A pair of stilts

I'd like to write about a pair of stilts and my son in English this time. (I've not posted any English journals for a while....^^;

Well, the reason I had a whim to write about them is that my son has been practicing walking on them. According to his kindergarten's custom, all of the oldest kids in his kindergarten are supposed to show their performances by trying to walk on them at their sports day.

At first, he wasn't interested in them at all. If anything, he was reluctant to try them....The other day, however, I took him to a park near our house and encouraged him to walk on them for the sports day. (I might have half forced him into trying them, though....^^;) At that time (it was the first day for him), he tried to walk on them, but he didn't manage to do. He seemed to set fire to his unyielding spirit. He tried and tried again running his tears. On that day, he managed to walk a few steps after all.

Yesterday was a national holiday, so we went out to practice walking on them. Surprisingly, just after he started practicing, he walked on them without any assistance! Wow, he made it!

Today he showed me his walking for a long walk , of course without any assistance, at his kindergarten when I picked him up. How amazing!!
He's looking forward to showing his performance at the sports day. :D



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