Having a natter with my friends

This morning I invited some English leaners of my friends to have a natter over coffee. (We regularly have that kind of meeting to practice speaking English.)

The members and I hadn't met for about one month, so I was thrilled to meet them and have quality time together. To be honest, I hadn't managed to have much time to practice speaking recently. As you can imagine easily, I had a load of topics I wanted to talk about. lol

As soon as they arrived at my house, I started to speak English and couldn't stop talking. haha (I hope they weren't caught short...)
Well, during the meeting they asked me about some English expressions. These questions are very helpful for me to build up my vocabulary or expressions every time.

I had to wrap up the meeting earlier than usual because my son's classes for this year ended this morning, so I had to pick him up.
Needless to say, I felt fulfilled thanks to the members; however, I still need some time to chat with others in English. lol


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Yes, she and other members. They always encourage me in brushing up on my English skills and give me tremendous energy.
Oh, Sumie-san has started her work as a part timer. you know?
Well, I need to have time to chat together soon. :D

By the way, oh you read my article. (Why didn't you post your commnent at that time? haha I'm kidding. lol)
I felt my current skills are like that, so it's a valid score I think.
However, I'm keeping at it to improve my skills, of course. To be honest, I've just started to learn vocabulary for the 1st grade only because I have too much on my plate such as my work....^^;

Anyway, sometime next year, I'll try to take the TOEIC when I manage to have some time.

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みんな元気ですか? I miss them very much!
I spent two hours chatting with one of our mutual friends, who lives in Tokyo now. I believe you can guess who she is. My children got home earlier than usual today as your lovely son does, so I needed to make lunch. I hate coming winter holidays.
I've just read your yesterday's journal. You did! I'm sure you'll get over 900 scores soon. You're thriving on your study for first grade STEP Test, aren't you? That's great!

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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