Meeting up with My Fellow English-Lovers

An interesting plan is afoot. Some friends of mine and I have been planning a big English workshop for this summer. Not only my friends but people I've yet to meet will get together.

Last Saturday, I met up with the other organizers at a cafe to arrange the workshop as there weren't any of my regular English lessons on that day.
I'm bent on brushing up on my English skills and try to use only English as much as possible. Of course, I stuck to my principle during the meeting. We spent three hours discussing our ideas and it was time well spent. After the meeting, I was satisfied and felt refreshed because I used only English except for a few Japanese for three hours. lol

Going Abroad

Getting married more than ten years ago, I thought that my hubby and I would go abroad as many times as possible. However, I haven't realized it yet since I gave birth. As you might imagine, I spent all my time taking care of my family and working, so I ended up putting it on the back burner. After starting my new career in particular, my schedule have been too tight to go abroad.

Some might think I could squeeze it into my schedule or manage to take some days off to go abroad alone. Yes, I could.
However, I tried to put my business on track, provide a better quality of life for my family and set some money aside for an emergency. To add to that, my son was so young that I couldn't leave him or go abroad with him in tow. I was undecided about it.

The time has come for me to realize my dream! I took a long vacation and my family is planning to go abroad. In fact, I had planned to take language lessons as I would stay with host family. But I had taken it into account of other concerns such as my parents-in-law's health condition and I had wondered if it would be a good timing to blow money on it.
After due consideration, I decided to spend my time and money for my family.

I'd like my son to enjoy a different culture and hope it'll encourage him to learn English. ;) Of course, I'll try whether or not my English is understandable. lol

Setting Goals

I'm an English teacher, but at the same time I'm a learner to master English. I can't become a native English speaker, of course. However, I've been trying to get closer to the level of native speakers.
Luckily, I have fellow English-lovers and I'm encouraged to keep brushing up on my skills every time I see them.
Those who have learned any language might agree with me, though, maintaining our motivation to learn languages is challenging.
I've tried to take language tests, meet up with my friends who are interested in English, read and listen to English materials. Setting my goals might go along way to maintain my motivation.

Do you have any idea you've tried?

Keeping in Good Shape

When I went to conversation school, a teacher told me the following: Keeping in good shape is a part of your ability.
At that time, I didn't get it because I was a high school student and still immature. However, I gradually understood its meaning as I got older. After starting my new career, I strongly realized how important it was. I run my own English class and there is no substitute for myself. After all, if I get sick, no one can teach English to all my students and manage my class. It might sound hard on myself, but it is crucial to me.
Having said that, I can't say I will never get sick, so I keep it in mind that I should take care of myself at the rudiments of a cold, not to mention preventive measures against minor or serious illnesses such as the flu.
In fact, I've not had any serious illnesses that I had to stay in bed since I started keeping this in mind.

I can say this: There is no time for getting sick. lol
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師