My Efforts Paid Off!?

Since I started writing my entries here, it has been about ten years. The reason why I decided to keep a diary in English was to improve my English skills. I know, of course, I've yet to achieve my goal. However, I've learned more natural expressions and words through doing it.

Last month, I took the first grade of the STEP test. I had to write an essay and I wasn't sure what results I would get. In fact, I hadn't prepared enough for it this time, so I wanted to know what score my current skills would get without preparations.
The theme was interesting, but I wasn't familiar with it. I managed to finish writing about
I got the results this month. I failed to pass it but got 21 points out of 28 points on the essay. To be honest, I was surprised to see the results because I hadn't been satisfied with my essay at all.

Anyway, my English study routine might have paid off... haha

7月スケジュール English Workshop ~~マムズ~~

Here's our next English meeting.

Day and Time: 15th July 10:00~12:00

Participation Fee: ¥500 a participant (Cuz, a native English speaker will take part in it as well. If there's no guest speaker, it's ¥200 a participant.)

Place: Onojo North Community Center, Chatting Room (There's on the second floor)

We've been endeavoring to improve our English. We discuss the topic or article prepared by a leader. (We take turns being a leader.)

If you're interested in our meeting or have any questions, please feel free to ask me. We always welcome you!

This time, we're discussing the following:
共生社会こそ異文化理解の道 小学校英語教育の前に


That's not Fair!

I don't want to annoy you, but let me release my pent-up emotions!

My son is a member of the school health committee or 保健委員会 in Japanese. Today, he had to do chores as a member. At that same time, he had to take part in the activity that his school regularly carries out. Unluckily, he was late because of his chores. However, his homeroom teacher didn't ask him about the reason, and just told him off for being late and to come to the next activity.
Not only was he, but his other classmates who are members of the other committees were also told off.

According to him, the teacher didn't tell them about what they should have done in this case.
Of course, I told him that he should have told the teacher about his situation.
I think if the chores hinder them in the activity, his school should replan it not to conflict their schedules.

Maybe, I shouldn't step in his matters, but that kind of matter wasn't the first time. That's why I have doubted about the quality of the teacher and had been waiting and seeing for a while.
Anyway, I can't accept this at all! It's time to protest! HUMPH!

A New Visitor

The other day, one of my friend sent me a text message. She told me that her friend was curious to know about the English workshop that I regularly talke part in. She moved to Nagoya because her hubby was transferred this March. Ever since she moved, we have kept in touch through SNS.
I'm always thrilled to meet people who are interested in English, so other members and I welcomed the friend.

Upon she entered the room , we struk up a conversation. She told me that she used to use English before, but she didn't have time for brushing up on her skills now. For that reason, she decided to take part in our workshop this time to buff up her skills and inspire herself.
After other members came in, we discussed the article I had prepared. It was about suffrage for young people.
It was well spent. I hope she'll join us soon again. :)

How Impressive!

This time of the year, we have sports days here and there in Japan. Yesterday, my son's school held a field day as well.

According to the weather forecast, it had predicted it would rain. In fact, it had been raining the previous day. Representatives of the PTA had had to prepare for the event. I'm one of them, so other parents and I had joined up to set up several tents in the rain in hope that it would be fine.

Luckily, our hard work paid off! It was a perfect day for a field day yesterday. During the event, I really enjoyed watching my son's performance, formation gymnastics in particular. Students who are in the 5th and 6th grades formed pyramids, towers and other shapes. They tried not only a variety of shapes but dynamic performance like cheerleading.
When I think that they had been practicing very hard together for that day, I saw their growth and my heart was full.

How impressive!
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師