Sent My Presents

I have gotten to know new people all over the world ever since I started using SNS such as Facebook, and we have interacted with each other. One of them has been studying Japanese in America and he is going to come to Japan as an exchange student in 2018.
He's eager to immerse himself in Japanese every day, so he tries to use Japanese as much as possible in his daily life. He's always telling me that keeping using the language we want to master makes perfect.
I totally agree with him.
I have been brushing up on my English skills, and I'm eager to immerse myself in English every day. Luckily, I have two jobs which I have to use English, and I have chances to learn pactical English. However, that's not enough for me. Maybe, living abroad makes me satisfied, but my current environment doesn't allow me to do that. That's why I often ask my friends from foreign countries to make time to chat in English on Skype. He is one of them. We have the same purposes: we want to improve the language skills we've been learning. It's a win-win situation, isn't it?

The other day, we chatted with each other on Skype, and an idea came to my mind: I thought I would send several comic books to him. He's interested in Japanese anime and comic books, and studies Japanese through them.
My son had many comic books, including monthly magazines. There were piled up in his room, and he told me he wouldn't need them. I thought they would be helpful to him, so I decided to send them to him.

As you may know, sending packages abroad is costly, so I checked the net and found a website which told sage advice.
After checking the website, I packed and sent them to him!

I hope these books will be sent him without any problem.....

Do What I Want to Do

Every summer, my company holds events in English nationwide for our students. At this time of year, most of the teachers at the company apply for it on the website which is for teachers. It depends on the prefecture, but it seems competitive because unless we try to apply for it at 10:00 a.m, there will be no seats left at night.

This time, I failed to log in at 10:00 sharp....It slipped my mind entirely...When I checked the web, there were only a few seats left... I needed more seats, but there was nothing I could do about it...
My students' faces flitted through my mind...Some of them are willing to take part in the event every summer....

"OK, then. I'll give a big summer party for them this time!"

At the same time, an idea came to my mind: other teachers and I will cooperate to organize the event. I love to organize events, but my ideas are limited. My students might get bored. I need to infuse "fresh air" into my class.
I'll invite other teachers' students and anyone who is interested to the event, of course.

As the proverb goes- "There is no time like present", I got started on the preparations. The plan is afoot!

6月スケジュール ~~マムズ~~

These are our upcomming English meetings.

Day and Time: 8th and 29th June 10:00~12:00

Participation Fee: ¥500 a participant (Cuz, a native English speaker will take part in it as well. If there's no guest speaker, it's ¥200 a participant.)

Place: Onojo North Community Center, Meeting Room 1

We've been endeavoring to improve our English skills. We discuss the topic or article prepared by a leader. (We take turns being a leader.)

If you're interested in our meeting or have any questions, please feel free to ask me. We always welcome you!

This is the article we're discussing on 8th

Stayed in Shanghai ~part2~

After checking out of the hotel, we went to one of the biggest and busiest shopping streets. We had some time before we should check in at the airport, so we decided to drop in at the shopping street to buy some souvenirs.

We arrived at the airport as planned after our shopping. When I was checking my baggage at the check-in counter, the security sensor beeped. The customer service agent told me to go to "Baggage Checking" and have it checked there. At the Baggage Checking area, a security staff member was waiting for me with a severe face. After making sure that there was no problem at all, she released me....How scary!

After that, my family's carry-on baggage was inspected and we all got stopped there....It took some time to go through, and finally got to Immigration Control.....We spent extra time unexpectedly. What's worse, there were more people waiting in line than I expected there. We were running out of time actually and it was ten minutes before departure when we went though Immigration Control!
We ran to the gate, of course, and at the gate some staff were waiting for us. It seemed that only we were late....--;

I started to panic..........and........I made the biggest blunder...................

I went out of the gate instead of going to the boarding bridge....The door closed and it couldn't open from outside, of course. My family followed me, so WE were shut out.....
OH, MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There were no people to ask some help.....My son and I banged and pulled the door, but no one noticed it....I was in a panic completely. A few minutes later, some staff came down from the ticket gate. They might have contacted cabin attendants and found out we weren't seated in the airplane. They spoke to us in Chinese something like "Why are you there? Why did you go to THAT way!?", maybe.....

We delayed the flight.....sorry.......

I should keep in mind the following: No one can expect what happens next....

Stayed in Shanghai

How have you been doing during the holidays called Golden Week in Japan?

My family went sightseeing in Shanghai from the 29th April to 1st May. My hubby has been there on a company trip before, but it was my first visit.
In fact, we had planned to go to Singapore or some countries around and looked for flights and accommodations. However, we had found out that my hubby's schedule would be tight during the holidays and wouldn't afford us enough time. For that reason, we decided to go to Shanghai.

In Shanghai, most of the local people can't understand English. I had trouble communicating with them, but it was so interesting that I could enjoy their culture and life-styles. For example, when a subway train pulled into the station and opened its doors, they didn't wait for passengers who were getting off. Passengers were getting on and off at the same time. What was more, tens of thousands of people were there, so it was like a competitive sport.

At the hotel we stayed, they used English or Chinese, of course. But some of them had strong Chinese accents and they didn't listen to us carefully....Actually, when we checked in, they asked about the type of room such as a room with a double bed. As I had booked a room with a king-sized bed and requested an extra bed for my son in advance, I told them about my confirmation number and I explained that it included breakfast. The receptionist told me it would be fine and I should just sign.

As I had expected, I found out that the price of breakfast for two days was charged when we checked out of the hotel. Fortunately, the receptionist at that time was so kind and spoke English clearly and fluently. Finally, I could communicate and explain the details in English. Thanks to her, I had my money refunded without any trouble.
If I hadn't studied English, I couldn't have dealt with it.....Phew.....

After checking out, I panicked at unexpected happenings......

To be continued....
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師