commander this time.
I only know it is his fourth time to go to the space, though, I'm proud of him as a Japanese. He'll surely manage his tasks with alacrity.

I believe his role as a commander is not a cinch. However, he seemed to be relaxed when I watched the news on TV.
During the news he and his wife were having a short chat over the phone.
She said to him, " Hi, Koichi. Do you remember me?"
She has a sense of humor, doesn't she. ;)

I wonder if I could say like that to my other half....haha

Familiar Words To me

Last Sunday, my family took a drive to Yamagichi prefecture.

We dropped in at a shopping mall on our way because my son wanted to buy a comic book.
While he was waiting in line at the register, I was browsing in the bookstore. At that time a book caught my attention. It was related to the first grade of the STEP test, so I flipped through it. As it seemed a helpful and interesting book, I decided to buy it.

Yesterday I started to read the book, and study English for the STEP test with it. I was a little surprised to see that there were a lot of words I had learned from the English papers. They were actually familiar words to me such as concoct.
Even though I couldn't recall the exact meaning of some words, I vaguely remembered how they were used in the papers. As such, I could guess these meaning.

I found it a great help to read the English papers. :)

Congratulations On Your Success!

Last month, some of my students took the STEP test. It was the first experience of it, so they seemed a little nervous. (Actually I was a wee bit nervous as well...^^;)

The results arrived yesterday..................................

They all passed the exam!

Yay!!! Well done, Everybody!

They had been preparing for the test in a number of ways. For example, they did the past tests called 過去問 in Japanese.
I was sure their skills were actually enough to pass it. I know, however, "There might be an obstacle on that day", or no one knows what happens on that day. As such they made doubly sure of their preparation.
Their efforts came to fruition actually!

Congratulations on your success!!
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師