Ten books!!

Tomorrow will be my son's last holiday season, so I've tried to have quality downtime with him. We decided to visit a library because it was raining and we hadn't visited there for a while. Another reason we visited was because I had a whim to look for a famous novelist's books. The novelist's name is Keigo Higashino When I had the opportunity to watch the TV drama series: Shinzanmono the other day, I was attracted to the stories. I'm not a bookworm on the hunt, but this time his stories caught my heart.

While my son was looking for some books, I checked every bookshelf. However, I couldn't find his books anywhere.. Then, a notice caught my eye. The notice was a waiting list for popular books. Yes, there were several of his books on the list...T T To my surprise, the number of people who were on the list was nearly 100 for each book!!! Gee...........
When I was wavering whether to ask the staff to put me on the list, my son came over with a load of books.
"Mom, I want to read them!", he said.

"Are you sure!? There're seven books. Can you read all of them?"

"Yep! Because they're my favorite!"

"OK,....^^; Let's go to the counter.....Oh, wait a minute......"

I remembered the max number of book we can check out at one time was ten books. I went to a section of the English books for kids and chose three English picture books. hehe
On arriving at our house, my son was absorbed in reading them.




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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4) TESOL認定講師