Shooting for professional skills

When I took part in the English club I belong to last Wednesday, and had a great time with a guest, I had a whim to ask him about my English skills as well as our English club. I touched on it before, though.

In fact, some ask me about the club's level when I spur some friends, who are English learners, to join us. The others are hesitant to take part in the club due to its level. (According to them, our club level is too high to join; however, I think they intend to be humble in spite of the fact that their skills meet our club.) To be honest, I occasionally have trouble expressing our club's level. I mean I'm not sure how to differentiate between novice and intermediate or an advanced level.

He kindly described his view about our club in detail in response to my above questions. He told me our club was an advanced level. (Not only the level, but he also told me about all of the things he thought.) I was very glad to hear an objective view. :D He referred to my English skills as well. To my happiness, he complimented my skills and gave me some advice for the next step: to attain a professional speaking skill. After all, shooting for the skills like interpreters use is a worthwhile goal. It's worth learning that kind of skill to improve my ability in English.



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4) TESOL認定講師