It's supposed to snow, but...

Today was the first day of the three consecutive holidays. As I'd been tied up with my work and chores and hadn't managed to have enough time to rest, I felt relaxed to my heart's content all day long. hehe
(Incidentally, my husband had to work today.)

There's another reason that I'm charging my energy.

Tomorrow I'll give an English trial lesson to kids besides my regular lessons. Visitors will be two-year-old kids and their moms. The moms are interested in English for kids, actually their kids have learned English through some text books for kids etc. The other day one of the moms and I got to know each other through a Web site, and she was curious about my English class.

Usually I teach English to kindergartners, elementary-schoolers and adults (I'll give my lesson to a high-schooler from April.), so I'm thrilled to meet and give my lesson to them.

I hope I'll be not like a rabbit in the headlight and they'll glom on to my lesson. haha


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Yes, I spent quality time together! I was so glad to hear that their moms thought I was a Japanese returnee from abroad during the lesson. These kinds of compliments really encourage me in teaching and brushing up on my English skills.

Well, there are more expressions in English, so IF I were in that situation, I'd say like that in Japanese. (Incidentally, if I translate it directly into Japanese, I'd say "緊張しすぎて動けない".)

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How was your trial lesson?
I'm sure you had a great time with them.

It is intresting that there are different expressions of
I didn't these expressions, so I'll remember them.
Thank you!

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Hi, there.
Thank you for your comment.: D

Wow! you have a similar expression in Canada! I got the phrase from BBC, so it might be British English.
Uh...Japanese usually don't say like that, I think...
Let me think..I'd say "口から心臓が飛び出そう!" if I were in that situation. (My heart is almost getting out of my mouth!) haha

Japanese class! Sounds interesting, isn't it. As you have a good command of Japanese, it's easy for you, right? :D


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I'm jealous that you can relax, but it sounds as though you will have a busy day tomorrow - good luck! 'A rabbit in the headlight' is an interesting expression. Is it a usual Japanese expression?

We have the same expression in Canada - but we say 'like a deer in headlights'. Deer on the road is very common where I live! :-)

Tomorrow I have Japanese class as well but I'm lucky because I only need to listen!  よい週末を!

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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