Finally I managed to finish my chores, but...

Every end of the year brings me restless days although I'm just imagining things.

Finally I managed to finish my chores and get some time to write my journal in English. Ever since I decided to write my daily life in English, I've tried to find some time to write my English journals.
However, when I don't manage to find enough time to write like these days, I can't deny it's relatively hard for me to retain my motivation for keeping learning English. To avoid that kind of situation, I try to read a few pieces of English news, transcribe the English radio program I usually listen to or take part in the English club I belong to and whatnot. Thanks to these ways, I'm keeping brushing up on my English skills. Yes, I'm sold on English as ever. lol

Well, although I've been a busy bee (especially, for the last two weeks), I took the TOEIC test last Sunday. :D Luckily I got over 400 on the Reading Section of the previous test, but I didn't have any confidence my score was justified. To make sure of my reading skill, I took the test again.
I dropped by some blogs to check my answers. If I didn't miss any questions but the mistakes I found out, this time's score will be around 900. However, I guess this time my score will be around the previous one more or less...maybe...

Anyway, I'll have to attend a meeting at my company tomorrow and keep advertising my class for the next year. No rest for the wicked!




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Here I am, again! Sorry, I read your journal at a fastfood place through my cell phone! You gave us your reason why you had taken the test, but I missed it. Forgive me, I didn't mean to bother you!
You reminded me of one of our mutual friends, Sachi-san. She took the pre-second Step Test twice to make sure whether she got the actual ability for the level, remember? You two are so great!
As you know, I'm not allowed to take any English test twice in a year, so maybe my chance will 2011? You're lucky to have a considerate husband! You need to know this. (^^)y

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Hi, Emi-san
Oh, did you read the article thoroughly? I wrote the reason I took it again.^^
Well, I don't want you to misunderstand, so I'd like to say the reason again.

The previous score on the Reading section didn't satisfy me because I didn't have ANY confidence I got over 400 after the test. As I mentioned, I know it's not compatible to my current reading level. In other words, BY CHANCE I got the score. That's why I took it again to make sure of my reading skill.

Uh....if I weren't an English teacher, I wouldn't do like this.... I'm thinking I'll teach English through the rest of my life such as at the current center or at a company in my future. (To be honest, the latter is my dream so far)
I don't have a teacher licence, nor have I had any experience to study abroad.
To show I have enough skills to teach English, I'm sticking to the result or certifications such as STEP test, if you ask me.

I may be able to say I want to live off my work: as an English teacher. It seems relatively exaggerating, though...
This answer is one of my things I want to write soon, please check it later, ;D

I hope this will be the answer your question.



応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4) TESOL認定講師