A consciencious guest

This morning, I was so thrilled to go to a local community center because my fellow English-lovers and I had contacted a native English speaker to ask him to take part in our English club. We'd not invited any native guests for a while, so I headed for the center as if I was on cloud nine. lol
Don't get me wrong. I don't want to meet ONLY native English speakers.
I'm always eager to meet my friends or new people, not only native English speakers, but also Japanese people.

Well, as for our meeting, it was very helpful. We touched on the topics he had prepared to add to the English what want to know. His skill areas were food, handmade products such as nuts oil etc. These days he took ten people to Australia to have a great time and learn English or culture through food ingredients, cuisine etc. We listened and talked about those kinds of topics. Usually, we mainly discuss English at our meetings, so I felt fresh air got into our meeting this time.
As for English, he spoke very clearly and his voice was so comfortable to listen to. To be honest, I'd got the piece of information that he's from NZ, so I had expected he would speak with a New Zealand accent and I hadn't been sure whether I could catch what he said. However, my expectations were wrong. His talking was very natural and understandable.^^ In addition, he was kind and conscientious.

After I went back home, right away I sent a thank-you mail to him. We are looking forward to meeting together sometime soon. According to his reply, he'll be willing to give us a small workshop such as making oil. :D That sounds nice, right?


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making oilですか。なんだかおもしろそうな響きですね。いつか参加出来るといいなあ、なんて・・・

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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