To Better My Record

I've enjoyed my daily routine of studying English since I got my all-time high score on the TOEIC test. To inspire myself and better my score, I took it yesterday.

Much to my chagrine, I failed to better my score this time. The reason was clear: My lack of effort and unstable skills caused the blunder. I've yet to get the results, so I don't know my actual score. All I can say is that I flunked in the test. I meant that I didn't manage to better my score. In addition, I was actually inspired thanks to the test.

I'll be out for revenge next time!

Ran into My Friend

I can say that I'm blessed with kind, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed friends. Thanks to them, I'm always inspired to do something new and encouraged to keep brushing up on my skills. Without them, I wouldn't have started to master English or landed my current job.

This morning, one of my fellow English-lovers visited my city to get involved in an open conversation class. She's busy as an English teacher, but luckily she doesn't have her classes during summer vacation. That's why she managed to have time to join us this time.
Actually, we hadn't met up with each other for a while because of our work. As such, I was thrilled to meet up with her and spend quality time together.

After the class, I wished we could have had lunch together. However, I had to prepare for tomorrow's lessons and parents' meetings. That was why I had no choice but to say goodbye to her....T T
After seeing her off at the nearest station, I dropped by at a library to look for interesting English picture books. I'm supposed to take part in an English event next month, so I was browsing through some English picture books there. At that time, a woman talked to me. She was one of my friends! We hadn't met up with each other for ages! She looked fine and we stood chatting to catch up on each other.

What nice friends!

What a Poor Boy!

I usually hold meetings with my students' parents twice a year. One of them is held during the summer vacation and the other is done at the end of the year.

At the meetings, we talk about a variety of topics ranging from their attitudes during my lessons to private matters. As a teacher, these meetings are indispensable for me to see my classes objectively and to know what they require in my classes.

Last week, I held a meeting with one of my students and his mother. Frankly, he's been a troublesome student somewhat. He's forgotten his homework and some tasks I had given him many times. What's worse, he's liable to toy with his pencil, eraser or something like that while I'm talking. In fact, as he usually doesn't listen to me, his skills have lagged behind in his class. Of course, I've tried to do whatever I came to mind to attract his attention and to interest him in English for five years. However, all of my attempts failed... He hasn't got involved in my lessons on his own volition.
As such, I asked his mother about his attitude toward other subjects at his school. As I imagined, he hasn't done well in those either.
His mother made a clean breast of their private matters. She's a full-time worker, so she hasn't spent enough time with him since he was small. What's worse, she's not good at caring for his studies. That's why she decided to leave the responsibility up to schools such as a cram school or my class.
Not only she, but his father doesn't get involved either....

When he was in the lower grades, I told her to have time with him and to try to get involved in his home study. I believe that the lower grades is the most important stage for children to make a point of studying at home. However, she missed the time....
During the meeting, I asked him how much he enjoyed learning English. At that time, his mother interrupted and said, "You told me you tried to study English for ME, not yourself, didn't you!"
He shrunk away from her....Oh, my......

Truthfully, ever since he entered my class, I've been afflicted by his attitude. I've mulled over the reason and the best way for his studies.
After that, I realized the reason why he's always distracted and doesn't listen to me: his parents' apathy toward him or his school life causes his languid attitude toward everything.....

What a poor boy!

Dear Messi

The World Cup has finished. My hubby and son are into soccer, so they spread out their Japanese futons in front of the TV during the Cup. Thanks to a lot of well-known soccer players, my son has been glommed onto soccer!

The other day, he brought back a flier from his school. The flier was about books for children. At his school, a publishing company annually gives its fliers to students. My son used to buy a few books such as games, puzzles or something like that. This year, however, he asked me to buy a different genre- a biography. He wanted to buy the biography of Messi, who is from Argentina.
I immediately "gave the green light" to him because it wasn't a cartoon. There were some pictures of him and illustrations, though.

I was surprised to hear that the book was sold out and he had to wait a few days! What a popular player he is!
Finally, he got it today.
Tonight, he was reading and reading as if he was a bookworm. lol

Let me say this, Thank you Messi! ^^

A Big Typhoon and My Lessons

As you may know, a once-in-a-decade typhoon is coming. According to the weather forecast, it's supposed to hit Kyushu tomorrow morning.

This morning I was involved in an English workshop. After that, the wind started getting stronger. Some of elementary schools closed earlier than usual and my co-worker decided to cancel her all English lessons. I planned to give my lessons as usual because it was gusty but my students would still manage to come to my class, I thought. To be honest, however, I wasn't sure if I should give my lessons.
When I arrived at the community center where I regularly give my lessons, it started pouring rain. In addition, the wind started blowing harder. As such, I decided to cancel my all lessons at the last minute. Still, I thought we could study, but I called my students' parents just in case...

Although my today's lessons were canceled, my translation assignment is still waiting for This time, it seems challenging to me and I guess it'll take some time to finish it....

Stay Safe and Be Patient....^^;

Thanks to SNS

I believe that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world use Social Networking Service, or SNS. I'm one of them.
I'm still a novice user, but I've got to know some new people through it. Ever since I started Facebook, my circle of friendship has widened out. To add to that, I've got interesting events related to English thanks to it.

In fact, I'm supposed to take part in a few events related to English as a member of the staff. For each, I'll be involved in them for the first time; nevertheless, each organizer and other members accepted me warmly. Still, I'm a little nervous and worried if I'll be of any help to the event. However, I'll enjoy myself to my heart's content.

Torrential Rain

When I woke up, it was raining heavily this morning. We're in the middle of the rainy season in Japan, so I wasn't surprised to see the rain, but it made me feel dull somewhat.
I usually take part in an open conversation class on Thursdays, but this time I was undecided because of the bad weather. To add to that, I felt sluggish a little bit.

However, I decided to participate in it to refresh and inspire myself. In spite of the weather, there were 3 of us today. :)
As I'm always saying, I didn't manage to come out words I wanted to express.....haha

Better Luck Next Time!
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師