Thank you, my fellow English-lovers!!

Firstly I can say I'm blessed with friends who are interested in or have studied English.

They, my fellow English-lovers, always encourage me in brushing up on my skills, give a lot of energy to me.

This Monday I contacted one of my fellow English-lovers to have a natter together. Ever since she moved to Tokyo due to her husband's transfer, we've stayed in touch through Skype. We hadn't had time to chat for a few months, but finally we chatted away to our hearts' content.

Yesterday I visited a friend of mine to have an English meeting. It's a small meeting, but always helpful for me to practice speaking English. :D During our kids' summer vacations, we didn't have our meeting. They seemed lively as usual, and have enjoyed learning not only English, but new fields.
In the afternoon, I contacted another friend who is no slouch at English to have a natter together through Skype. The previous day we didn't manage to connect each other, I had no idea though....
Anyway, we spent valuable time, and I really felt fulfilled thanks to them.



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Thank you for your comment.

Yeah, I hope we'll have a natter soon!

Your comments always fire me up :D

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All of your friends want to thank for your personality, your sense of humor, and your English. It is fun to spend hours talking with someone like you. We should catch each other whenever we spot our Skype is on-line~^.

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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